Full-blooded Psychopaths: Engineered Global Genocide in the Guise of a Global Pandemic

Full-blooded Psychopaths: Engineered Global Genocide in the Guise of a Global Pandemic

Global Research  /  Dr. Emanuel Garcia

How may one describe the nature of those psychopaths who have deviously and with supreme cleverness engineered a global genocide in the guise of a global pandemic, and who have so befuddled and seduced the masses that their acts of evil have been welcomed as acts of greater good?

How many more people will have to die from an unnecessary inoculation? How many more people will come down with the illness which this inoculation was supposed to prevent?

How many more people will sacrifice their precious and unalienable rights under the illusion of saving their skins?

How many more people will follow the Siren song of convenience into the lair of Total Surveillance?

How many more people will be convinced that online ‘meetings’ are just as good as gathering in the flesh?

How many more doctors who have dared to criticize the Covidians will have their licences taken away by corrupt medical boards under the aegis of a shadowy private entity in the pay of Big Pharma? How many more people will lose their jobs, how many more will have bank accounts frozen if they chirp up against those who are taking away their livelihoods?

And so it goes, on and on.

Just this week I learned about a fifteen year-old girl who had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor – these things happen of course from time to time.

And last weekend I saw two young kayakers in Wellington harbour pulled from a race by medics for reasons unknown but which looked to my eye as exertional, which is a bit unusual perhaps in gung-ho outdoorsy New Zealand.  I am certain all three people had been jabbed. My local dentist tells me that he has run out of sympathy cards for family members of patients in his practice who have died over the past six months.

These are, however, anecdotal asides.

There is plenty of real hard honest-to-goodness evidence that people are dying in greater numbers overall,  that the adverse event rate for the Covid inoculation has surpassed all vaccines in history, that ordinary people are poorer and less free while a globalist faction enriches itself beyond imagination. Waiting in the wings are a phoney Climate Crisis and an ‘even more lethal’ pandemic to be used as pretexts for the efficient and virtually total enslavement of the masses.

What kind of people would do this? Are the powerbrokers bloodless keyboard apparatchiks motivated by abstract transhumanist dreams of immortality, or are they full-blooded psychopaths who lust for the pleasures of murder and who thirst to transgress the greatest taboos?

Criminals, psychopaths, mass-murderers – they have punctuated human history throughout.

But I believe that the development of digital technology has created a hybrid monster. Digitization creates distance, it removes one from personal interaction, it allows wide-scale measures to be set into action with an ever greater ease of detachment. At the same time those who appropriate these digital measures in their quest for omnipotence and immortality are also driven by passions, and the union of sexual and destructive drives becomes an elixir that is nonpareil.

This may perhaps make it easier to understand how a Bill Gates or an Anthony Fauci or a Klaus Schwab (and those behind them) may be convulsed with the desire to thrust a phallic needle into the body of every human being on Earth. Make no mistake, they are full-blooded psychopaths, even if their blood runs cold or hot as the occasion demands.

And against such psychopathy there is only one path: not to let the fear of death trump all.

Without freedom everything we regard as quintessentially valuable in human life will be lost. Physical death is a blessing to a human being who has been enslaved to the point where all but the most basic needs of survival are met.  These past three years, consumed as they have been by all things Covid, have laid bare the best and worst of us, and have thrown into starkest relief the crux upon which our battle for the future rests.

Laboring under the perceived shadow of death, billions allowed themselves to be locked down and away;

billions allowed their critical faculties to dissolve and forget everything once accepted as rational about the nature of illness;

billions allowed themselves to forego every sensible precaution about a novel medical intervention – the so-called vaccine – for the promise of protection; and, perhaps most ominously, these billions participated in the imposition of an apartheid system that separated human beings by inoculation status.

It is high time for us to recognize that only when we are unafraid will we be victorious.

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