Don’t Let Them Rewrite History • Ventilators Killed People And It Was No Accident • It Was Deliberate Policy

Don’t Let Them Rewrite History • Ventilators Killed People And It Was No Accident • It Was Deliberate Policy

Kit Knightly

A new study from Northwestern University has concluded that the majority of “Covid19” patients put on ventilators were actually killed by bacterial pneumonia, not the alleged virus.

You can read that paper here.

This should not comes as a shock to any regular OffG reader – or indeed anyone who tried to keep themselves informed during the “pandemic”. Mechanical ventilation is not a treatment for respiratory infection, and quite often makes the situation worse.

Deliberate, institutional misuse of mechanical ventilation probably killed huge numbers of patients during the so-called “first wave”. We cover this in great detail in our “40 Facts” covid cribsheet.

Predictably enough, though, mainstream talking heads are not ready to admit this, and the Northwestern paper has produced a wave of somewhat fevered revisionism among the dwindling covidiot class.

See, for example, this tweet from “Dr Craig Spencer”:

You know why we intubated people for Covid in March 2020?

Because otherwise they were going to die. Full. Stop.

I remember a patient rolling in with an oxygen saturation of 42%, breathing twice as fast as normal,struggling on a face mask with oxygen all the way up.

What to do?

— Craig Spencer MD MPH (@Craig_A_Spencer) May 19, 2023

Ironically, while he is accusing others of revisionism, he is the one rewriting history. Ventilators were never recommended for treating Covid, but rather for preventing transmission.

The WHO, CDC, NHS and ECDC all published guidelines instructing healthcare workers to put “Covid patients” on respirators as early as possible, and in every case it was classed as an “infection control measure”.

This is not new information, it was all known at the time.

Further, it was known, that this policy was potentially doing harm, having been reported in mainstream articles (such as this one from Time or this one from The Spectator) as early as April 2020.

But it’s not just the “ventilators saved lives” crowd who are rewriting history, even this new discussion recognizing the role ventilators played in Covid stops several steps short of the truth, characterizing it as a mistake or a panic reaction.

It was neither. It was deliberate policy.

This was recorded by whistle-blowers and becomes glaringly obvious when you consider that, in the US, the CARES Act paid out bonus money to hospitals for ventilating “covid patients”.

So no, it is not revisionism to blame ventilators for many of the deaths usually attributed to “Covid”, that was obviously true, and widely known, at the time.

Real revisionism is pretending there was no way anyone could have known the harm that was being done, or to close your eyes to the fact it was all done on purpose.

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