Covidian Madness Infects Alberta’s Criminal Justice System • The Truckers Movement and the Case of the “Coutts Four”

Covidian Madness Infects Alberta’s Criminal Justice System • The Truckers Movement and the Case of the “Coutts Four”

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Prof. Anthony J. Hall


The Coutts fiasco is emblematic of the political capture of Canada’s now mostly-dysfunctional criminal justice system. The latest “pre-trial” phase of this major scandal-in-the-making, unfolded in late July in a Lethbridge Alberta courthouse. In that courthouse a process is sporadically underway based on the government’s accusation that four men at the Coutts protest conspired to murder members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

A sharp contrast can be drawn between this case, involving murder charges where no murders took place, and the circumstances of massive media and government criminality that created the basis for the Coutts Protest, the Ottawa Truckers Convoy Movement and similar protest movements throughout the world.

Those that put effort into criminalizing people engaged in such necessary political protests to avert impending grave danger, committed criminal acts themselves. Those who protested against the launching in November 2020 of what is now exposed as a dangerous “killer vaccine”, performed a heroic public service often conducted in the face of police-state intimidation that continues to escalate until this day.

Let us recall that on the 31st of January 2022, the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau addressed the nation regarding the Truckers Freedom Convoy protest movement at a Press Conference from an undisclosed location which was broadcast live.

He portrayed the protesters as violent people, racists and more. On the 2nd of February 2022, he added another layer with a tweet. (Below, See this)

Are the protesters really what he claims them to be?

I was there for four days with my camera, I never saw or witnessed anything close to what he describes.

Is it possible this is all made up? If it is, what is the purpose?

Video Produced by Jean François Girard

The Worldwide Covid Vaccine Program

Throughout 2023 it has become increasingly clear to those of us paying attention, that, worldwide, countless deaths and adverse events (morbidity) have resulted from the Covid-19 vaccine program campaign.

The underlying objective is to inject the global population of 8 billion people with a de facto “bioweapon” disguised as a Covid mRNA vaccine (“medical cure”). See this.

Why is it that the criminal justice system continues to ignore is the increasingly insistent demands from conscientious citizens, including many top experts in their field?

Why are we being stonewalled in our efforts aimed at getting the criminal justice system to put a stop to the purposeful onslaughts of mortality and mayhem.

The gruesome results of the Covid-19 “vaccine” are the subject of massive worldwide controversy, investigation and analysis that is being, for the most part, aggressively ignored by officialdom.

This head-in-the-sand approach is especially noticeable in the criminal justice system whose leadership has been playing a big role in not noticing, discounting, and helping to hide the carnage.

When police officials won’t respond to murder in their midst, at what point do they become complicit? The same goes for those in the media who remain purposely blind to the abounding mortality and morbidity happening all around us.

Video: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

It is simply unacceptable that, at this late date, law enforcement officials continue to jail and prosecute those that tried to stop the Covidian madness before the worst of the lethal damage started to kick in. If these cease-and-desist requests were to be embraced even at this late date, then resources could be liberated to investigate the growing mountains of evidence incriminating a powerful predatory cabal.

With much help from the huge media cohort in this criminal cabal, the fraudsters behind the COVID-19 Scam are engaged in a monumental power grab that has nothing to do with attempting to stop the spread of a supposedly new coronavirus.

The [alleged] disease was the pretext for the injection of the lethal and injurious mRNA vaccine.

As the years-long diversionary process imposed on the Coutts Four continues to unfold, the body count of the real victims of the depopulation scheme presently underway, continues to mount. See this.

This crime against humanity is taking place with the complicity of a deeply compromised criminal justice system that is an instrumental participant in the developing holocaust unfolding in our midst. From what we can see going on in the world, and in the heavily politicized proceedings in the Lethbridge courthouse, Rome is burning while those who should be stopping the fire are doing Nero’s bidding.

Crime Fraud in the Relationship Between Crown Prosecutors, the RCMP, and Alberta’s Federally-Appointed Judiciary

For a brief period in late July, a strange and consequential phase was reached in the pre-trial preparations for the political show trial of the four men charged with conspiracy to commit the murder of RCMP officers. A three day process of a mini-trial within a larger trial, is testing operational interactions between Crown prosecutors, federally-appointed judges in Alberta, and members of the Royal Canadian Mountain Police.

