Graphene Everywhere • Traitors Everywhere • The Promotion of Graphene

Graphene Everywhere • Traitors Everywhere • The Promotion of Graphene

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On 25 April 2023, four different vials were examined in Gibraltar by a local dentist and scientist. When they observed the graphene-signature threads and images under the microscope, they both said, “This is insane.”

These microscopic photo images have been shared with The Gibraltar Messenger. They will also be shared with Spanish biostatistician Ricardo Delgado.

It was Ricardo Delgado, founder of La Quinta Columna, who first brought our attention to graphene-oxide being added to lidocaine, a dental injectable anestheticSuspected presence of Graphene Oxide in injectable Lidocaine. Here is a short clip of the images in Delgado’s October 2021 presentation.

Detection of graphene in injectable lidocaine B. Braum

Gibraltar Images:

These photos are from the four different vials, of which two were obtained locally and two were from Scotland. The conclusion is all four contained these graphene-signature images.

Several people involved in this examination suspect graphene-oxide is being added to nasal sprays, asthma inhalers, contact lens fluid and more.

They are not the only ones. Besides being the first to disclose that graphene oxide was in the Covid-19 injections, Ricardo Delgado also found them in face masks and PCR testing swabs. La Quinta Columna’s Odysee channel also features videos of other products graphene-oxide has been found in, like the flu vax. And according to this video, over the past couple of years, graphene is being found in numerous products, not just dental analgesics.

Warning Dentist intramuscular analgesics are administering graphene-oxide.

The Promotion of Graphene:

Given all the research into incorporating graphene into the medical and pharmaceutical industry – something they call “bioelectronic medicine and bioelectric medicine” of which graphene-oxide plays an integral part – are we really surprised it’s now a reality?

A Promotional video from 2017 – Graphene Applications – Biomedical Technologies (2.5 min):

It all starts with research

While we aren’t going to get into the massive amount of research associated with bioelectronic medicine and graphene, we’ll offer three study examples to make a point:
1 – Role of graphene in biomedical applications
2 – Graphene-based nanomaterials for drug delivery and tissue engineering
3 – Applications of Graphene in Medicine

And we can go one step further by offering three examples of studies SPECIFICALLY focused on graphene being used with lidocaine (and other anesthetics):

1 – Understanding interactions between graphene and local anesthetic molecules applied in dentistry – Towards the prolonged effects of local anesthesia – Recent findings have shown that the controlled release of anesthetic molecules via adsorption by nanomaterials is a promising approach to prolonging the effects of local anesthesia. In this work, we have addressed the interactions between graphene and the best-known dental anesthetic molecules: novocaine, lidocaine, and articaine, intending to contribute to developing drug-carrier agents suitable for pain management.

2 – Lidocaine-loaded reduced graphene oxide hydrogel for prolongation of effects of local anesthesia: In vitro and in vivo analyses – In this study, a lidocaine-loaded Pluronic® F68-reduced graphene oxide hydrogel was developed to achieve sustained release of lidocaine.

3 – Printed graphene-based electrochemical sensor with integrated paper microfluidics for rapid lidocaine detection in blood – This work presents a novel approach for rapid lidocaine detection in real human biofluids using an integrated printed electrochemical sensor with paper-based microfluidics. The electrochemical sensor was fabricated based on simple printed graphene and a rapid non-destructive NIR curing technique.

Do you actually think all this research is being done for just grins or for real-world applications?

Graphene will change everything

Another promotional video (6-min). T.H.E.Y. have plans within plans.

The Miracle Material: Graphene

Given this push to introduce graphene as some sort of miracle interface, it’s plausible they would have already added it to their products – with many people being none the wiser that the goal is really to saturate the environment, products, and our bodies with it. By saturate, we mean poison. And by saturate and poison, we mean control. And by control, we mean transhumanism.

