Dr. Bryan Ardis: Entire vaccine agenda centers on CREATING diseases + Truth Hidden From The Public About Cancer = around 50 percent of cancers were actually parasitic infections and how ivermectin can cure

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Entire vaccine agenda centers on CREATING diseases + Truth Hidden From The Public About Cancer = around 50 percent of cancers were actually parasitic infections and how ivermectin can cure

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(Natural News) Author Douglas Cirignano sat down with chiropractor Dr. Bryan Ardis to talk about the dangers of vaccines. He also put forward the possibility that the virus behind acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is being driven by vaccines.

During the Aug. 17 episode of “The Dr. Ardis Show” on Brighteon.TV, Cirignano mentioned that there is good evidence that the AIDS virus – and the disease’s epidemic in the 1980s – had its origins in vaccines. This was one of many topics he touched on his book “American Conspiracies and Cover-Ups.”

Aside from the link between vaccines and AIDS, Cirignano also tackled other conspiracies in his work, including the assassination of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., as well as the Federal Reserve’s fraudulent nature.

Also included in the book were his interview with philosopher Noam Chomsky about mainstream media being controlled by higher powers, and his conversation with journalist Jim Marrs about the globalist Big Brother government being touted as part of the New World Order.

“I got some really good ones up there,” Cirignano said.

Ardis interjected, saying that the entire vaccine agenda centers on creating diseases – enabling Big Pharma to create injectable treatments or drugs to manage symptoms. This is what happens, he added, when health authorities recommend the vaccination of children with shots for hepatitis and other injectables for newborns.

“It’s no different now with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) … [and] the monkeypox vaccines. It’s all absurd.”

On the issue of COVID-19, Ardis told Cirignano about White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci’s memo about remdesivir. Back in April 2020, the infectious disease expert defended the experimental antiviral drug as “the standard of care” for treating COVID-19 infection.

Fauci cited two studies that claimed remdesivir to be safe and effective against the Ebola virus. In reality, however, one of the studies looking at the use of remdesivir against Ebola was suspended because it killed 53 percent of the trial patients. The push to use remdesivir was eventually revealed to be part of a bigger conspiracy to mass murder. (Related: Steel Truth: Dr. David Martin talks about the COVID criminal conspiracy – Brighteon.TV.)

Cancer industry also operates on lies

Ardis also revealed one of the biggest lies about cancer being concealed to the public. He pointed out that around 50 percent of cancers were actually parasitic infections.

Masses, tumors, polycystic ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids or colon polyps are often diagnosed as various stages of cancer. But according to the chiropractor, these were actually egg sacs of certain parasites. Big Pharma, however, is pushing for different kinds of “treatments” – such as chemotherapy, radiation, expensive drugs and surgical procedures – against the illness.

“You don’t need chemo or radiation to treat them,” said Ardis. “There are tons of research studies proving ivermectin can actually get rid of all of these tumors and is proven in cancer research, as they call it, to actually destroy most cancers all on its own.”

According to Ardis, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention itself acknowledged how cancer cells can originate from parasites like tapeworms. It pointed out in a November 2015 press release that these cells could take root in people with weakened immune systems.

He added that parasites can also cause autoimmune diseases, citing around 75 percent of cases in his practice. Doctors are not taught about this possibility in medical school, he explained, because of the narrative that the U.S. as a developed country does not have parasites.

Ardis called that narrative “ridiculous,” citing the existence of parasite treatments for pets.

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