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Over the last few decades I have had so many friends and colleagues come down with different forms of Cancer, and it sickened me to watch most of them waste away from not only the ‘ravages’ of that disease, but mostly from the horrific so called ‘TREATMENTS’ that they endured that absolutely destroyed their bodies…. I decided early on to do so much real research into Cancer and real ‘cures’ for that disease and what I found was absolutely astounding and amazing..

We live in a world where so many chemicals are readily available over countertops at pharmacies and other outlets… One in particular that I have known about for two decades at least is an amazing and yet very cheap and readily available chemical called ‘DICHLOROACETATE’ or ‘DCA’ for short…. Dichloroactate is in fact so cheap to make and is absolutely nontoxic to most human beings, but is DEADLY to Cancer cells in fact!

OK, Few out there actually understand what Cancer really is, and it lies in the fact that our human bodies, to operate at peak efficiency, must have a per-Hydrogen or ‘pH’ level just above neutral 7 on the scale between 1-14 where ‘1’ is nearly pure acidic while ’14’ is “basic” or pure alkaloid… Our blood in fact for healthy performance must have a pH value of between 7.1 to 7.2 for optimum human performance, or at slightly ‘alkaloid’… It is in fact at the pH level of around 7.1 that OXIDATION in our bodies is at its peak level and our cells are able to generate energy through oxidation at their highest efficiency.

But of course in today’s world we are consuming so many consumer products that somehow are classified as ‘food’ that is highly acidic and thus the effect is to lower that proper pH level in our bodies from 7.1 to in the range of 6.8 to 6.9…. At that ‘acidic’ level, Oxidation in our cells is severely curbed which causes so many of our cells to die from lack of Oxygen…. This is fact and not fiction and points to the fact that when many claim that our ‘food’ that we consume these days is actually killing us, they are right..

OK, Many need to understand that our cells in our bodies are living biological entities that function together in our ‘organs’…. And like all living creatures, our very cells will do anything possible to survive… Thus when our ‘acidic’ bodies’ cells begin to die from lack of Oxygen, some will do what is necessary to survive and ‘switch off’ their Oxidation process and turn to a different form of biological metabolism which is ‘fermentation’…. Thus when human cells turn to fermentation, they work as an independent entity and are considered as ‘Cancer’…. Yes, it can properly be stated that Cancer is in fact our own bodies’ cells method of survival in our horrifically poisoned world…

Getting back to DCA in fact… DCA is an amazing chemical, for in a normal human being it just gets flushed through our bodies doing zero harm in the process… However, DCA does something amazing when it comes into contact with fermenting Cancer cells… When these Cancer cells take in DCA, the DCA during ‘fermentation’ breaks down releasing CYANIDE into the Cancerous cell’s make up… That CYANIDE absolute KILLS the Cancer cells! This is indeed fact and not fiction and has been ‘discovered’ again and again by real research around the planet…

So why has barely anyone around the world ever heard of DCA as a real CURE for CANCER? Think about it… The so called ‘Cancer societies’ and ‘Cancer research institutions’ around the planet number in the tens of thousands at least and is in fact a nearly 50+ BILLION dollar a year industry in itself just in Europe and North America… That and hundreds of thousands of people are ’employed’ in these facilities as well the BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of dollars spent in the ‘Radiation’ and ‘Chemotherapy’ so called ‘treatments’ that do not CURE the patients at all… Get it now? There is zero money to be made in actually giving patients the CURE for Cancer that is readily available in DCA, but possibly hundreds of BILLIONS to be made in the ‘treatments’ that eventually kill the patient!

This is why I have long DESPISED all of the garbage out there about ‘CANCER TREATMENT’ for I see it clearly as a racket for profits only…. And the result has been millions of people around the world dying from CANCER when that ‘disease’ is so readily treatable with chemicals such as DCA that are available for a pathetic fraction of the cost of ‘treatments’…..

Therefore the next time you hear about ‘Cancer can be beat’ and see all of those around us who do so much work in “Cancer research and treatments” realize that many are totally unaware that they are working for a most diabolical operation that absolutely does not give a damn about curing patients, but is in it for the MONEY…. I have shown how one chemical, DCA, will do the trick in curing patients, but there are at least a dozen others that are out there as well that truly do cure this disease and few are even told that they exist as well.


Original Article: https://henrymakow.com/2022/06/june-28---none-dare-call-it-conspiracy.html