Doctors Warn Of Explosion Of Turbo Cancers Across Planet

Doctors Warn Of Explosion Of Turbo Cancers Across Planet

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Doctors Warn About The Explosion Of 'Turbo Cancers' Across The Planet: 'Its Alarming How Rapidly The Disease Progresses From Diagnosis To Death, Often Within Just Days Or Even Hours'

This Is Only Just The Beginning Of What These Genocidal Vaxxes Will Lead To

While you may not know the names Kyedae Shymko, Kavieriona White, Julia Chavez, Evan Fishel, Justin Tine or Emmett Brooks, all six of those young and previously very healthy people were recently diagnosed with an alarming new scourge striking our planet, 'turbo-cancers,' with nearly all of them having recently passed away unexpectedly, and within hours or days after their cancer diagnosis.

As Dr. Paul Alexander reports in this new substack entry, there's been a huge surge in new Leukemia cases diagnosed among children and young adults across the planet, with the most alarming aspect of these cases being just how rapidly the disease progresses from diagnosis to death, often within just days.

Such as this heartbreaking case of 11-year-old Kavieriona White, called a parents worst nightmare. White was diagnosed with leukemia after being sent home from school with a fever and then being found unresponsive in her bed, dying in a hospital just two days after her diagnosis. While White died from 'sudden onset leukemia,' as Dr. William Makis reports in this substack entry as also heard in the 1st video at the bottom of this story, such 'rapid onset leukemia' deaths are happening way too frequently in 2023.

Such as another heartbreaking case of 13-year-old Julia Chavez, who went to an emergency room at a hospital in Georgia back in February reporting a headache and an ear infection and who, while in the emergency room was also diagnosed with leukemia, only to die just hours later.

With this Daily Mail story reporting of Chavez's alarming case that her shocked family revealed she had bleeding in her brain, lungs, stomach' and throughout her body, the teenager had collapsed on Sunday after going to an Augusta urgent care for antibiotics, was rushed to the hospital where blood work and a CT scan showed her cancer diagnosis. She died about twelve hours later around 1am.

As her family also reported of Julia Chavez and her deadly leukemia case, 'We never knew she had it.  She never had more than a sniffle and she's never been hospitalized for anything since she was born.'

And while most Americans don't know the name of Kyedae Shymko, Dr. Alexander's substack reports Shymko, a 21-year-old Japanese-Canadian Twitch streamer with 2.2 million followers (and 1 million on Twitter), recently announced that she, too, was diagnosed with cancer, Acute Myeloid Leukemia,  and while Shymko's has just announced that she has begun treatment, AML is known as the most deadly type of leukemia.

And with Dr. Alexander also reporting that 'shockingly, cases like this are skyrocketing recently among children and young adults, and even more shocking is the rapid progression of disease in some of these cases,' are we to look at all of these cases of Leukemia and deaths among 'the young and healthy' as just another 'strange coincidence' in 2023, or more signs of something darker and downright sinister?

So why the rapid progression of all of these cases, and why are all of these happening now, when such cases of Leukemia among the young and healthy were known as being extremely rare in the past?

And might all of these rapid onset cancer cases have anything at all to do with all of the people across America and the planet who have been 'dying suddenly?' While the mainstream media and 'government entities' would surely call such a suggestion a 'crazy conspiracy theory,' we've all seen recently just how 'right on the money' those 'crazy conspiracy theories' have been over the past 3 years. Once again, from Dr. Paul Alexander's substack entry.:

Leukemia tends to be aggressive, however, it’s extremely unusual to have sudden death occur days or hours after diagnosis and initial presentation. Why are these highly aggressive cases happening with such frequency now?

The elephant in the room is this question: are these leukemias being caused by COVID-19 mRNA vaccines?

21 year old Kyedae was COVID-19 vaccinated (travel, events requiring proof of vaccination, her fiancee TenZ was fully vaccinated). (click here) (click here)

21 year old Evan Fishel was COVID-19 vaccinated due to mandate by his University.

High School footballer Emmett Brooks was presumed COVID-19 vaccinated.

For the others, COVID-19 vaccine status is unknown.

And with Alexander's entry also reporting it is no secret that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines deliver a substantial amount of LNPs to the bone marrow, with Moderna actually bragging about their ability to deliver mRNA to the bone marrow, causing “long term modulation of all hematopoietic lineages,” take note that doctors carrying out autopsies have found such LPN's, Lipid-nano particles, accumulating in bone marrow as well as in adrenals, testis, ovaries, spleen, liver of the dead according to a Japanese bio-distribution study.

So while big pharma and the msm and government will certainly NEVER willingly admit to all of these young people across the planet being gravely injured or killed by the 'vaxxes' that they themselves either created or pushed like unscrupulous drug dealers, as we'll explore within the final section of this story below, there can no longer be any doubt that these globalist heathens want us all dead. First though, from this substack entry titled "Surging leukemia diagnoses, sudden, happening among children and young adults; is this due to the Pfizer and Moderna COVID mRNA technology gene injections?."

