France Burns • A Million People Marched Yesterday

France Burns • A Million People Marched Yesterday

Tyler Durden | Zero

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told French media outlet CNews on Friday morning that more than 900 fires were reported in the streets of Paris on Thursday night -- in one of the most violent days of protests in a while.

"There were a lot of demonstrations and some of them turned violent, notably in Paris," Darmanin said. He said more than a million people marched yesterday.

Police warned anarchist groups were infiltrating marches across Paris and other demonstrations. Men wearing hoods and facemasks were seen smashing windows and setting fire to trash piles and, in some cases, burning buildings.


Darmanin said 457 people were arrested last night, and 441 security forces were injured. He praised the police for their brave actions.

Meanwhile, the demonstrations and violence have caused a significant fuel shortage, impacting gas stations nationwide. Other disruptions have been reported due to widespread strikes across many sectors of the economy, such as garbage piling up in the streets of Paris because trash collectors are protesting pension reforms.

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen accused Macron of sparking conditions for a "social explosion."

"Consciously, the government is creating all the conditions for a social explosion, as if they were looking for that," she told AFP.

Le Pen's sentiment was shared with the Wall Street Silver Twitter account, which asked, "is France is on the brink of civil war?"

Recall earlier this week. We penned a note asking if "European Spring" had arrived.

France is so dangerous right now that even King Charles III of Britain postponed his visit.

And let's not forget that massive protests are scheduled for Germany early next week.

This all comes as a banking crisis spreads across the Western world.

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