Sink your teeth into this real-world removal of G-O:

La Quinta Columna also shared a video worldwide of a dentist removing, or greatly reducing, the graphene-oxide from a vial before injecting it into his client. After warming up the vial in a Bain Marie warmer (a water bath), he used the law of density and a magnet to draw the graphene-oxide to the top of the vial; then turns the vial upside down and with the magnet draws the graphene-oxide to the bottom of the vial. His goal was to lower it as much as possible so that what he gives his client is the minimal amount possible. He then injects her with only 25 percent of the vial solution.

Graphene-Oxide Warnings:

Ricardo Delgado has been warning about the dangers of graphene oxide, its connection to the covid jab, 5G, and what T.H.E.Y. have planned.

The Gibraltar Messenger highly recommends everyone watching this interview with Delgado’s warning – What Graphene-Oxide and Nano-technology have to do with 5G (English-dubbed): He says, “It’s dynamite.”:

Here’s another shorter video of Delgado giving a similar message:10-minute English-dubbed video. The transcript is available here.

Dr. Vernan Coleman even sounds an alarm about local anaesthetics – Anaesthetics: Why YOU Are in Great Danger. “They want to replace traditional anaesthetics with what they call `sustainable anaesthetics’ and the favourite seems to be sevoflurane”, he says. “It can’t be given to patients who have heart disease, heart arrhythmias, kidney disease, lung disease or liver disease or a pile of other problems.” The alternative is local anaesthetic or intravenous injection of a drug such as midazolam – part of the infamous kill shot already used to murder countless thousands of older folk. (And there’s a study for sevoflurane with graphene).

Graphene Everywhere – Traitors Everywhere:

The Brownstone Institute: “The Health Risks of Graphene” – During the pandemic a widespread use of nanoparticles has been employed for diagnostics, personal protection equipment, prevention, and treatments of diseases. The use of nanoparticles in biomedicine is expected to increase further due to a desire for real-time human health monitoring as seamless human/machine interaction. The hype of graphene-derived products has led to a fast track from product to market release while reliable and reproducible data on cytotoxic and genotoxic effects are still missing. Many politicians and public health experts promote the introduction of technology in healthcare as a major instrument to manage the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. The policy would transfer from a focus on disease to prevention which has led to the idea of a Good Health Pass that could be linked to an ID card and vaccination passport.

Our governments, our politicians, our health officials, our universities have all bought into this on-going scheme to enslave humanity. The Brownstone Institute’s article points to the Graphene Flagship, which is funded by the 4th Reich (EU), “with a budget of one billion Euros for a period of ten years with 170 academics and industrial partners from 22 countries involved, now owning many graphene products in pipeline.”

Transhumanism is an integral part of the Graphene Flagship. They’ve road-mapped it out; and are basically in Lockstep with the globalists domination plan.

“The European Commission’s FET Flagships enable research projects on an unprecedented scale. With €1 billion budgets, the Graphene Flagship, Human Brain Project and Quantum Flagship serve as technology accelerators, helping Europe to compete with other global markets in research and innovation. With an additional €20 million investment, the European Commission has now funded the creation of an experimental pilot line for graphene-based electronics, optoelectronics and sensors” – Graphene Flagship.

Their plans are highly touted in their own publications. See issues of their Graphene Magazine or glance at these images from the magazine, because a picture is worth a thousand words:

From their OWN WORDS (from the Covid19 taskforce article) – “The group’s ultimate objective is to fully EXPLOIT the potential of graphene and related materials in order to contribute to the global front against this unprecedented societal challenge.” We can read between the lines: T.H.E.Y.are marshaling in a huge shift in how they plan to rule the world.

Look at the University of Manchester’s Graphene Page. This is how they describe graphene for biomedics: Graphene’s unique properties allow for ground-breaking biomedical applications. Targeted drug delivery; IMPROVED BRAIN PENETRATION; DIY health-testing kits and ‘smart’ implants.

See also – The rise of bioelectric medicine sparks interest among researchers, patients, and industry


“The aim is to eliminate a large part of the population and use the behavioral modulation properties of graphene-oxide in the field of neuroscience and artificial intelligence, for the remaining population,” said Delgado. This quote leads to La Quinta Columna’s Latest Campaign – HUMANIA:

HUMANIA: Help us to let the world know.

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