Globalist US Government is Murdering Americans

Globalist US Government is Murdering Americans

Henry Makow

Seven killed, 47 injured when deep state shooter opens fire on Independence Day parade in Highland Park north of Chicago

When the Masonic Jewish-subverted US Government (re. Deep State) isn't poisoning Americans with toxic vaccines for fake pandemics, or plundering the treasury to finance their relatives in Ukraine, they just go out and shoot Americans.

There were 35 mass shooting victims in the four years of Trump. There have been 700 since Biden took office, proof they are engineered by the government.

NWO Globalist Cabal Now GoingAfter Holidays Celebrated by American Patriots

State of the Nation writes:

"This state-sponsored mass shooting was executed specifically to provide a justification to forever outlaw automatic and semi-automatic rifles in America.  That's why they selected an obviously mentally ill, emotionally disturbed, drug-addled, 21-year-old white man with an established history of preoccupation with violence and mayhem.  In fact, everything points to the great likelihood that Robert E. Crimo III was a product of the CIA's MK-ULTRA Monarch Mind Control program
The NWO criminal cabal is hellbent on terrorizing the American people using the same OPERATION GLADIO-style mass casualty events (MCE) that were used across Europe to coerce national governments and manufacture the popular consent necessary for the formation of the European Union. Even a cursory consideration of all the MCEs conducted by the U.S. Intelligence Community, U.S. Armed Forces, local law enforcement agencies and NATO's Operation Gladio throughout the USA over the past 60 years indicates that the US citizenry has been under withering attack. Each and every one of those massacres, both real and fake, has been carried out in collusion with the CIA's Mockingbird Media and each respective administration which controlled the U.S. Federal Government. In other words, both the Democrat Party and Republican Party (aka the Uniparty) are deeply involved in this never-ending campaign to the destroy American Republic."


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