FBI Truth Tellers: White Supremacist Narrative Is Nonsense

FBI Truth Tellers: White Supremacist Narrative Is Nonsense

Global Research  /  Kurt Nimmo

Joe Biden and his handlers are building a structure to censor facts and opinions contrary to Joe’s teleprompter-read neoliberal talking points. Simply imposing censorship and arresting activists as “extremists,” minus a nasty pretense, would undoubtedly elicit outrage and politically activate pushback from an increasingly shrinking number of Americans who actually use their brains to arrive at conclusions while navigating a tidal wave of propaganda.

The FBI, essentially America’s political enforcers, are the force majeure behind this effort. Regardless, a number of members have recently stepped forward to set the record straight on what the state and its enforcers have designated as extremism and terrorism.

“Rank-and-file FBI agents are accusing the Biden administration of exaggerating the threat of White supremacists and pressuring agents to cook up domestic terrorist cases involving racist extremists,” write Kerry Picket and Jospeh Clark.

“Current and former FBI agents told The Washington Times that the perceived White supremacist threat is overblown by the administration. They said top bureau officials are pressuring FBI agents to create domestic terrorist cases and tag people as White supremacists to meet internal metrics.”

One anonymous agent pointed out that there are more people at the agency focused on “white supremacism” than there are actual white supremacists.

The truth about Biden’s White Supremacy. FBI can not find any. It is all a DEM hoax. https://t.co/M4PUbAjRHM

— Mike (@MGupdate) September 23, 2022

“We are sort of the lapdogs as the actual agents doing these sorts of investigations, trying to find a crime to fit otherwise First Amendment-protected activities,” he said. “If they have a Gadsden flag and they own guns and they are mean at school board meetings, that’s probably a domestic terrorist.”

Notice no mention of white supremacy in the above statement. That’s because white supremacy is an excuse to target other, legitimate forms of protest and opposition. It is used because most people find racism reprehensible.

On the other hand, the FBI apparently cherishes its dog whistle “racists” who are essentially agents provocateurs, most notably radio talkshow host Ted Turner.

More than a decade ago, I wrote:

Radio talk show host and blogger Hal Turner was an FBI trained agent provocateur, his attorney told reporters in Hartford [August 18, 2009]. The supposed white supremacist worked for the agency from 2002 until 2007. “His job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner which would lead to their arrest,” Michael Orozco told the Associated Press.

The article I wrote originally appeared on Infowars and Prison Planet. The above link in the byline of the repost now points to an ad for an old Alex Jones documentary. I am persona non grata at both websites and I imagine a lot of the work I did there has made it to the memory hole.

But let’s not wander off track.

As the case against Turner and the revelations of his attorney reveal, the government did not abandon its COINTELPRO tactics, as it claimed in the mid 1970s. The FBI, acting as the establishment’s political secret police, continues to undermine political movements the elite consider dangerous and a threat to their control and influence.

Recall, I wrote the above  more than a decade ago, and since that time the situation has grown far worse, predictably so under the mentally compromised Joe Biden.

The FBI infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan in the 1950s and 60s.

“During the 1960’s, the FBI’s role was not to protect civil rights workers, but rather, through the use of informants, the Bureau actively assisted the Ku Klux Klan in their campaign of racist murder and terror,” the authors of “COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story.”

Church Committee hearings and internal FBI documents revealed that more than one quarter of all active Klan members during the period were FBI agents or informants. However, Bureau intelligence “assets” were neither neutral observers nor objective investigators, but active participants in beatings, bombings and murders that claimed the lives of some 50 civil rights activists by 1964.

Bureau spies were elected to top leadership posts in at least half of all Klan units. Needless to say, the informants gained positions of organizational trust on the basis of promoting the Klan’s fascist agenda. Incitement to violence and participation in terrorist acts would only confirm the infiltrator’s loyalty and commitment.

The report, nearly impossible to find on the internet, notes the FBI established “dozens of Klaverns, sometimes being leaders and public spokespersons. Gary Rowe, an FBI informant, was involved in the Klan killing of Viola Liuzzo, a civil rights worker. He claimed that he had to fire shots at her rather than ‘blow his cover.’ One FBI agent, speaking at a rally organized by the Klavern he led, proclaimed to his followers, ‘We will restore white rights if we have to kill every negro to do it.’”

In other words, the FBI was a prime motivator in racist violence, same as it has more recently worked behind the scenes to fabricate Islamic terror groups.

In the 1960s, the FBI specialized in disrupting and destroying constitutionally legal protest groups and activists. Much of the violence our “historians” now attribute to leftist radicals of the period was in fact the product of FBI interference:

Many details are now available concerning these extensive campaigns of terror and disruption, in part through right-wing paramilitary groups organized and financed by the national government, but primarily through the much more effective means of infiltration and provocation of existing groups. In particular, much of the violence that occurred on college campuses can be attributed to government provocateurs. (Emphasis added.)

Political provocation runs back to antiquity. However, it became far more effective under the Sûreté nationale, the French national police, and under the direction of the criminal Eugène François Vidocq in the early 1800s. He was appointed by Emperor Napoleon to form the Brigade de la Sûreté (“Security Brigade”) to undermine political opposition, most notably during the French Restoration (the installation of the House of Bourbon). In the 1820s, the excessively reactionary monarchy of Charles X gave a steroid boost to this secret police designed to crush all dissent. So important was this task to the monarch, he often had Vidocq pull police off regular duty to help destroy dissent.

Since that time, not much has changed beyond the addition of technology and the creation of a powerful national security state. The CIA, in particular since the outset of the so-called war on terror, has embedded itself in police departments, most notably the NYPD. The nation’s largest police department dispatched agents provocateurs in protests during the 2004 Republican Convention, while Denver police used “undercover agents” to instigate violence against police during the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

The effort by the state to tar and feather legitimate protest as criminality and terrorism received a boost under the cognitively impaired 46th president. This is a Democrat organized effort (both “parties,” however, have equally engaged this illegal behavior). He embraced and adopted, for instance, the magnificent absurdity that all “extreme right-wing” behavior is motivated by racism and disgust of the pretzel logic embraced by Democrats (for instance, that humans can willy-nilly decide what gender they are, despite indisputable biology, and that folks with a lack of skin pigmentation are somehow born racist and “privileged”).

Are you fucking kidding me? If she was around in the 60s, she would have been in the cointelpro. https://t.co/IVKVWDC2L2

— Paul Hogarth (@paulhogarth) September 23, 2022

This insanity is not so much a political philosophy (although millions of “liberal” adherents believe it to be so) as a psychological operation to divide citizens and promote the idea we are on the verge of a “civil war,” which is nonsense.

Inventing such a scenario, and having agent provocateurs perform acts leading to one half of Americans believing the other half is seditious (and vice versa), will result in further political repression and, eventually, the trashing of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights under martial law or something similar.

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