In the course of this episode some introspection occurred. This search for self-understanding within the legal establishment could have some positive ramifications. The episode should be seen in the light of revelations that our police and our courts are very far from delivering up the kind of legal accountability and justice we require in light of the enormous crimes that were, and still are, taking place in the clear light of day.

In Canada and many other countries, the judges overseeing the criminal justice system during the times of the COVID lockdowns, injection mandates and such, have slavishly sacrificed their judicial independence to favour self-interested political expediency. In the name of safeguarding public health, many judges allowed themselves to become compliant extensions of the political branch of government.

This pattern has been especially severe in Canada where, as has happened in most countries, the constitutional instruments meant to protect human rights and civil liberties have been repeatedly declared null and void by local judges. For instance, in a ruling by the Honourable Jocelyne Gagné, Associate Chief Justice of Canada’s Federal Court, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was declared “moot” at a crucial moment of truth. Judge Gagné’s appalling ruling shut down a famous case brought forward by a former Canadian premier who had participated in drafting and ratifying the Charter.

The same pattern is being repeated again and again throughout the world. We have in our national constitutions and international covenants codified protections of human rights. These protections, however, only seem to exist until such a time as we actually need them. When the rights are being violated, all our constitutional protections seem to become more useless than waste paper. See this.

The completely inappropriate merger of Canada’s judiciary with the political branch of government in Canada has been enacted on many levels, both formal and informal. One of the formal mergers was expressed in a so-called Action Committee on Court Operations in Response to COVID-19. The Committee was Co-Chaired by the Supreme Court Chief Justice, Richard Wagner, and the former Minister of Justice, David Lametti. See this.

This close partnership of appointed judges with the elected officials has created a closed circle that shut out citizens from having access to independent arbiters of government actions. By and large, judges have exempted themselves from independently assessing “the facts” in court cases offering up contested interpretations of the information put forward to justify the imposition of emergency measures.

During the manufactured COVID crisis the judges tended overwhelmingly to simply assume that the governments’ versions of “the facts” was correct. Patterns were established which still prevail. One result is a huge diminishment of public trust in a cowardly judiciary that abandoned many of its professional responsibilities just at the very time we need them to demonstrate a capacity to be independent from government.

Most of our Canadian judges systematically betrayed the integrity of adversarial court processes that depend on the capacity of objective adjudicators to give both sides in disputes fair and equal consideration. As is happening in country after country during the ongoing reign of the injected bioweapon, the subordination of the rule of law to the rule of political expediency is reaching epidemic proportions.

In the ongoing process, being put on public display at the Lethbridge courthouse, the lawyers for the accused identified the presence of a legal abomination they labelled as a “Crime Fraud.” The explanation of this Crime Fraud was explained by the lawyer of the conspiracy-to-commit-murder suspect, Tony Olienick. This lawyer’s name is Tonii K. Roulston.

The original Crime Fraud was expressed in secret communications that the Crown apparently meant to redact. The story was told that the information accidentally got past the government censors that otherwise would have eliminated important sections that came in response to freedom of information requests.

To paraphrase Ms. Roulston’s interpretation, the original Crime Fraud emerges from the accidental exposure to the defence lawyers of some “privileged” exchanges in the Solicitor-Client relationship linking members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with their lawyer.

As best as I can figure out without having access to the accidentally exposed material, the lawyer for the RCMP is Stephen Johnston when it comes to all matters related to the Coutts protests. To the best of my knowledge, which is certainly far from perfect, Stephen Johnston was not present, for the first time since the Coutts-protest-related proceedings started to be heard at the Lethbridge courthouse. Mr. Johnston was absent from this trial within a trial— this voir dire— dealing specifically with the Crime Fraud matter. The voir dire unfolded between July 25 and July 27.

From what I am able to see so far, Mr. Johnston is the main protagonist leading the charge in the Crown campaign to smear and criminalize all aspects of the Coutts protest. Stephen Johnston’s involvement extends to prosecuting the controversial role of Pastor Artur Pawlowski. Pastor Pawlowski is facing jail time for imploring the Coutts protestors to stand their ground.

