Evil Providing The Path Of Least Resistance To The Weary

Evil Providing The Path Of Least Resistance To The Weary

Dylan Eleven • Truth11.com

When you try to help a friend or family member who is depressed to the point of suicide, where as before you would have had help with suicide hotlines and support groups, now you have to contend with the medical establishment promoting the idea.

When promoted as a choice and way to gain "control" to those who are faced with great challenges ahead; it positions being murdered by a doctor as choice that is a path of least resistance.

They may call it MAID but it is murder.

When the medically compromised and suicidal as a result, are tired and desperate to gain control back into their lives, they are being tricked into choosing death as a viable solution, offered way too easily, by zealous doctors eager to kill.

It takes years to see a specialist to help with the issue, but you can get murdered by a doctor within days.

Promoting the idea to those who are mentally ill, challenged, or just going through a hard time, seems like the exact opposite thing you should do; yet for some completely insane reason this is medical practice in our barbaric west.

Have Autism?; What about a lethal injection?. (and I'm not talking about the covid killer vaccines).

Broke?; What about some MAID?.

Homeless?; Instead of a home, what about being murdered by a doctor?.

Former para-olympic athlete needing a stair lift in their home?; What about medical assisted dying instead?.

This is what is being promoted by our so called doctors and politicians.

For those who are trying to convince their loved ones not to kill themselves, who are they supposed to call for help? "Hey doc, I think this guy may be thinking about killing himself" you may ask looking for and expecting to get help. But instead you hear from the doctor; "Yes sir, they are booked in for an appointment next week with us to murder them".

This is not medicine, this is murder.

I recently presented logical and workable solutions to a huge environmental sensitivity problem my cousin was experiencing. Yes they required work - but they were doable.

When weighing his options, with the positive life affirming challenging solutions suggested by me, and those suggested by the medical establishment of a 3 year wait to see a specialist, or a doctor can murder them next week; He chose the path of least resistance, provided by evil, eager to kill, rather than heal, "Doctors" as a way to "bow out gracefully". Words put in his mouth by the medical establishment.

To my cousin who was like a brother to me, I am sorry and saddened to the core that you chose to kill yourself last week and follow the path of least resistance offered as a so called "valid" choice by our medical murderers, may they all burn in hell.

Image: An old picture from the 70's of my cousin who just killed himself and my father who was murdered by the other type of lethal injection, the covid vaccine. Put the evil doctors on trial for their crimes.