Fake news about all things flu/covid continues its mind-manipulating numbness

Good News About Kill Shots
Stephen Lendman

Fake news about all things flu/covid continues its mind-manipulating numbness.

MSM claims about a million US flu/covid deaths ignored that the vast majority of reported ones were from kill shots, not the viral illness.

According to pre-2020 CDC data, annual numbers of US seasonal flu/influenza cases range from 9 to 45 million, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations, and from 12,000 – 61,000 deaths.

The vast majority of the latter category is among people over age-70.

For individuals under age-70, full recovery from flu/covid exceeds 99.9%.

For others over age-70, it’s 95%.

For children, adolescents and young adults, full recovery from flu/covid is virtually certain.


Rare exceptions prove the rule.

The vast majority of individuals becoming ill from flu/covid were jabbed, especially ones multi-jabbed.

Natural immunity and remaining unjabbed are the most effective ways to remain free from the viral illness.

Phony MSM claims about a million US flu/covid deaths are all about scaring maximum numbers of people to self-inflict harm — with mass-extermination of unwanted millions and billions of individuals in mind worldwide.

Before flu was remained covid, the leading causes of deaths in the US were from heart disease, cancer, accidents, stroke, respiratory diseases, and diabetes, among others.

Deaths from influenza/flu and pneumonia in 2020 were 53.5 thousand.

Heart disease and cancer combined caused around 1.3 million US deaths in 2020.

Diabetes took double the number of lives in 2020 as flu and pneumonia combined.

Covid IS flu by another name.

We’ve been lied to and scammed by US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators since kill shots were rolled out in December 2019.

In stark contrast to fabricated MSM fear-mongering reports this month, flu/covid is NOT “the third-biggest killer of Americans” — far from it.

Days earlier, Joseph Mercola reported news to suggest that millions of Americans awakened to the reality about kill shots.

Or at least to the extent that they’re shunning them.

According to official US data — true or false — about three-fourths of Americans got at least one flu/covid jab.

Excluding young children under age-5, it’s about 80%.

That’s the bad news — if numbers are accurate.

The good news is that about 15% of jabbed Americans shunned a second jab.

Together with the unjabbed, about one-third of Americans have not gotten two flu/covid jabs — what was considered fully-jabbed before boosters were pushed.

After Americans were urged or mandated to be booster-jabbed — to be considered fully-jabbed — only about 30% of Americans were mind-manipulated to go along with what’s crucial to shun.

At this time, about 70% of Americans are not fully-jabbed — meaning double-jabbed and boosted.

Despite an unparalleled daily mind-manipulated campaign — including threats of being fired by employers for noncompliance, being barred from higher education campuses, denied access to air travel, other means of transportation and exclusion from various public places — most Americans bucked the health-destroying system.

It’s likely for a number of reasons, including access to truth-telling information about harm from kill shots.

Many individuals, their family members, friends and/or associates likely had adverse reactions from jabs.

Knowledge about them likely gave jabbed and double-jabbed individuals pause about getting boosted.

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about kill shots designed to irreparably harm health over the other way around.

It’s encouraging that millions of Americans know enough about the risk to refuse going along any longer with the mother of all state-sponsored scams.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, only about one-third of children aged-5 to 11 were jabbed for flu/covid.

Only 28% were double-jabbed.

It shows that millions of parents are on to the scam and want no part of it — likely not for themselves and young children.

Hundreds of scientists and medical experts worldwide understand the irreversible harm to health and well-being from kill shots.

It’s why they strongly oppose mass-jabbing with experimental, poorly tested, rushed to market drugs.

Crucial to avoid with protecting and preserving health in mind, everyone already jabbed should shun further ones.

No one should touch what’s designed to cause irreparable harm on the phony pretext of protection not gotten.

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