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Yes I am going there: Flat earth or a spinning globe; what the truth means and why it matters.

As a journalist I had originally dismissed the flat earth concept to be a psy op to discredit the truth movement and wrote an article that mentioned this as the potential reason for the concept.

I did not think much about it further and continued reporting on every aspect of the truth I can find, without going back to the flat earth concept.

Years went by more and more I came across this subject, so I decided to take a much closer look.

Many articles, documentaries, videos and 11,000 + memes later, plus my own flight tests, I found myself looking at the world in a very different way.

Here I will share what I have learned and what this means if true.

I will discuss certain key concepts of flat vs globe and explore what knowing the truth means.

This truth gives you a decoder ring for propaganda, a new big picture view and two new frontiers of the unknown.

The co-ordinated concealment of the truth and the unwillingness for most to even seriously consider the idea is astounding. Even many of us who question everything and are focused on true journalism have not looked into this subject or covered it.

I received an email from a reader who rightfully pointed out bringing up the subject of flat earth can hurt the credibility of Truth11.com and the truth movement. I replied to Dan that he is correct. Bringing up this subject, posting memes about it threatens credibility. Especially without an explanation.

It is such a crazy sounding subject that most quickly think tin foil hat crew and discredit the whole site. I do understand that.

I unleashed flat earth memes in the Images + Memes section without any prior warning or explanation. I am willing to bring up this subject, and started with memes to get the ball rolling.

In this article I will explain why I have started to include this information. If proven wrong, I will happily retract the information and purge Truth11.com of all flat earth memes and discussion.

Memes may not have been the best way to introduce the subject. Because a casual look over that section could discredit the pages.

I have experienced this with many subjects before. Many people told me not to discuss them as it makes me look like a conspiracy theorist.

The thing is, they have all turned out to be completely true.

When I pointed out chemtrials to people for the first time, they though I was a crazy conspiracy theorist. When putting together footage for our film on Chemtrails, I thought it so profound that something so in their faces, something that they can literally look up and see with their own eyes, was so vigorously denied and something they would not even consider for one moment.

I thought it interesting that they can see the growing amount of lines in the sky and yet completely ignore them.

The subject of flat earth is also something that we can see with our own eyes, yet most ignore.

You can personally see a flat horizon, with your own eyes. It looks flat. You can't see a curve, have you ever personally seen a curve with your own eyes?; no matter how high, or what distance?. The truth is in plane site. (pun intended)

On Truth11.com we focus on the truth, and no subject is to be avoided because it may make us look wrong or not to be trusted. Because it is the truth.

You have to be able to think outside of the box to see the forest for the trees. Especially with lies so large that they could not possibly be true.

This is a conundrum however with bringing up this crazy sounding subject. Do I leave it alone, because it hurts us, or do I keep to my focus on the truth no matter what. It is a good question. I am discussing it, no matter how it may sound. Because the truth need to be investigated and told as the truth will set us free.

Here is a very condensed version of my research on the subject. You make up your own mind. Take a look at certain concepts that support the idea that the observable earth is flat and there is no curve.

There are key concepts to understanding this topic that are quite simple.

The ramifications of the truth are complex.

Those who look into this subject gain a quantum leap in understanding by examining the most simplest of facts. Because once known, anyone speaking otherwise who should know better (government space force, pilots, astronauts etc), are shown as liars and collaborators of mass deception.

It provides a formula that can cut through propaganda and all illusions. The ultimate propaganda decoder ring.

Once seen you can never un-see it. Or more like, once you don't see it (the curvature) you will understand why people think the world we can observe is in fact flat.

Take a trip with me down this rabbit hole, that many think too strange to consider and too risky for their reputation to discuss.

Personally I search and report on the truth. In life, if I am ever wrong, I am the first to admit it and learn from my mistakes. Am I wrong about this?

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The Big Picture

To gain a big picture understanding of anything we look at all the parts of the whole.

To get the big picture of something visually, we zoom out to look at the whole subject in one frame.

For planet earth, to see the big picture visually, we should simply fly out as far as we can to see the world as a whole. This should be a simple concept. Yet it is not.


There Are No Real Images Of Planet Earth

The only images of planet earth as a whole are computer generated images. This has been admitted by NASA. The images of our globe are pieced together to create the big picture. And not done very well either. If you compare years of planet earths images you can see massive inconsistencies.

The concept of a globe we live on has not been photographed ever. Why is that?

Is it we cant get far enough away from the planet to get a shot? That is what I had thought.

However there is another item that cannot be photographed and this one should be easy to get; The curvature.

Why Cant We Get High Enough To See The Curvature Of The Globe?

Based upon the math given of the size of the globe, at certain heights the Earths curve should be visible. Yet the photos that do show the curve are not real, they all use a fish eye lens or have been photoshopped. So the curve cannot be photographed either. If it could be they would not need to use fish eye lenses or photoshoped images. Why cant we photograph the curve?

There are many real photos, un edited, with a normal lens, that show flatness which are the basis of the flat theory. We can see flat. We can't see a curve. Hmmm. Seems pretty simple.

Flat Truth vs Globe Lie

We think we have this understanding of this big picture, of our planet, and we are so convinced as a whole species that it seems crazy to even think that for a moment this big picture understanding could be false.

And this is exactly why it is so important to examine this particular concept.

This Truth Changes Everything

Because, if globe theory is a lie, then everything changes. It is so huge that it proves every government in the world is in on the deception, including Russia and China. It proves they are all really working together, or at least are keeping the same secrets by furthering the fake globe concept.

The Whole World Is A Stage

For example. If the space station is proven to be fake, then Russia threatening to remove their cosmonauts due to the sanctions and war, shows they are lying, just like the US about the space station.

