Cyber Takedown Of Financial System

Cyber Takedown Of Financial System | Mike Adams

Something BIG is about to go down... multiple confirming signals point to cyber takedown of financial system

Summary and highlights

Impending event with insider information.

  • Mike Adams discusses emergency response organization and their cyber defense team, as well as elites stockpiling bunkers with food supplies.
  • Adams claims that certain individuals in law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and the state department are taking actions that suggest they have inside knowledge of an impending event.
  • There are signs of chatter in the intelligence community and military circles that something big is about to happen.

Potential economic collapse and CBDC implementation.

  • Speaker warns of major cyber attack and potential banking collapse, with possible implementation of centralized financial control and enslavement through CBDCs.
  • Adams agrees, highlighting potential riots, revolts, lawlessness, famine, disease, and kinetic violence in the aftermath.

Potential collapse of Western Europe's energy supply and impact on society.

  • Adams claims that hundreds of thousands of immigrants are being intentionally brought into the US to settle and take over the country.
  • The UK Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden warns of a potential power meltdown and urges people to prepare for an analog era.
  • Speaker discusses the UK's energy crisis and potential collapse, citing US actions as a cause.
  • Gold prices are spiking due to concerns about currency collapse and potential disasters.

Bitcoin as a backup plan for US financial collapse.

  • US Space Force Major Jason Lowry warns of financial collapse risk due to cyber attacks on banking infrastructure, advocates for backup monetary system using proof of work strategies.
  • Adams expresses intrigue towards Space Launch Delta 45 and its connection to Trump, citing the group's access to information that the mainstream media is not reporting.
  • Adams highlights the surge in Bitcoin's price and its potential as a backup plan to the collapse of the US banking system, along with gold and silver, and cryptocurrency.

Economic collapse, layoffs, and Chinese soldiers at the US border.

  • Economic implosion underway, with layoffs and cost-cutting measures across industries.
  • Elites stockpiling bunkers with up to 10 years of food supplies, while Chinese soldiers are crossing the border daily.

Impending invasion and occupation of the US.

  • Speaker warns of impending "American Nakba" invasion and displacement of US population.
  • Adams revealed that wealthy elite are building underground bunkers and stockpiling supplies for 3-10 years, with some having enough food for 10 years.
  • Adams' high-level contacts are taking these precautions due to unspecified "strange fires" in Maui and a sense of urgency from these powerful people.

Goldbacks and preparedness for unspecified future events.

  • Adams: People in the know are preparing for a catastrophic event, but can't reveal details.
  • Adams: Scenarios include alien invasion, engineered global debt collapse, and world war three.
  • Prepare for emergencies by stocking up on food, medical supplies, and backup communications.
  • Adams discusses goldbacks, physical items with embedded gold, and provides evidence of laboratory testing through ICP-MS and acid stone tests.
  • Adams offers a special report on seven bulletproof strategies for surviving a failing banking system

Gold-backed currency testing and results.

  • Adams shows off a stack of gold-backed bills, each containing 1/1000 of a troy ounce of gold.
  • Lab testing reveals actual gold recovery ranges from 102% to 107% of claimed amount.

Melting gold coins and verifying purity.

  • The speaker demonstrates the recovery of gold from 10, 25, and 50 goldbacks, with an average recovery rate of 102.89% using a crucible melting process.
  • Adams explains how they can extract gold using a process involving melting and ICPMS testing to confirm purity.
  • Adams shows the results of the ICPMS testing, which confirm that the gold is 99.99% pure, with trace amounts of other metals present.
  • Adams conducted acid stone and dissolution tests on goldbacks from CWC Labs, showing that they contain 24 karat gold.
  • The tests indicate that the company is manufacturing with real gold and has created an innovative, divisible product (

Gold backs as a novel investment format.

  • Adams highlights the beauty and cultural significance of gold jewelry, emphasizing its appeal across genders and cultures.
  • Adams compares goldbacks to raw gold, explaining that while goldbacks cost twice the price of raw gold, they offer the convenience of being able to use gold in trade and commerce with divisibility and utility.
  • Adams discusses their experience with goldbacks, a decentralized system of exchange, and how it provides a fun and educational way to teach people about the value of gold.
  • Adams highlights the difference between goldbacks and traditional currency, emphasizing that goldbacks contain physical gold with intrinsic value, while traditional currency is losing value over time.
  • Adams discusses the value of gold, stating that it's holding its value versus the dollar despite the dollar's decline.
  • Adams also mentions that the more wars there are, the more unpredictable world events become.

CDC's gender policies and vaccine safety.

  • CDC erased women, refers to pregnant people instead.
  • Adams argues that the CDC is incompetent and untrustworthy, citing their claims that men can get pregnant and vaccines are safe and effective.

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