In the course of the voir dire there was much discussion between Judge David A. Labrenz and Tonii Roulston concerning the case law touching on many legal aspects of “Client-Solicitor privilege” in a variety of circumstances.

I for one found it rather bizarre to discover that the RCMP’s relationship with Crown prosecutors was considered to fall within the bounds of Solicitor-Client privilege. This lining up of Crown agencies like ducks in a row must play a role in the lack of accountability many Canadians see in the upper echelons of the RCMP, Canada’s equivalent to the USA’s FBI. The RCMP and the FBI are both widely perceived as degraded agencies caught up in political agendas that cause them to leave behind the due diligence of equitable and honest law enforcement.

Several times in the proceedings Judge Labrenz regretted that the RCMP had refused his invitation to be represented by its own lawyer in the proceedings. This put the onus on Crown prosecutor, James Pickard, who was made to stand in for the absent RCMP as well as the absent Stephen Johnston.

During the proceedings in the Lethbridge courthouse, Pickard had an irritating propensity to whisper his remarks softly to the nearby judge. With his back to the public witnesses in the gallery and with the lack of a viable sound amplification system in the Lethbridge courthouse, there are clearly obstacles put in the way of facilitating public education on what is transpiring in our own criminal justice system.

As a commentator who is not a lawyer, there were other aspects of this trial within a trial that I found surprising. For instance the whole matter began, in my understanding at least, with the submission to the Judge by the defence lawyers of a sealed envelope containing fragments of the embarrassing or damning material accidentally released by the Alberta prosecutors’ office.

The basis for the voir dire proceedings were as follows: Judge Labrenz was trying to assess the legal issues surrounding the request of the defence lawyers that he should look inside the sealed document. Before deciding whether or not he should open the envelope, Judge Labenz wanted to explore the implications of his own intervention into the secretive realms of Solicitor-Client privilege. Should the law of Solicitor-Client privilege form the basis of Crown-RCMP relations?

So the trial within the trial went forward with Johnston’s replacement, Crown Prosecutor James Pickard. Pickard and the lawyers for the defendants know the contents of the accidentally-disclosed document in question. On the other hand, the accused parties in the courtroom were not, to the best of my knowledge, included in the loop of the inside knowledge.

Similarly, the general public including those of us in the court gallery as well as Judge Labrenz himself, did not know at any time during the July 25-27 interval what was sealed in the envelope or how it might be connected to other documents in the public domain. Please understand, therefore, that I am writing this account faced by a significant void in my perception of the full set of circumstances at issue during the voir dire. There is much I don’t understand without knowledge of the contents of the mystery disclosure.

In the final phase of the proceedings of 27 July, Judge Labrenz made his decision. Judge Labrenz decided not to look inside the sealed envelope. Judge Labrenz indicated that he, as a former Crown prosecutor himself, did not want to breach the Solicitor-Client “privilege” of lawyer-RCMP relations. He thus left the matter in abeyance indicating he would decide the matters at issue sometime before the formal show trial takes place in 2024. That, however, misses the point.

The thing is that Judge Labrenz basically decided the matter when he indicated that Crown Prosecutor, Stephen Johnston, could return to the proceedings the next day. Johnston would take part in the court’s questioning of the RCMP’s chief decider at the Coutts protest. Johnston was thus reinstalled into the procedure in spite of the many clouds of suspicion cast on this public official in the presence of dozens of observers closely following this pre-trial process and whatever comes next.

In spite of all controversy and innuendo, Judge Labrenz allowed Stephen Johnston to pick up where he had left off. By the end of July Mr. Johnston had effectively made himself a defender of the governments of both Alberta and Canada, both polities that the Coutts protests were organized to oppose. In this sense, Mr. Johnston had made himself a kind of defence attorney for two governments whose leaders no longer see eye to eye on a host of critical political issues, including how the Coutts protests should be interpreted.

In my view Judge Labrenz’s decision not to disclose what the Crown prosecutor’s office accidentally disclosed to the defence lawyers, casts a shadow over all the future proceedings. It transforms the nature of the adversarial litigation as the pre-trial process moves towards the show trial stage in this problematic spectacle of a legal procedure run amok.

