Depopulation Fanatics Should Never Be Trusted with Government Power

Depopulation Fanatics Should Never Be Trusted with Government Power

J.B. Shurk

A message from Captain Obvious: political “elites” with depopulation agendas have no interest in saving lives.  Instead, they pursue policies that either outright kill people or shorten their lives and discourage them from reproducing.

Sometimes members of the global ruling class whisper this uncomfortable truth out loud, as John Kerry did this summer when he euphemistically described the world’s population as “unsustainable.”  Or as Prince Philip of the United Kingdom once admitted before his death: “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”  Most of the time, however, the self-anointed globacracy speaks in coded language — dog whistles, if you will — by advocating for policies that purportedly deal with some “woke” issue but whose end effect is to spread infertility and death.

Defending abortion up to the moment of a baby’s birth (and sometimes after) isn’t about women’s rights — it’s about reducing the number of babies.  Rationing fuels necessary for heating homes and generating electricity isn’t about “saving the planet” — it’s about making it harder to survive on this planet.  Forbidding the use of fertilizers that help farmers feed a hungry world isn’t about fighting “climate change” — it’s about inducing famine.  Encouraging children to volunteer for castration isn’t about respecting their “authentic gender” — it’s about poisoning their family trees before those youngsters even reach puberty.  Forcing people to take experimental “vaccines” with dangerous side effects isn’t about “saving lives” — it’s about reducing lifespans.  These are the cold, hard facts.  And once a person accepts them for what they are, a natural question arises: why should the people of planet Earth sit back and do nothing while their “leaders” quietly orchestrate their slaughter?

Our entire situation is so absurd.  The feudal lords are running around killing babies, castrating children, starving serfs, and depriving the peasants of electricity.  A more rational generation would take one look around at these grim conditions and rightly conclude that the world’s reigning nobility must be overthrown posthaste.  Through the witchcraft of propaganda and indoctrination, however, our feudal lords have convinced a depressingly large number of “useful idiots” that their campaign of child mutilation, societal mayhem, and senseless murder is somehow “virtuous.”  How do you commit genocide without anyone calling you a monster?  You simply teach the victims that their murders are “politically correct,” and after a generation or two, the most malleable among us will be volunteering to help massacre themselves!

This is a dangerous game.  The only way a minuscule number of ruling families can dominate the planet is if the global population continues to believe that all these destructive policies are actually their idea.  As soon as that spell is broken and people wake up from their self-imposed slavery, then a season of pitchforks and pyres will end ruling class power forever.  It is absolutely imperative that the masses keep chanting about “climate change” and “transgenderism,” lest they break free from their chains and rid the world of their Machiavellian masters.

There’s a reason the Marxist globalists had been, until recently, slow-walking the peasants toward their new-world-order cages: they knew a great awakening among the populace would mean lights out for them.  Better to keep the people in the dark while they dig their own graves than to admit the “Great Reset” is real and start digging their own.

Something has changed, though.  Whether it was the result of COVID exuberance, a fear that Donald Trump has woken a sleeping American dragon, or the intoxicating effect of lockdowns and mandates, the ruling class cult isn’t hiding anymore.  Their message is clear: censorship and control are the future.  The ruling families will continue inventing new things to fear.  The global population will be expected to cower and obey.  The authoritarian cat is out of the bag, and the stakes are high for both masters and slaves.

For anyone still entranced by the delusion that government is good or that Marxist globalists are virtuous, ask yourself when the ruling class cult last did some good.  When was the last war that they started that ended up saving lives or ensuring long-term peace?  When was the last economic program that they initiated that did anything other than further enrich the wealthy while impoverishing the non-elites?  When was the last “conspiracy theory” that they mocked and censored that didn’t end up being true?  The globalist cabal engages in war for profit, steals from middle class pockets, disparages truths as lies, and peddles endless lies as the “official truth.”  Only a committed misanthrope or dangerous fool could look at the long litany of government-orchestrated harms and conclude that the answer to our hardships is even bigger and more powerful government!

There is a simple test for evaluating whether a government should be permitted to maintain power over any people: does it act in ways that protect citizens’ lives, ensure their liberties, and secure their private properties?  Life, liberty, and the fruits of a person’s labor — these are the precious treasures any legitimate government must defend.  In a state of nature, people defend these treasures on their own.  They put down their swords and accept the temporary authority of intervening institutions only in exchange for the government’s promise that it will take up the struggle of preserving these treasures on the people’s behalf.  If the government fails to do so, or worse, it actively threatens the lives, liberties, and properties of its citizens, then it contradicts its purpose for existing and must be replaced.  The people must again pick up their swords and defend themselves until they can agree to a new form of government capable of protecting life, liberty, and property more earnestly.

Does our government pass this test today?  Let us count the ways that it does not.  It refuses to protect our nation’s borders and, by doing so, aids and abets narcoterrorists, child sex traffickers, and international gangs that have drenched America’s big cities and small towns in a bloody wake of overdoses, violence, and murder.  It picks unnecessary fights with nuclear foes to justify endless defense spending that can be laundered back into the pockets of a political class accustomed to sacrificing other people’s children.  It forces its citizens to undergo experimental medical treatments.  It forces parents to accede to the sexualization and surgical mutilation of their children.  It forces the faithful to spurn their religious beliefs in favor of the State’s “woke” ideology.  It censors speech that it dislikes, especially political speech that condemns the government’s abuses.  It declares spurious “public health emergencies” in order to fracture communities, close businesses, regulate travel, spy on communications, and disarm citizens.  It taxes incomes, purchases, sales, lands, vehicles, investments, inheritances, behaviors, travels, entertainments, licenses, savings, financial transfers, and anything else that permits the government’s confiscation of citizens’ property.  In other words, our government does not protect our lives, liberties, and properties.  It sees these treasures as things that it can forcefully plunder.

The ruling regime will continue plundering from the people until the people have finally had enough.  The people will finally have enough when they realize that the political “elites” do not have their best interests at heart.  For those people straddling that line today, consider this simple truth: no group of people actively working to depopulate the planet should be trusted with power of any kind.  When the ruling class cult says that overpopulation is humanity’s biggest threat, it isn’t referring to people being born on the other side of the world.  It is talking about you.

It will deprive your home of fuels and electricity, sterilize your children, inject your body with poisons, unleash economic Armageddon, and organize any manner of cataclysms — all to put you and the people you love in an early grave.

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