Gain Of Function Virus Research AKA Killer Vaccine Development

Gain Of Function Virus Research AKA Killer Vaccine  Development

Dylan Eleven •

The gain of function research done was the development of various concoctions of killer vaccines. The idea being that not all vaccines will kill in the same way, in the same time frame. They needed to come up with various forms of vaccine that will kill some with cancer, some right away, some with blood clots, and so on.

That research and development of gain of function killer vaccines took time.

They did not come up with a quick magical solution to a fake virus, they took time and research to build these bioweapon injections. Not a bioweapon virus.

Then they foisted a fake pandemic by renaming the flu symptoms, chemical poisoning from chemtrails and the food supply, radiation poisoning from 5G, plus any other death, including car accidents or falling out of a plane; Covid-19.

There are bio-weapons and radiation weapons being used against us.

• The bioweapon covid vaccines

• The bioweapon flu vaccines

• Bioweapon vaccines in our food supply

• Graphene oxide introduced via the vaccines, chemtrails, water and food supply

• Wireless radiation

• Chemtrail poisoning

• Food and water supply poisoning

But no bioweapon virus called Covid-19

They did not spend time developing a gain of function virus that looks exactly like the flu and that coincidently replaced the flu numbers. There was no virus.

They spent time developing a series of highly destructive bioweapon injections.

Injections that destroy the human immune system, causing AIDS like symptoms they are now calling VAIDS.

Injections that have nano technology that can create structures, build bluetooth antenna arrays, that can beam a bluetooth signal out of the vaccinated, and that can enter the blood brain barrier and control or kill humans at will.

Injections that can cause large rubbery blood clots.

The list of destructive results of the vaccines goes on and on and on, for 9 pages.

It took time to develop these nano technologies and bio weaponry.

They did not come up with these vaccines quickly.

The gain of function story and covid virus lab leak lie are trying to cover up the research put into the actual bioweapon, the covid injections.

If you called them gain of function injections, it would be descriptive of both the actual research done, and the effects we are witnessing caused by the covid vaccines.

No proof exists of a gain of function virus called Covid-19. No sample isolated anywhere on the planet.

But there is plenty of proof of a bioweapon vaccine that has killed and will kill most of the population on earth.

A weapon of such diversity, destructive power, and technological trans-human advancement; must have taken time to develop.

More time than that publicly stated.