It seems that in the world of Crown officialdom in the criminal justice system, the old principles still apply that innocence is assumed until guilt is proven. On the other side of the process, where Johnston’s mishandling of the flawed bail hearings set prevailing patterns, the post-9/11 ethos is very much in the ascendance. Protestors are equated with terrorists whose guilt is assumed until innocence is proven.

This assumption of guilt runs like a torrent through all the disinformation and smear permeating the trial by media crafted by communications conglomerates, many of which have obtained legal standing in the Lethbridge court proceedings. This standing has enabled some media cartels to unseal and report on previously sealed warrants labelled ITOs. This court-enabled smear trial by media will not be conducive to the fairness of the jury trial being shaped and designed in the course of this pre-trial process.

This strange alignment of circumstances provides some of the context and background for the striking commentary presented by Tonii Roulston in what she described as the serial sequences of derivative Crime Frauds set in motion by the original Crime Fraud. The original Crime Fraud was in Ms. Roulston’s estimation “illegal” and therefore not eligible for the privilege of Solicitor-Client confidentiality. This pattern of illegality Ms. Roulston saw reflected repeatedly in a host of RCMP actions set in motion by the original Crime Fraud.

Ms. Roulston spoke in court in ways that were concurrently vague yet assertive about the nature of these subsequent Crime Frauds. She did make, for instance, a specific reference to a weaponized hockey bag that the RCMP may have sought to maliciously plant on the Coutts protestors. Below is my own list of possible examples of actions that might be interpreted as candidates, for designation as Crime Frauds:

1. Sending in women who presented themselves as fellow Coutts protestors while hiding the fact that they were RCMP assets. At least one of the still-unnamed assets, whose testimony seems to have been crucial in the process of denying bail to the accused, is reputedly young and presented herself as available for romantic and/or sexual relationships. Does this approach to the gathering of “evidence” by the RCMP constitute entrapment?

2. The taping of private conversations by the accused with the disguised police assets and the recording of all manner of private cell phone conversations. Again, this evidence contained in something called an Omnibus document, included direct quotes pulled from the still-unnamed female assets. This Omnibus document was frequently utilized by Stephen Johnston in order to deny bail to the accused. The Crown’s position on this possible taping and wiretapping seems to vary with time and with changing circumstances. Crime Fraud is not consistent with truth.

3.Conducting immediate or near-immediate police interrogations with the arrested parties, sometimes without proper provisions for solicitor-client preparations, consultations, and interventions.

4.Setting in motion the discussions about, and possible movement of a hockey bag now widely reported to be for the purpose of transporting guns. Was this real or imagined action an RCMP attempt to plant false evidence on their targets? It seems the RCMP assets were pressured to become involved in the process. For security reasons they would have had to be taped in their communications with one or more of the accused. Apparently this may be one of the subjects on which the two (“not recorded?”) police assets apparently do not agree.

5. Trying to incite anger in the protestors with unnecessary provocations including the RCMP doing serious property damage to privately-owned earth moving equipment.

6.Wide RCMP distribution to media venues of a picture showing various weapons along with small Diagolon crests, on Feb. 14 and 15, 2022. The picture was distributed without any explanation or evidence from the RCMP describing how this image was supposed to be connected to the Coutts protest.

More Evidence of Crime Fraud

On July 26 as the court proceedings were unfolding, Jason Lavigne presented a lengthy interview with Jaclyne Martin. Jaclyn Martin, the wife of the accused conspiracy-to-commit-murder suspect, Jerry Moron, is herself facing mischief and weapons charges as part of the push to criminalize those who travelled to Coutts to protest government policies.

In a lengthy interview Jaclyne Martin presents an astonishing account of the kind of keystone cops antics deployed in the process of trying to criminalize the Coutts protesters. As one of the victims of this farcical project, Ms. Martin explains how the sacrificial lambs were singled out and presented as terrorists just as the Emergency Act was decreed in Ottawa. Most of the procedures Jaclyne and Jerry have been facing are arbitrary, nonsensical and often demonstrate the biases of the Canadian court system prone to treat critics of government policy as guilty until proven innocent.

