Graphene Oxide + 4G/5G Radiation = Blood Clotting • Dr Robert Young

Graphene Oxide + 4G/5G Radiation = Blood Clotting • Dr Robert Young

(Partial video transcript, slightly edited)

Dr Robert Young

Graphene is a biosensor, which means it can receive and transmit. So there is no shedding here.  When someone becomes poisoned with graphene, they become a human cell tower. And they are receiving radiation and emitting radiation which affects (them and) everyone else around them.

Radiation poisoning in combination with graphene oxide, causes cellular disruption, disorganization, and death.  And the waste products of that, lower the PH to the point where the body has to activate.  And its called the clotting cascade.  And the clotting cascade that is taking place is to try to prevent internal bleeding from the damage of this declining PH caused by the radiation amplified by the graphene oxide.

So simply when we understand that the Flu is not a disease, and its not viral centred.  The flu is a symptom of detoxification of increasing body temperature to remove acidic waste products in order to maintain the alkaline design of the human body field, the bio field.  If it doesn’t then you die.

And this is what’s happening to people, their cells are breaking down, because they’ve been impregnated with graphene oxide.  Graphene oxide has been put in air, in the food, in the water, and now making things even worse it is injected.

And then when radiation is present there, it amplifies this thing, which then leads to cell membrane deterioration, what is called the corona effect.  Then a higher valiance of that is called the spike protein effect.

So red blood cells should be swimming in their own fluid.  That is called vascular fluid.  And the red blood cells should be even in colour, even in shape, even in size.  See how nice these red blood cells look?

Now look what happens when they are exposed to graphene oxide and radiation.  This is a reduced graphene oxide cluster.  I call it a cluster bomb.  And look what the blood is doing around it.  It is clotting.  That is what this does.

Reduced graphene oxide in combination with 4G and 5G, pulsating at 2.4GHZ and up, causes cells to reverse there polarity, start clotting together and they are attracted to this graphene so they form clots.

Now if you know a little about the pulmonary system, red blood cells have to go in single file to get to the lungs to drop off their waste products.   Lactic acid, carbon dioxide whatever it is, and they have to go in single file.  They can’t go in to drop of and pick up oxygen if they are all clotted together, this is what causes oxygen deprivation.

These (image below) are red blood cells, now look at them:

They are giant red blood cells that have crystallized by the fact they have been crystallized with chemical and radiation poisoning.  And off to the left here is ((ferric)?) dioxide, so these are the cells, and you can see all the graphene oxide around this.  Its looks like a war zone, and this is why people are getting sick.

And it can be a delayed reaction depending on what they are eating, what they are drinking,  what they are breathing, you can be exposed by aerosol, on the PCR test swabs, you can drink it in the water. In common brands.

End of partial transcript.

The video continues but I wanted to give a written version of Dr Robert Youngs excellent explanation of what is happening to the blood due to graphene and radiation.

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