Evil Is Failing • Hasten The Fall

Evil Is Failing • Hasten The Fall



Robert Gore | StraightLineLogic.com

Evil is in a topping formation.

Evil is completely dependent on the good it attempts to destroy. When good discovered fire, invented the wheel, and started planting seeds, evil invented government. Evil produces nothing, it only commands, coerces, enslaves, destroys, and murders. Gigantic tombs loom over Egypt’s desert, built by slaves millennia ago, monuments to rulers’ vanity. A single farmer working the Nile’s alluvial soil produced more than any pharaoh, yet the former had to send a portion of his crop to the latter.

Nothing has changed since then. How do the production and lives of the good become the property of evil? Force, fear, and fraud are the usual answers, but they can’t be the entire answer. Rulers and their military and police forces are always vastly outnumbered by the ruled. Revolts have brought down countless governments. Yet, why have most people down through the ages not revolted but endured the force, fear, and fraud? The trick is to get the ruled to assign their right in their own lives to the rulers, acting as the purported agent of a collective.

If the mass of people accept the proposition that there is a cause or causes greater than themselves, the rest is easy. So, find a greater cause—God, country, fighting evil enemies domestic or foreign, fighting a deadly germ, safety, the common good, the public interest, global warming, global cooling, climate change—the list is endless. The people will fight wars, pay taxes, comply with every absurd law and regulation, mask up, lockdown, take deadly vaccines, embrace misery, and line up for the concentration camps. Who am I, they might ask, to question, to object, to fight, to revolt?

They’ve already answered that question. They’ve surrendered their lives and souls; they are nobodies. Figuratively and perhaps literally, these corpses will join the stack in the ditch or the ashes in the crematorium. The rulers expertly play their emotions, but what stirs their greatest passion is the occasional odd man or woman out—the ones who refuse to assign their lives to the collective. The nothings burn the somethings at the stake; self-loathing finds its expression in destruction and death. By a wide margin no person or institution has caused more destruction and death than governments.

Evil and governments are joined at the hip, and history’s bloodiest epoch, from World War I right up to today, has also been the epoch of its largest and most totalitarian governments. That’s no coincidence. That epoch is drawing to its bloody close. Evil finds itself undone by its perpetual nemesis, its inability to produce. Honest income statements for the world would show that production and income are in decline. Honest balance sheets would show that the world is bankrupt, debt far in excess of assets and almost every asset already pledged as collateral, often several times over.

The rapacity of evil knows no limits. Plans are supposedly being made for a Great Taking, which will hoover up much of the world’s book entry claims—or in the lingo of the thieves, subordinated security entitlements—on income and assets. Those entitlements are subordinated to “secured creditors,” the largest participants in the derivatives complex. Imagine losing your stocks to Goldman Sachs. The grim joke is on evil. A Great Taking may well happen—once. Evil will feed itself for a few weeks or months, but just like its victims, it will ultimately own nothing.

The claims it seizes will be rendered worthless by the seizure itself. Who will produce anything when everything they’ve produced has been stolen? Most of what is currently reckoned as assets is debt or equity claims on production that will cease, assets that will be worthless without production, or, most absurdly, on other debt and equity claims in the debt-and-derivatives daisy chain. The Great Takers are going to have to hurry.

A prick of the quadrillion-dollar (a double-digit multiple of global GDP) derivatives bubble, which could happen any day now, may beat them to the punch, quickly marking assets to their true value in a bankrupt world: zero. There’ll be nothing left to Take. The commercial real estate fiasco is a preview of coming attractions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20VwjR0983E

The fall will probably kill us, but it’s a pity that nobody has figured out a derivative for evil, because it’s a massive short sale. Someone should set up an exchange traded fund for the stocks of the companies that have crawled into bed with the government: Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Social Media, Big Mainstream Media, Big Med, Big Defense, Big Intel, Big Education, Big Ag, Big Insurance, Big Wall Street, Big Banking, Big Utility, Big Energy, and Big Manufacturing. Come to think of it, that would be an index fund resembling the Standard & Poors 500—everybody’s in bed with the government! Call it corporatocracy or facism or whatever you’d like. Shorting a derivative would be a bet on the downfall of collectivist evil (please note: SLL is not an investment advisor). If it works out, just make sure you convert your winnings to gold.

In the same feral way that prey often senses predator in the wild, the ruling caste senses the danger. The panic is palpable. The lies are nonstop, with censorship or prison the only responses to those who expose them. Cans are kicked, scapegoats found, critics canceled, votes rigged, people disappeared—anything to delay recognition and the reckoning for another day.

They take refuge in fantasy. Promote a war that can’t be won against a superpower in Ukraine and babble insanely about “winnable” nuclear exchanges. Support slaughter in Gaza. Make war on drugs, poverty, terrorism, and germs, and make each one worse. Keep borrowing, spending, promising, lying, and stealing. Keep promulgating economically destructive laws and regulations. Keep paying migrants to illegally enter the country. Keep advancing incompetents of the “right” race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender. Keep calling opposition insurrection or treason and tyrannize at every opportunity.