Jaclyne Martin’s testimony in the video below presents an extremely revealing glimpse into the kind of behind-the-scenes lunacy that has come to characterize this conspiracy-to-commit murder procedure unfolding in the very core of Alberta’s criminal justice system. Especially important is her long discussion about the preoccupations of the Stephen Johnston Team when it comes to the subject of guns, registered and legal or not.

In Johnson’s urbanite worldview, for instance, anybody engaged in recreational activities like skeet shooting automatically becomes a candidate for conspiracy-to-commit murder charges. Crown prosecutors and their RCMP clients make no allowance for the indigenous cultural patterns that prevail throughout much of the rural culture of southern Alberta.

Designating the Coutts Protestors as a Terrorist Group to Be Impoverished and Impaired

Completely absent from the proceedings in the Lethbridge courthouse proceedings were any reporters for the big communications companies. When important news is breaking, this kind of degraded propaganda factory gets its reporter as far away as possible from the new information being brought to light.

Many of these fake news companies have been actively conducting their own media smear campaigns in conjunction with the narratives spun by Alberta’s Crown prosecutors. These propaganda companies include the New York Times, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Globe and Mail, Postmedia, CTV and Global. All have legal standing in this case that began concurrently with the invocation of Canada’s version of martial law on Feb. 14, 2022.

On this day the vaccine-obsessed regime led by Justin Trudeau needed to create the appearance of justification for the invocation of the Canadian version of martial law. This invocation was speciously justified on the premise that the Ottawa parking protest of Truckers was in fact an incipient terrorist movement of “insurrectionists” seeking the violent overthrow of the Canadian government.

This absurd interpretation has been replicated in whole or in part by some of Canada’s biggest media venues. Indeed, the trial by media underway since early 2022 has created an official narrative that has long since bred enormous confusion about what is actually going on in the case of the Coutts Four. See this and this.

Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, has had disproportionate influence in shaping official narratives on many subjects. It was Freeland who rendered explicit the strategy to discredit and disable the Freedom Convoy movement. The core of this movement is composed of the Truck drivers, donors, public supporters and expert witnesses that combined together in the Convoy’s unforgettable cross-country pilgrimage culminating in the parking protest in the national capital of Ottawa.

Freeland’s actions easily qualify as a classic illustration of Crime Fraud in action. On Nov. 24 2022, Freeland testified before the Commission studying the Trudeau government’s invocation of the modern-day version of the War Measures Act. In the course of her testimony, Freeland’s own notes were entered into the Commission’s evidentiary exhibits.

Freeland’s account of the advice she received from a high-ranking banking official included notes that the Deputy Prime Minister had jotted down. These notes described a strategy for discrediting and disassembling the Truckers movement. She had written,

“You need to designate the group as a terrorist group and seize their assets and impair them.”

See this.

The Trudeau-Freeland government adopted this precise strategy and applied it in ways that seem to have created a straight line of sequential events running all the way from Freeland’s notes to the “Crime Fraud” proceedings that unfolded in the Lethbridge courthouse at the end of July, 2023.

On the way to the Lethbridge courtroom proceedings, the federal government did indeed seize the bank assets of hundreds of Truckers on the grounds that a monumental national emergency was underway.

The seizure of bank accounts impaired the financial viability of many families and small businesses. In some cases the impairments went further, much further.

Among the most impaired are the four accused men who have been held in custody in southern Alberta jails for a year and a half without being convicted of anything. These four men all stand accused by the Crown of conspiring to murder RCMP officers.

Up until now the Coutts Four— Chris Carbert, Anthony Olienick, Jerry Morin, and Christopher Lysak— are getting what might be described as the Canadian version of the Guantanamo Bay treatment.

Facing murder charges in a case where no one has been murdered, all members of the Coutts Four were denied bail in serial displays of justice denied.

The quadruple requests of the Crown prosecutor, Stephen Johnston, for this denial of bail was based on sketchy evidence obtained from taped testimony of unnamed witnesses not present in court to face cross-examination. In each case the “bail denied” verdict amounted to a finding that guilt is to be assumed until innocence is proven.

