Genetically Modified Humans Via Covid mRNA Injections

Genetically Modified Humans Via Covid mRNA Injections

How are GENETICALLY MODIFIED HUMANS and everyone who got Covid mRNA injections similar to DNA-mutated crops like GM corn and GM soy? 

S.D. Wells

Most genetically modified crops contain toxins from a different plant or from an insect that kills other insects that eat those crops. For example, by inserting the Bt gene (Bacillus thuringiensis) into the DNA of the corn plant, scientists gave the popular vegetable an insect resistance trait.

In other words, that type of corn from those types of seeds all produce "protein" toxins inside them that kill bugs by dissolving their insides, that also makes those bugs infertile. The corn borers (caterpillars), wireworms and rootworms are exterminated because the DNA of the corn is modified, mutated and produces just enough poison to destroy them. More than 94 percent of all American corn and soy is GMO, meaning these ever-popular American staple crops now produce pesticides from the inside-out, so think about the humans that eat them. That brings us to the mRNA "vaccines."

mRNA means injected humans are now genetically modified to produce "protein" toxins that their own body tries to destroy

Ever heard the term auto-immune disorder? If not, you will very soon, and quite often. It starts with even the healthiest people, who got brainwashed by the Pharma cartel into getting the toxic "forever" jab, where human cells are tricked into producing virus-mimicking "protein" prions, that are produced indefinitely (counter to medical narratives) and spread throughout the body. This signals the human immune system that every organ is under attack by foreign invaders, and the immune system is taxed, hyper-activated constantly, and the heart and CNS start breaking down too.

Just like GM corn and GM soy, the Covid-jab-injected human's DNA system is now a toxic protein creating factory, but instead of killing insects and worms, the human body is destroying itself. In other words, the "pest" is itself, and the immune system identifies it this way. Still wondering why the Covid-vaxxed masses keep dropping like flies, from unexplainable heart attacks, spontaneous abortions and stroke-inducing fibrous vascular clots?

These mRNA-injected humans are now walking bio-weapons factories, and their doctors are never allowed to discuss it. The medical industry has every employee parroting and regurgitating all the false-narratives (disinformation) about how the mRNA remains at the site of injection, and how it only produces spike proteins for a few months. Lies. Does the genetically modified corn and soy only produce worm-exterminating proteins for a few weeks? This deserves careful consideration.

Do not ever let Big Pharma genetically modify you. There are more mRNA jabs being developed right now, being created to control the populace, eliminate the undesirables (everyone but the elitists and their slaves), and turn the Republic into a third-world hell-hole.

More mRNA coming to further infect 270 million Americans with "protein" toxins that invade every organ, including the heart and brain

Next is the experimental Bird Flu mRNA gene-mutating injection called a "vaccine." It's dirty, untested on humans and will further destroy human genetic coding to involve human cells creating toxic viral particles (spike proteins or prions) that instruct the immune system to attack wherever they lodge, throughout the body and brain. These microscopic nanoparticles are also able to congeal, clog the blood and cling to the walls of blood vessels, organs and the fetus. It's already stockpiled and ready to go, even though the bird-flu has yet to be proven to have "gain-of-function" capability [or even exist] (meaning it can be spread from animal to human and human to human).


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