As an aside, you have to wonder how much of their fantasy is fueled by cocaine—ego candy—or other drugs. Our rulers are Tony Montana during the final shootout in Scarface—arrogantly oblivious to the dangers besetting them and seemingly high as a kite. Zelensky demanding that Russia relinquish all the territory it now occupies, Biden’s State of the Union rant, Macron threatening to send French troops to Ukraine, Netanyahu bombing an Iranian consulate, Von der Leyen, Trudeau and a gaggle of lesser lights every time they open their mouths—these are manifestations of addled minds.

The most fantastical fantasy is global governance. It’s axiomatic that the bigger the government, the greater the evil. So, not surprisingly, the plan envisions wiping out a good portion of the human race. Death rates are climbing and life expectancies plunging from bioweapons and vaccines, opioids, socialized medicine, an industrialized agriculture and its unhealthy food, ecological and climate tampering, shrinking real incomes, poverty, and psychological deterioration from 24/7 promotion of crises, fear, and totalitarianism.

As more people see the brick wall behind the curtain, ruling caste panic intensifies. The rabble aren’t buying into the plan and they’re not dying quickly enough. Thus the seemingly inexorable march towards World War III. Either one or both of the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East could devolve into global conflict that gives the overlords the death toll they crave.

Death, including their own, is their objective, not the supposedly better world they say they’re after. Yes, that’s insane. Nuclear war would wipe out the rulers as well as the ruled. Tony Montana knew he was a dead man when he stepped out on the landing with his submachine guns. Self-immolation is a feature, not a bug, of their plan. The desire for one’s own death is the ultimate insanity.

We have numbers, decentralized power, productive ability, and sanity on our side. It’s clear that warfare has undergone a fundamental change. Invasion and occupation has become virtually untenable against decentralized insurgency, or even chaotic agents with no overt political goals. The U.S. government has its long string of failed wars, and its occupation of its own country is in trouble, too. It has already ceded control of the cities and the southern border. Those fall into the category of chaos with no overt (but perhaps covert) political goals.

There are Americans with overt political objectives—secure borders, safety from crime, a healthy economy, an end to foreign interventionism, a smaller government that leaves them alone—who are potential insurgents as conditions deteriorate. “Right-wing extremism” or “Trump’s threat to democracy” are the ruling caste’s short-hand pejoratives for the dangers of insurgency. They suggest a marginalized group, but it numbers in the tens of millions. Trump has won two elections and is on his way to a third victory. By trying to make peaceful change at the ballot box impossible, they’re making violent revolution inevitable.

That revolution has been presaged by the revolution in communications. Controlling the narrative has long been the overrated and incompletely realized goal of governments. Even the government of the Soviet Union never achieved complete control, and it fell apart in 1991. Seems that you can’t stop people from thinking or talking to other thinking people in venues you don’t control.

Or posting articles, pictures, videos, podcasts, and memes on the Internet. Due to its nonstop lying, legacy media has destroyed its credibility. COVID and vaccine propaganda was the watershed. Tiktok videos of dancing nurses gave way to spike protein proliferation, heart and circulatory system malfunction, diminished fertility, turbo cancers, a host of other maladies, “died suddenly,” and elevated death rates. The “cures,” corruption, and totalitarian measures foisted on the public proved far worse than the disease, which would have been rendered insignificant if effective preventatives and cures hadn’t been withheld or officially discouraged.

So, the ruling caste has switched the justification for its jihad against production and the populace back to climate change. The so-called consensus Science had been discredited before COVID, now it’s been obliterated. Instead of citing Science, the ruling caste asserts climate change as an established fact. Anyone who doubts it or demands evidence is an ignorant denier, undoubtedly motivated by “extreme” political views. The credentials of the experts now publishing contra-narrative articles and featured in videos like “Climate: The Movie” wipes out that smear.

Climate change acolytes have quit making apocalyptic predictions, because every one they made, except those that are still safely nestled in the future, turned out wrong. Unfortunately, they’ve replaced future predictions with future mandates. 50 percent of us will be driving EVs by 2030, we’ll only eat meat once a week by 2032, we’ll eat bugs twice a day by 2035, gas burning stoves gone by 2028, 15-minute cities here by 2040, carbon neutrality by 2045, and so on and so on. Nothing turns on the acolytes quite like mandates. Insipid propaganda, force, involuntary compliance, misery for the masses, punishment for the noncompliant, and more power for the acolytes—what’s not to love?

Evil can’t produce and it’s making war on those who can. Shorting evil is a bet that the whole thing falls apart. That has to be the safest bet extant, outside of a wager that the ruling caste will lie. (It may not be that hard to find the other side of that wager; there are still believers.)

The dinosaur governments we have now mark an historical apex of size, theft, and power. They’ll follow the Soviet Union’s government into extinction, done in by decentralizing technologies, communications, and weaponry, insurgency, producers refusals to produce beyond subsistence, and chaos that overwhelms command and control. After they fall, it may be centuries, if ever, before we’ll see their like again.

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. ~ Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, 1776

These are still the most revolutionary words ever penned, or quilled. “Inalienable” means that those rights can never be assigned. Practically speaking, it means that all efforts to forcibly impose the moral horror of collectivism are doomed to failure. They have always failed; they are failing now. It’s our job to hasten the fall . . . and to get it right the next time.

Source: https://www.theburningplatform.com/2024/04/18/shorting-evil/

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