The Coutts Four have been denied bail during a period when the Trudeau government has been zealously promoting a “catch and release” policy. Regularly violent offenders are put back on the streets even after committing serious crimes. The extreme treatment reserved for the Coutts Four helps illustrate the extent of the gross discrimination in Canada’s woke system of so-called criminal justice.

The Coutts Four have been kept in prison for more than 500 days as the count continues to mount. They have been abruptly uprooted from jobs and careers and the embrace of their families including dependants. They are facing ruinous legal bills while they are unable to work. The political show trial, whose timing has repeatedly been pushed back and back, will supposedly take place sometime in 2024.

Between sessions in the Lethbridge courthouse, Jerry Morin is essentially being kept in solitary confinement at the Calgary Remand Centre.

The harsh treatment behind bars of all four non-convicts is gradually grinding them down as is, no doubt, intended.

Without their consent, the Coutts Four are being refashioned as experimental canaries in dark underground caverns where Canada’s police-state culture is taking form.

These developments harken back to the days when Lethbridge was one of the Canadian Pacific Railroad’s coal mining bonanzas on the scenic banks of the Oldman River.

Of course it was nothing but sheer coincidence that the RCMP’s arrest of the Coutts Four and about a dozen other Coutts protestors, took place just as Trudeau and Freeland were announcing the invocation of Canada’s version of martial law.

The police hunt for Truckers with guns had turned up nothing in Ottawa. The terrorist dragnet was thus widened.

A sample group of terrorists was required and a sample group of supposed terrorists were singled out and presented for ritual defamation. The four supposed wannabe cop killers were put on display along with an unexplained RCMP photograph showing a small arsenal of weapons supposedly seized at Coutts. No proof has yet been given, however, to back up the RCMP’s claim. Was this image faked in yet another instance of Crime Fraud?

Most of the members of the Freedom Convoy who have, so far, done significant amounts of jail time for the crime of taking part in the Freedom Convoy, just happen to hail from Alberta. This contingent includes Tamara Lich, Pat King, and Pastor Artur Pawlowsky. This phenomenon may well be connected to the fact that the formidable oil-and-gas-based economy of Alberta stands in the way of Justin Trudeau’s quest for further fame and fortune.

Trudeau seeks to become the world’s main carny of the climate change circus. See this.

Trudeau’s Exercise in Democracy

Click Video below and click to enlarge. Video is in English

Démocratie au Canada… Trudeau fait enlever physiquement et arrêter les membres de l’auditoire lorsqu’ils lui tiennent tête…

Tout dans son allure en bras de chemise faussement décontractée, son arrogance méprisante fait penser à quelqu’un d’autre en France…

— Barbara78 (@dragonduclos) July 22, 2023

The main sponsors of the climate change/net zero deceptions are Trudeau’s circle of multimillionaire libertines whose globalist schemes are rapidly multiplying their phenomenal caches of wealth.

Trudeau basically has no political capital to lose here in Alberta where this prime minister is correctly perceived most often as a pariah.

However his get-tough treatment of the working people of Alberta, a major source of the populist energy that continues to fuel the Freedom Convoy movement, may play quite well in Trudeau’s main political base in the Greater Toronto Area and in parts of Montreal.

The treatment of the Coutts Four can be seen as the Canadian version of the same style of growing police-state repression directed at some Trump supporters, but especially at White Christian patriots, some of whom took part in the fiasco at the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Although infiltrated and sometimes directed by FBI plants, these patriots rightfully resent the installation of the Biden administration based on the outcome of an obviously rigged election. See this.

There is much evidence that the upper echelons in the woke governments of Canada and the United States have been working together to try to discredit and disable political opponents in both countries. These opponents tend to be disproportionately Christians, entrepreneurs of small business, and socially conservative. David Cohen, the US Ambassador to Canada, presented in June of 2022 a good example of the shared attitude towards the Canadian Truckers movement held by the ruling factions in both Ottawa and Washington DC.

Ambassador Cohen told a Global News reporter that he saw “attempts to subvert democracy” emanating from China and Russia. Along with criticizing these two world powers, Cohen condemned “elements in the trucker convoys that blockaded the Canadian capital and border crossings for three weeks earlier this year.” See this.

