Fukushima • Over 11 Years After That Catastrophe, A Court In Japan FINALLY Rules On The Disaster

Fukushima • Over 11 Years After That Catastrophe, A Court In Japan FINALLY Rules On The Disaster

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Damn… It has indeed been such a LONG time since I last filed a report on the STILL out of control Nuclear Catastrophe at Fukushima Daichii just north of Tokyo Japan…. And I figure I have some serious catching up to do, and the latest ‘news’ on that disaster…

Well, so many forget that on March 11th, 2011, there was what was claimed to be a ‘tsunami’ that hit the Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) plant at Fukushima Daichii that was claimed to have been caused by a ‘9.0 Earthquake’…. The claim has always been that ‘earthquake’ caused a tsunami wave to hit the power station causing the ’emergency shut down controls’ to go ‘haywire’ and not engage for the nuclear reactors at the facility for proper water flow to enable a full shut down… The result was to see as many as 3 of the ‘boiling water’ reactors at the facility to not engage their safety systems which resulted into 3 of those reactors to do into both partial and FULL BLOWN meltdowns….. That resulted in a cataclysm of high levels of radioactive material to be thrown into the Japanese countryside and the adjacent Pacific Ocean… AND to top this all off, and in spite of the lying whore media claims, those damaged reactors are STILL spewing their deadly radioactive nucleotides right up to this day with no chance anytime in the near future of stopping those emissions!

Now for a ‘reality check’… That long standing claim that the meltdowns at Fukushima was caused by that ‘ earthquake generated tsunami’ is pure and utter BULLSHIT… The reality is that the safety systems would have worked exactly as they were designed to do and would have shut down the reactors properly when that ‘tsunami’ hit…. What really happened at Fukushima was absolutely DIABOLICAL as the cause of the ‘meltdowns’ was the introduction of a ‘virus’ into the safety systems that was developed by both the US and ISRAEL and has been known as ‘STUXNET’…..

What really happened at Fukushima was once the US/Israeli developed STUXNET virus took hold, it gave false indications in the safety systems and prevented the proper usage of valves to control the water flow to the reactors… Once that happened the reactors were doomed and THREE of the reactors melted down with at least 2 ‘blowing’ their material into the atmosphere as they exploded….

The facts are also that ‘Fukushima Daichii’ was NEVER this ‘power station’ as reported.. Granted, it did generate power, but as the reactors were in operation, they were used as ‘FAST BREEDERS’ for the nuclear reaction production of enrichment of PLUTONIUM for nuclear weapons… It is a fact that Fukushima’s massive ‘spent rod’ containment facility also blew sky high when at least 2 of the reactors exploded, and the residue that was thrown into the atmosphere did indeed contain a large amount of PLUTONIUM! The facts remain that ‘normal’ power only nuclear power stations do not produce the large amounts of Plutonium that was found at Fukushima, thus raising the question as to the true nature of the entire facility itself…

OK, That was 11+ years ago, and to this day the ‘damaged reactors’ at Fukushima STILL have not been contained as the radiation levels on site are STILL too high for both humans and even robots to work on for containment… Thus for the last 11+ years, the best that TEPCO has been able to do is to continuously douse the facility with a continuous flow of water just to contain the radiation and nucleotides on site…

The residue from that constant water spraying at Fukushima has been claimed for years to be ‘contained’ in a massive amount of storage bags on site… But this is pure BULLSHIT as well, as there is NO WAY IN HELL that TEPCO could possibly store all of that reside for the last 11 years in these ‘bags’ on site… The reality is that TEPCO has had NO choice from the start but to dump all of that radioactive water residue directly into the adjacent Pacific Ocean….

Yes, the facts are that Fukushima has been spewing its residue directly into the North Pacific Ocean for the last 11+ years, which has resulted in high levels of radiation in any fish and wildlife across the entire northern Pacific as far as the west coast of North America….. And people that have continued to eat any fish that comes from that region are eating the nucleotide contamination and putting that crap into their bodies!

The real sad part about Fukushima has been the DEAD SILENCE from the LYING WHORE MEDIA outlets that have tried to claim that ‘all is well’ and that this disaster is now ‘under control’… But again this is pure bunk for there is still NO TECHNOLOGY available even today and possibly for the foreseeable future to solve this ongoing disaster… Therefore rather than tell the people around the world the truth that this is still ongoing to this day, the lying whores in the ‘media’ just pretend it is a non-issue and do not talk about it…

But finally, I have some ‘news’ about this disaster, and it pertains to the fact that courts have been battling for years to determine who is responsible for this disaster and what should be paid out to the victims of this horrific situation as well… And that news comes courtesy of Russia Today at http://www.rt.com where apparently a court has now ruled on the Fukushima Disaster and has demanded nearly 100 BILLION dollars in reparation to the victims… Here is the link to that article here:


NTS Notes: Yes, this may be ‘good news’ but it is way too late for those who came down with CANCER or have died due to the radiation from that failed facility….

And honestly, this is just a payout to one of the operating companies involved… I am still waiting to see what will be paid to the victims and their families that have suffered tremendously since this disaster started over 11 years ago? We shall soon see, and I will report what happens here at this blog in a future update..

Now for a reality check about Fukushima… As I said, that was not a ‘normal’ nuclear power station as it was indeed being used to “breed” Plutonium for usage in nuclear weapons… And that leads to the other key point that I will repeat here (I wrote 3 articles about this at my old site at. “Blogger” with facts and interesting details) in that Japan has been clandestinely developing their own nuclear weapons stockpile with the blessing of the US government for decades now, and have indeed obtained their weapons grade Plutonium from facilities such as Fukushima for this operation…. Someone in fact asked me my estimate as to Japan’s nuclear weapons stockpile, and I will say at least 50-100 over the last few decades alone…

The prime reason why I am stating that Fukushima was indeed a fast breeder facility is that THIS is the only logical explanation for the large amounts of highly toxic Plutonium that was found in the nucleotides residue that blew sky high on March 11th, 2011 and found in both the adjacent Japanese countryside and the Pacific Ocean…. If anyone else has a real rational explanation, I am all ears…

The bottom line is this; We are still being lied to about Fukushima to this very day and the facts remain that this disaster is still ongoing and still basically out of control.

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