Globalist World Economic Forum Calls for Governments To Impose Authoritarian Measures Against Critics

Globalist World Economic Forum Calls for Governments To Impose Authoritarian Measures Against Critics | Richard Brown

The globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) has issued a call for governments worldwide, alongside technology giants, to impose authoritarian measures against its critics.

According to the unelected WEF, its call for Big Tech and Big Government to collaborate against skeptics only strives to address what it calls "disinformation." In reality, however, the globalist group ultimately seeks to eradicate dissenting opinions.

In a statement, the group founded by German globalist Klaus Schwab warned that disinformation poses a threat to the world's ecosystem. It urged "experts" to elucidate to world leaders and bureaucrats how to restrain opposition to the globalist agenda. The WEF ultimately asserted that global governments, media outlets, tech giants, and civil society must intensify their endeavors in the so-called "anti-disinformation" crusade.

According to the WEF, the purported "disinfo" surge can be attributed to digital technology and a "fragmented media ecosystem." This "disinformation," it added, is solely responsible for the public's declining trust in corporate media, governments, Big Tech and globalist institutions. Fearmongering about artificial intelligence (AI) features prominently in the WEF's narrative on its website to advance its agenda.

To combat this perceived issue and restore trust in corporate media, the WEF is advocating for a society-wide "war on misinformation." The WEF calls for powerful forces in society to unite and establish "a multi-layered defense against the spread of disinformation."

The organization and its globalist allies appear resolutely focused on eradicating both "disinformation" and "misinformation,"without acknowledging information that is demonstrably true or false. Curiously, while sounding the alarm about the supposed "threat" of "disinformation," the WEF does not address instances of verifiably false information.

Globalist WEF lauds EU's DRACONIAN censorship law

The WEF applauded the European Union (EU) and its stringent EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) in a post on its website. Notably, some facets of the DSA, conceived by unelected Eurocrats, have earned it the moniker of the "censorship law."

"Efforts to combat disinformation are underway. The EU, for instance, recently adopted the DSA – which takes aim at harmful content online. [It also] includes comprehensive AI regulations covering areas like transparency, the use of AI in public spaces and high-risk systems," the post stated.

It also mentioned a separate endeavor by the WEF dubbed the Global Coalition for Digital Safety (GCDS), which is "actively confronting the challenge of disinformation." The GCDS reportedly accomplishes this mission by exploring the role of media literacy and fostering a whole-of-society approach to countering [disinfo] proliferation." Despite this, the WEF is now pressing for responses from other nations that have yet to enact analogous authoritarian measures.

During a panel at the WEF's recent Davos meeting titled "Defending the Truth," European Union bureaucrats and mainstream media bigwigs were presented as "truth experts." But the panel made no defense of the truth, instead turning into a mouthpiece where corporate media echoed globalist talking points.

"Trust is our most valuable asset and the minute we let go of that, our business models will fall apart," remarked panelist and Wall Street Journal Editor-in-Chief Emma Tucker. "That also means we have to correct our mistakes. We have to be honest when we make mistakes.”

"We need to help the public be more media literate as to the value and importance of [highly-censored and maligned] independent journalism," fellow panelist and New York TimesPresident and CEO Meredith Kopit Levien ironically said. "People find it very hard for many reasons to distinguish what it is and is not."

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