What part of a model are they going to remove their people from?

If they were really at war, they would state the space station is fake, and they will not perpetuate a lie with the enemy. But they don't, either because they are in cahoots or there really is a space station. By actually answering this question you will know for sure.

Spinning globe in space is the story that binds them all. If proven fake, it shows they all work together. It also shakes the foundations of our understanding of exactly where we actually are and what we are standing on.

When looking into this subject, it becomes more of a question of why is there so many provable lies and inconsistencies about the curve and space. From under water "space" videos with bubbles, fake and floppy doors on the space station, fake photos of the earth, fake satellites, you name it, when it comes to space and the globe, there is a large lacking of actual proof, but an abundance of examples of places like NASA being caught in lies.

The question is why? Why do they need to fake it if it's real?

There are several main points to understanding this topic that I will look at below. We can see the flat, we can't see the curve. That is a big one. We have photographed the flat and the curved photos are doctored. We can prove the flat, but cannot prove the curve. Perspective and vanishing point are not curve. So what is known that we can see flat but not curve. Well that is a great starting point.

Add flight maps, testimonies from pilots that they don't adjust for the curve when flying, photographic evidence and much more. It all adds up, and when looked at, it will change the way you see the world forever. It will also promote several questions.

The Earth Looks Pretty Flat To Me


Images are abound of flat horizons, we can visually see with our eyes flat horizons for miles, the only photos of earth from space that show a curved horizon are manipulated with either a fish eye lens or are photoshopped afterward. Proven photos of flat horizons far beyond the supposed curvature distance are everywhere and you can take them yourself.

The curve is not there, at any hight.

The Math And The Case Of The Missing Curvature

One fact at the tip of the spear, there is an undeniable truth, the math does not add up to the size of the planet we are told we are on. Flat or globe, the curve is not there at the dimensions it should be based upon the stated size of this planet.

This may mean flat or bigger globe. But there is no visible curve ever seen by a human.

Perspective Is Not Curvature

This is one concept that people try to prove the earth is curved. But why cant we see the curve in the horizon also? If anyting this would prove we are on an cylinder, not a ball.

But the reality is ships don't go over the curve, many people have zoomed in and brought these images back into view.

Flight Maps

I have flown a small plane for several hours. I kept the horizon level and for hours of flight, never dipped the nose down to compensate for the curvature.

Many pilots will admit that they do not dip down to adjust for the curvature, ever.

If you look at flight maps, they are based upon a flat earth, not a curved one. Pilots know there is no curve.

Compare a flat earth flight map to the supposed curved flight paths. You will see that logically one is a straight line to the destination, the other takes a wild ride that would make it take much longer and go out of the way for no reason.

Space Is Fake

Ok so we have covered what we can see. We can see a flat plane, we cannot see a curve. We can see CGI images of earth but no real ones. NASA admits this.

So if we can't see the curve, and we can't see the earth, what can we see when we are up in space?

Well when looking in detail at all NASA footage and information, the only thing we can actually see is fake footage and lies. Why?

When it comes to the observable flat, we can see that. But space, we have to take the word of those who supposedly have been there. But what if they haven't been there at all.

Is it because we cant get there, or is it because there is no space to get too.

NASA to Deceive


How They Fake Space

The Ultimate NASA Hoax Compilation | Six Hours Of NASA Caught Faking Space Missions

If space travel was real, why do they need to fake it on video?

Moon Landing Was Faked

Here is the Wikileaks video showing the filming of the faked moon landing done by Stanley Kubrick.

Satellites Are Another Example

If there is gravity free space why do satellites actually need helium balloons to keep them up in the sky?

The recent media storm on the Chinese spy balloon is another example of the lie of space that binds our governments in collusion.

If satellites are proven not to be in weightless space but actually in our atmosphere and held up by helium balloons, (NASA worlds largest purchaser of Helium). Then this spy balloon is probably just a normal satellite, held up by a helium ballon.

Probably malfunctioned and is in lower orbit and to hide the truth about satellites it is called a weather balloon which people are familiar with the concept. Never mind that it looks exactly like the so called satellites were are trained to think orbit the planet. Minus the balloon of course.

China is in on the scam;

Also how did they know its Chinese? The images do not show a big Chinese symbol on them.

This looks more like a malfunctioned satellite that has dropped its elevation to the point its visible and easily photographed. Instead of adding validity to the claim there are not satellites in space, they channel the narrative to make it a spy balloon.

Antartica Is Another Lie That Shows Our Governments Unity And Ties In With The Flat Earth Concept

Antartica, a place that some say surrounds our world, and is not at the bottom of it. Governments all agree that this is a small land mass at the bottom of the world.

Yet if it is in fact a circle of ice that surrounds us, it also shows they are all working together to hide this from the world.

This lie is tied into the space and extra terrestrial themes, (extra land) and begs the question what is beyond the ice wall.

When looking into flat vs globe, the proof on one side is so great, the quest becomes finding a single piece of proof of the globe theory.

  1. Why can't we see a curve? Based upon the math we are given it should be there.
  2. Why can't we see a real picture of the whole planet?.
  3. Where are all the satellites in those images?
  4. Where are the stars in those images?.
  5. Why does NASA have to fake videos?
  6. Why did we actually not go to the moon?
  7. What really is above us?
  8. What is really below us?
  9. Exactly where are we?
  10. What is on the other side of the ice wall?
  11. Why can't we go find out?

All of these questions answers lead to a simple conclusion. We are not being told the truth when it comes to this subject and that may mean something profound.

The Globe Theory And Fake Space Programs Is The Lie That Binds Them All

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Such as; why does the united nations, WHO etc, have a flat earth map in their logos?

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