Leukemia is a broad term for cancers of the body’s blood-forming tissues, including the bone marrow and the lymphatic system. Leukemia usually involves the white blood cells. In people with leukemia, the bone marrow produces an excessive amount of abnormal white blood cells, which don't function properly (click here).

The fact that Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines deliver a large payload of LNPs filled with mRNA to the bone marrow, is a very serious concern.

How many doctors informed their patients that their COVID-19 mRNA vaccines will be getting into their bone marrow where they will be producing the SARS-CoV2 spike protein with unpredictable consequences? That would be part of informed consent, which no COVID-19 vaccinated person received.

With the answer to that last question likely being NO ONE if they knew the vaxxes were capable of producing the kind of rapid onset 'turbo cancers' seen in the images above showing how quickly his cancer spread following his 'booster,' exploding in its' spread throughout his body in just 8 days, world!

So in the 1st video below, previously mentioned renowned Canadian Oncologist Dr. William Makis joins DeAnna Lorraine to discuss the skyrocketing outbreak of cancers all over the planet, leading to a countless number of people 'dying suddenly,' especially younger healthy people developing suddenly terminal Cancers out of nowhere! The following is a description of the video from Dr. William Makis.:

This is a video of my recent interview on “Shots Fired” with DeAnna Lorraine on the Stew Peters Network.

We discuss why rapid (turbo) cancers are rising in young COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated individuals, what may be causing them, and why we are seeing a rise in all sorts of neurological injuries (blindness, hearing problems, tinnitus, paralysis, movement disorders, seizures, brain fog, migraines) and mental health issues after COVID-19 vaccination, including family members reporting changes in behavior in their COVID-19 vaccinated loved ones, erratic driving, increase in anger and other unusual behaviors.

We also discuss a 53% rise in Canadian physician mortality in 2022 compared to 2019, a 900% increase in the deaths of young Canadian doctors under age 30 and an increase in rapid (turbo) cancers among young 4x or 5x-vaccinated doctors that claim their lives in less than a year.

Just the latest proof that we're watching depopulation being carried out before our eyes, nothing less than genocide and mass murder being committed by the 'global elites' upon the people of the planet Earth as they strive to get our global population down to what for them would be a 'much more manageable number,' for the families of all of the young people who are dying, suddenly and out of nowhere developing cancers that are killing them just days or even hours later, it's anguish and heartbreak.

So while we can be sure that the 'global elite' bent upon depopulation will never even bat an eyelash for people like Kyedae Shymko, Kavieriona White, Julia Chavez, Evan Fishel, Justin Tine, Emmett Brooks or their families and loved ones, as we'd reported in this March 7th ANP story, it's long past time that those carrying out these crimes upon humanity and genocide are held accountable, the only 'justice' all of those wounded or killed by 'the vaxxes' may ever see being long prison terms or executions for those found guilty.

We'll close here before the videos with a few of the comments from this Dr. Paul Alexander story titled "Surging leukemia diagnoses, sudden, happening among children and young adults; is this due to the Pfizer and Moderna COVID mRNA technology gene injections? Lipid-nano particles (Makis)."

SarahC: My father developed multiple myeloma (another type of blood cancer) about 13 months after his last covid vaccine (he only received the initial series). Multiple myeloma is supposed to be rare. The nurses at his oncologist make remarks all the time about full the treatment center is, how many people there are with cancer now, etc. Also covid vaccines are pushed heavily on cancer patients, so if it initially causes/accelerates the mir cancer im sure getting more shots will just cancel out the effectiveness of their treatments. It's all so criminal.

Astrid Nordness: My cousins wife died from this just before Christmas. She was fully vaxxed and boosted. She was diagnosed 2 weeks after her booster and given 10 days to live. She made it 6 months. My family refuses to admit the shots had anything to do with it.

Gabby Ewen: A friend’s father died of a fast growing liver cancer 3 weeks after diagnosis. i asked, he was vaxxed. i didn’t ask how many doses.

carolyn kostopoulos: I fear we are only at the beginning of what this terrible vaccine policy will lead to.

Gorg: These things are not vaccines. Has any previous vaccine been accused of doing anything like this? These mRNA substances are extremely dangerous and we know are backed by no really longer term trials and studies. So what does the world expect? That everything will be fine? Most doctors are completely clueless as usual because they all have been indoctrinated and trained to see only what big pharma and the AMA wants them to see. What happens if in the future thousands of cases appear every day? The medical experts will still be totally clueless.

The Green Hornet: Turbo cancers. And it’s only just beginning. These animals need to pay hard.

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