Getting Paid, Kicking Ass, + Switching Sides

Getting Paid, Kicking Ass, + Switching Sides

Dylan Eleven •

To anyone fighting for something, or some country, cause, ideology, religion, or belief. Wether you are a strong believer in one political party, or religion over another. If you believe that Nazism is the way to go, or Christianity, or Democracy or Anarchy, or Communism, whoever, whatever you are fighting for, to all warriors and civilians who fight for something. Whatever your fight, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Is your fight the most important fight in the world?
  2. Why are you really fighting/doing your job?
  3. Would you switch fights/jobs for a pay increase and upgrade in importance of your fighting efforts?.

Question 1. asks if your fight is the most important fight.

I know your fight may be very important, you are fighting for rights for your group, acknowledgement for your beliefs and other very important reasons.

But if you were to answer the question specifically about the most important fight in the world.  Is your fight the most important or is there a cause that would be considered the most important fight to be fought in the world.

When it comes down to it, the most important fight in the world is the safety of yourself and your loved ones and other peoples selves and loved ones.

All other causes, flags, countries, sexual preference, wars, ideologies are really secondary to our lives and other peoples lives.

A few genocidal psychopaths, the so called "elite" scum have declared themselves the enemy of humanity and a direct threat the number one most important cause in the world, the health of our own lives and that of our families and yours.

With a genocidal plot and deadly injection, they have attacked all of us, police, army, and civilians of all races alike.

There is a common enemy that we all face.

This is the most important fight.

Question 2. asks why are you really doing your job.

To the good soldier, and the paid mercenary,  the mainstream media journalist whores and the independent truth media, the good cop and the bad, the politician snake and the caring citizen that wants to make change.  To you all; what is the bottom line motivation for your efforts?

If your efforts and motivation are positive for humanity; great, keep doing what you are doing!

But if your efforts are not positive for humanity, and it is a matter of simply getting paid and kicking ass.   Or getting paid by telling lies to deceive your fellow humans.  Or if it is to pay your mortgage, despite having to beat innocent civilians protesting for freedom.  Or if it is putting thousands of needles in peoples arms knowingly killing them, in order to get that new BMW?  Then ask yourself question 3.

Question 3.  asks would you switch jobs, if you could still get paid and kick ass, but get an upgrade in morality or positive effectiveness of your efforts?.

The very simple reality is that the majority of evil in the world, the wars, and vaccine genocide, planned economic destruction, censorship, control grids and food supply controls, are all present in our reality because some people are choosing to do their evil job.

Some choose to do their job furthering evil against humanity for the pay and or the kicks and some feel trapped in their current course of action by things like blackmail.

In order to save the world from a pathetic, psychotic, few that have committed genocide and who will start further wars to cover their genocide.  We need to recruit these people with an incentive to help save humanity, so they don't stand in opposition of our efforts but in support of them.

Could it be as easy to crowd fund our own police and army, education systems, hospitals, and media companies?

Could it be as easy to collectively pay for a new job listing that would attract everyone to switch jobs, in favour of a pay increase and for a job they could actually deep down feel proud of doing.

Job Title: Co saviour of the human race.

Employer: A grateful human race. Organized and crowdfunded.

Job Description: Work to bring the 1% corrupt few that have performed vaccine genocide to justice and stop them in their tracks in all areas of their operations.

Salary: Huge pay increase.

The reality is the 1% hire the 5% to control the 95%, but the 1% get 99% of the money and riches and the rest are just low pay bitches.

Instead help get rid of the 1% that want to kill us all and become wealthy beyond your current situation with the respect and thanks of the human race.

And for those who are doing what they do because they are being blackmailed into compliance.  In order to move past this control system, we must establish a way to allow these people to be freed from their blackmail, with their new actions of taking out the cabal.

We can crowd fund our own army, police, judges and courts and free society forever.

Armed with the truth, we need to stand united so the truth can set us all free forever.

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