Fibrous clots harvested from dead vaccinated individuals found to contain electrically conductive elements usually found in circuitry

Fibrous clots harvested from dead vaccinated individuals found to contain electrically conductive elements usually found in circuitry  /  Belle Carter

(Natural News) The Health Ranger Mike Adams recently released the ICP-MS elemental analysis of the fibrous clots pulled out of the cadavers by whistleblower embalmer Richard Hirschman. The lab results confirmed the gooey blobs contained elements that are electrically conductive.

“The clots are almost entirely lacking the normal biomarkers of human life. Instead, it has higher concentrations of things associated with circuitry,” Adams said during a recent exclusive interview at “World at War” with Dean Ryan.

These self-assembling clots were pulled out of the bodies of dead people who have died suddenly in the weeks or months after receiving one or more Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations. As per Adams’ report, these clots are harvesting electrically conductive elements out of the blood such as tin, aluminum and sodium.

“Tin has been harvested at 588 percent higher concentrations than what’s found in human blood. Aluminum is being found about 35 to 40 percent or higher and sodium is about 50 percent or higher in these clots,” he said.

Tin is used as a solder alloy in electrical circuits and circuit repair, whereas aluminum is the alternative to copper for electrical conductive wires in commercial residential wiring.

The Health Ranger added that blood samples from a healthy living person would include iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, chlorine, phosphorus and so on. However, the post-vaccine clot sample only contains 4.4 percent of iron that would be seen in human blood, which confirmed that the mass is not a blood clot. Also, there is a near-total lack of potassium in the sample and it contains less than 0.6 percent of the potassium and magnesium compared to human blood.

“What we did is an elemental analysis using an inspected, audited and ISO-accredited laboratory for the elements. However, we did not conduct a radio frequency analysis, that could detect receiving or sending signals. That would have to be done by some other lab that specializes in these kinds of technologies,” Adams said in response to Ryan’s inquiry about whether the electrically conductive elements could send or receive electromagnetic fields.

“But the question is leading in the right direction, that’s just not something that we can provide,” he added.

Ryan went on to say that people in Sweden dropped like flies when its 5G, the fifth generation of wireless technology, went up. “They were not getting any help in hospitals and so forth. We see strange behavior and people just mowing down. We’re just trying to connect the dots because this is some science fiction that is starting to become a science fact here,” Ryan said.

According to telephone companies, this technological advancement can provide higher speed, lower latency and one of the most robust technologies the world has ever seen. However, this development has been criticized to have environmental and health hazards, such as the elevated risk of brain cancer and acoustic neuroma.

As the clots have electrically conductive elements, Adams pointed to what happened to Dr. Charles Lieber, who was convicted by the Department of Justice for sharing secrets with communist China.

“His patents are all about nanocircuitry and bio interfaces at the cellular and subcellular level. So if you read his patents, it’s all self-assembling nanocircuits inside human structures. So, follow the yellow brick road and see where that leads,” said Adams, also a best-selling author, environmental scientist and multi-awarded journalist and publisher.

COVID-19 vaccines kill thousands of people daily

About 10,000 people a day are being killed by these vaccines worldwide, according to Steve Kirsh, executive director of Vaccine Safety Research Foundation. That number could swell in the coming days, months or years. (Related: Steve Kirsch estimates between 5M and 12M people have been killed by COVID clot shots worldwide (so far).

“A rigorous analysis based on excess death data included anywhere from five to 12 million fatalities have likely occurred worldwide. And with these self-assembling clots continuing to gain size and mass inside the bodies of those who have received the mRNA experimental medicine injections, it is certain that many people who have not yet died from the vaccines will experience death in the coming months and years,” Adams said.

He likened the ones who have received the mRNA injections to walking time bombs. However, he said there’s a majority chance that if people stop taking them, they may be spared.

“If you took the vaccine, there’s a big chance that if you stop taking them, you may not die. There’s a slight chance that you are going to die if you got the wrong lot. The bottom line is to stop taking these shots. If you took it, pray to God that you didn’t get one of the lots that have these clots,” he said.

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