COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries: Ear and Labyrinth Disorders – Tinnitus, Vertigo, Ear Pain, Hearing Problems, Deafness

COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries: Ear and Labyrinth Disorders – Tinnitus, Vertigo, Ear Pain, Hearing Problems, Deafness

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Dr. William Makis

How common are COVID-19 vaccine audiovestibular injuries?

As of March 16, 2023, WHO’s VigiAccess database recorded 140,995 Adverse Events involving “Ear and labyrinth disorders” following COVID-19 vaccination

Most notable are:

  • Tinnitus: 57,630
  • Vertigo: 49,824
  • Ear Pain: 17,731
  • Deafness: 5,858
  • Sudden hearing loss: 3,237


Tinnitus is an otologic symptom characterized by a conscious perception of sound without an external auditory stimulus.

One study that reviewed the VAERS database found: “COVID-19 vaccines were associated with statistically significant increases in the incidence of vertigo, tinnitus, hearing loss and Bell’s palsy of 1877, 50, 12 and 14 cases per 100,000.” (click here)

The cause remains unknown. Another study speculates: “Conceivable that mRNA entered the cochlea via hematogenic spread, thrombosis of a cochlear vein occurred, there was isolated neuronitis of the cochlear nerve, there was focal encephalitis, or thrombosis of cerebral veins had occurred. It is also conceivable that immunologic reactions against the virus secondarily affected cochlear structures or the cochlear nerve (click here).

Although many patients suffer terribly with post COVID-19 mRNA vaccine tinnitus, most published studies downplay it, and doctors offer nothing to treat it.

Tinnitus Treatment

There is a very recent paper from China that offers acupuncture as one option to seek some relief for post COVID-19 vaccine tinnitus (click here).

As for Quercetin and NAC, both have spike protein binding and inhibiting abilities.

“Molecular docking studies have highlighted that quercetin, a natural polyphenol belonging to the flavonol class, inhibits 3CLpro, PLpro and spike (S) proteins.” (click here)

Proteomics data showed that N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), an antioxidant and mucolytic agent been widely in use in clinical medicine, forms covalent conjugates with solvent accessible cysteine residues of spike protein that were disulfide bonded in the native state. In silico analysis indicated that this covalent conjugation perturbed the stereo specific orientations of the interacting key residues of spike protein that resulted in threefold weakening in the binding affinity of spike protein with ACE2 receptor(click here)


Vertigo is the sensation that you, or the environment around you, is moving or spinning.

One study found that the mean time to onset of vertigo/dizziness following vaccination is 10 days (click here)

A Japanese study examined 378 patients who presented at the vertigo clinic, and found that “vestibular neuritis should be recognized as one of the side effects of BNT162b2 (Pfizer) COVID-19 vaccination” (click here)

Hearing Loss

WHO admits: Pfizer vaccine potentially linked to hearing loss (click here)

“What has been heartbreaking about this, as a seasoned physician, are the emails I get from people that, this has affected their life so badly, they have told me they are going to take their own life”

“The WHO reported 367 cases of tinnitus and 164 cases of hearing loss among the 11 billion vaccines administered — with onset ranging from a few minutes to 19 days, but most commonly within a day of the jab.”

“The most reported COVID-19 vaccines in these cases were Pfizer/BioNTech” the WHO bulletin stated, making up approximately 80 per cent of the cases. Researchers noted hearing loss is not included as an adverse reaction on the product labelling for COVID-19 vaccines”

Many of these cases are treated with 2 weeks of oral steroids, sometimes with addition of ASA, and severe cases with local steroid injections (click here)

Alberta woman’s COVID-19 vax injury vindicated by federal compensation

Carrie Sakamoto was a healthy woman two years ago. First, she received an AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccination, and followed up with Pfizer’s version in July of 2021. She was never well again. (click here)

“I got sick that evening, but it was just like regular flu symptoms…then by day ten, I was in the hospital.” Bell’s Palsy was setting in, causing Sakamoto’s brain to swell, causing “really bad” vomiting. Her 5-ft 4-ins. frame shrunk to 100 lbs.

“I wasn’t able to eat because I had all these flu symptoms. By the time I got to hospital, I was in pretty bad shape. I had to learn how to walk with a walker because my balance was gone. I had to learn to chew and swallow, which I couldn’t do. I had a feeding tube too, because I kept aspirating on the food I was trying to chew.”

Sakamoto was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy that causes her facial paralysis and dizziness. She now has a hearing aid in her right ear due to 35% hearing loss that ensued. She also suffers with trigeminal neuralgia

On March 1, 2023, she received compensation of “less than $100,000” from Canada’s Vaccine Injury Support Program.

My Take

There are 10,000s of cases of post COVID-19 vaccine tinnitus, vertigo and hearing loss reported to VAERS, Eudravigilance, Vigiaccess, UK Yellow Card, etc.

The causes are the usual: autoimmune reactions, blood clots (vascular), blood vessel inflammation (vasculitis).

After reading dozens of studies, I was disturbed by what lengths the medical literature has gone to, to minimize these debilitating audio-vestibular side effects of COVID-19 vaccines, which were most prevalent with Pfizer mRNA.

The JAMA hearing loss study by Formeister excluded 75% of the 2170 VAERS reports and concluded that there was no link between COVID-19 vaccines and hearing loss. (click here)

A follow-up JAMA study by Ulrich admitted that Israeli data had shown a higher risk of hearing loss after vaccination compared to expected rates but that this had “minimal impact with regard to public health” (click here)

JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) has been one of the most corrupt journals throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

It appears that some relief from these injuries is possible with Quercetin, NAC or other compounds that bind the spike protein and inhibit its action.

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