Graphene Oxide In Commercial Applications For Water Filtration Systems + Food And Beverage Processing

Graphene Oxide In Commercial Applications For Water Filtration Systems + Food And Beverage Processing

Dylan Eleven •

Graphene oxide is being used in many places, despite, (or more likely) because of its toxicity to humans.

They are putting graphene oxide directly into vitamins, allergy medicines, cereals, drinks and sparkling water.    We have posted many videos showing people using a magnet to separate this substance hidden within products we consume.

They will/are injecting graphene oxide in mRNA injections for live stock to be passed onto us via our food supply.

And obviously they have injected it right into the body via the Covid bioweapon "vaccine" and potentially other injections from insulin to dental applications.

If they approve this toxic substance to be directly injected into people; what hope do we have for safety regulations to be put in effect for this substance being used in thousands of other ways?.

Depopulation is the agenda and Graphene oxide is the new gold rush.  Companies are getting grants to put it in everything.  

The company EVOVE has received grants to put graphene oxide coating directly onto water filtration systems and food processing filters.

The question is:  How much of that graphene oxide coating, comes off into the water supply and food supply?

If drinking from certain types of containers contaminates the water with either a beneficial or non beneficial substance; copper for example is supposed to have health benefits if you drink from it.  Plastics leach into the water bottles and provide the opposite effect. Lead pipes can get into the water etc.  = ‌‌‌‌So if our food and water is being filtered through a graphene oxide coated filter, how much graphene oxide will come off into the water and food we consume?

For those of us who chose not to get the clot shot, they want to get graphene oxide in us some how.  The air via chemtrails, the food supply through vaccination and now water filtration and in food processing.

There is a drive to get graphene oxide in everyone, due to its toxicity and its ability to form circuitry, and to physically move inside the body when activated by wireless radiation.  Part of the depopulation and transhumanist agendas.

Thats why they call it the "wonder" material.

The transhuman movements goal is to get all of us accessible on the internet so we can be located, mentally controlled or remotely killed.

There are chelation therapies that we have reported on that can remove the graphene.

Graphene oxide detox may become a priority for us all, not just the vaccinated.

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