Cohen’s claim lacks credibility when he asserts that Canada and the United States are viable democracies. Canada and the US are in fact polities where average people have almost no say in anything that gets decided and done. This sidelining occurs even as billionaire globalists and financiers have almost unlimited capacity to force their agendas on governments that are basically bankrupted in more ways than one.

Not only are most people tightly locked outside the loop of the decidedly anti-democratic decision making procedures that take place. We are also constantly lied to about a multitude of issues with a direct bearing on our health, security, finances, and wellbeing.

For starters we face unregulated assaults on the quality of our air, our soil, our food, our agriculture, our water, our weather, our DNA, our mental environment, our electromagnetic environment, our digital environment, as well as our monetary and fiscal environments. All the deceptions concerning climate change divert attention away from the huge damage to the health of natural systems caused by geo-engineering, much of it military in nature. Carbon is not life’s enemy. Carbon is a core component and medicinal facilitator of life. See this.

The myriad deceptions often cover up the actions of huge unaccountable agencies, including UN agencies, operating covertly behind many kinds of veils but especially those of military national security. The licenses to steal and to kill are just the beginning of the unusual ‘privileges” granted to those in the national security and intelligence agencies as well as in the huge complexes of private corporations that together constitute the basis of the Deep State.

Indeed, during the COVID Scam authorities tried to set the precedent that we, the humans, do not even have a democratic say over what happens in the environment of our own bodies. If we accept the dictate that the state owns our bodies, what capacity do we have to exercise any kind of self-determination outside our own persons in the realm even of our own families, communities, and nationalities.

What chance have we to retain our own voices on the Internet, the most strategic and many faceted communications device ever invented. Net neutrality and the right of free expression on the Internet have been stolen from us by malevolent agencies so that they can more easily manipulate human beings. This manipulation takes place through our being enwrapped in confusing twilight zones of lies, half-truths and wall-to-wall illusions. Some of the most powerful and censorious vandals of the Internet, claim to be engaged in a bogus war on “hate speech” even as they frequently conduct reckless defamatory campaigns of their own.

The Canadian government’s hostility to democracy was tellingly illustrated in the treatment of the Freedom Convoy movement. This Freedom movement emerged quickly, spontaneously, and energetically from the grass roots of Canadian civil society. The leaders of this working people’s movement set in motion a text-book strategy for exercising some measure of political leverage in a parochial, small-minded national capital, desperately in need of an infusion of new perspectives from the vast Canadian hinterland.

Rather than avail themselves of the opportunities that would have inevitably arisen from some honest negotiations with the Freedom Convoy’s leadership, Freeland and Trudeau dove deeper into their blinkered self-absorption. In a bloody-minded outburst, Freeland came up with the notorious statement that bears repeating here.

“You need to designate the group as a terrorist group and seize their assets and impair them.”

The Deputy Prime Minister’s succinct and telling remark is indicative of how the substance of democracy is being extinguished by the Crime Fraud tactics deployed by unprincipled public servants such as Chrystia Freeland herself. Especially since the days of the purposeful misinterpretation of the events of 9/11, corrupt officials have been playing the terrorist card in order to disable some of their most effective political critics. This tactic was seized upon by obvious tin pot dictators, but also by leaders in supposed First World countries like the USA, the UK, Israel, France and now Canada.

Many were rightfully shocked by the application of Freeland’s plan to empower federal agents to seize the Truckers’ bank accounts without any judicial process whatsoever. Since then, however, new ways of treating banked money as loans from depositors in financial institutions have opened the way for many new forms of government-authorized kleptocracy.

This assault on people is occurring, through biowarfare, a transformation in the nature and role of money, as well as in the push for pervasive alterations of the genetic and bio-digital characteristics of the survivors. Nothing less than the genetic blueprint for human life, the human genome itself, is the target of deforming attacks by the predators.

Beginning with the financial assaults on the Canadian Truckers movement, banks are being transformed into weaponized agencies of economic warfare. This economic warfare is taking place domestically and internationally as with the imposition of sanctions on, for instance, Russia and Iran.

Hence the effort by Canada’s government to criminalize the Freedom Convoy movement as a terrorist insurrection has proven to be the precursor of many bad things to come.

For all sorts of reasons the preparations for the political show trial in Lethbridge Alberta deserves close national and international attention.

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