Doctors Are Just Soldiers In A Massive Chemical Army

Doctors Are Just Soldiers In A Massive Chemical Army | Ethan Huff

The United Kingdom's People's Vaccine Inquiry has commenced in response to the government-led U.K. COVID Inquiry indefinitely postponing its promised inquiry into coronavirus (COVID-19) "vaccines."

Peoples Vaccine Inquiry – Unveiling the Truth: Immediate Access to Expert Testimony on COVID-19 Vaccines

After the U.K. COVID Inquiry announced back in January that its planned Summer 2024 Module 4 hearing was being rescheduled, a group of concerned professionals took a page from the Canadian National Citizens Inquiry by launching its own public interest inquiry so the public can have immediate access to all of the available expert testimony.

Doctors for Patients U.K. submitted its own written statement to the inquiry, as did the following doctors:

- Consultant cardiologist and general physician Dr. Dean Patterson

- Oncologist Prof. Angus Dalgleish

- Surgeons Mr. T. James Royle, Mr. Ian McDermott and Mr. Tony Hintonon

- Psychiatrist Dr. Ali Ajaz

- Emergency department doctor Dr. Scott Mitchell

- General practitioners Dr. Kathy Grieg, Dr. Caroline Lapworth, Dr. Ayiesha Malik and Dr. Tim Kelly

Doctors are just soldiers in a massive chemical army

Dr. Ajaz's testimony is particularly noteworthy because he has extensive multi-decade experience acting as an expert witness in both criminal and civil proceedings. He also worked at the government-run National Health Service (NHS).

So, for Dr. Ajaz to have declared that the COVID jab mandates "were ethically and scientifically unsound" is a pretty big deal, as is this article he wrote that was published by The Daily Sceptic.

"The willingness of doctors to stand aside and allow the enshrined principles of medical ethics to be trampled by outsiders who have no moral authority to do so has not gone unnoticed by the general public," Dr. Ajaz notes. "Never before has there been such distrust and scepticism directed against doctors and the medical fraternity as a whole."
"A handful of doctors have tried to speak out individually, to fulfil their duty as outlined by the General Medical Council for doctors to take prompt action when they see that patient safety is being compromised. Many have received a devastating backlash from colleagues, senior managers and the mainstream media."

Dr. Ajaz also warned that within the NHS there is no freedom to question or debate any concerns that doctors who use their brains might try to express. The job of these NHS physicians is simply to obey orders like soldiers, which is what many of them became during the COVID hysteria years.

"Requests for open dialogue with senior figures were consistently met with defensive and dismissive attitudes," he says in his article. "Efforts to critically assess the evidence supporting various medical interventions were systematically obstructed."
"Historical concerns raised by previous medical studies were disregarded, in favour of a narrative driven by authorities lacking medical expertise. This approach prioritised conformity and compliance over rigorous scientific scrutiny and open debate."

At the conclusion of his June 10, 2024 submission to the inquiry, Dr. Ajaz explains clearly and plainly that the role of doctors

"has increasingly shifted towards that of employees who must adhere to corporate and governmental directives, often at the expense of medical autonomy and the broader, holistic consideration of patient health."
"This undermines the physician's ability to advocate for long-term, sustainable health solutions over immediate, but potentially harmful, interventions," Dr. Ajaz further warns.

If you are interested in following the People's Vaccine Inquiry in real-time, check out the group's website. If you are an expert yourself, you can also submit your own testimonials at the same website.


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