Hazardous to Health Masking

Hazardous to Health Masking

Stephen Lendman

Face masks are porous, don’t protect and risk respiratory harm from extended use.

Mandating their use in hospitals aims to harm health on the phony pretext of protection not gotten.

Most Americans, others in the West and elsewhere are easy marks to brainwash by the power of MSM-proliferated repetition of the fabricated official narrative.

In his book, titled “Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good,” Dr. Vernon Coleman provided extensive peer-reviewed evidence of harm to health from masking — based on indisputable science.

Requiring children to wear masks stunts their speech, their ability to learn and other development.

Coleman minced no words stressing that anyone insisting that children wear masks “should be locked up for child abuse.”

In June, co-founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, Dr. Simone Gold, said the following:

“People are still not aware that wearing face masks do not protect them from viruses and are actually harmful,” citing the following study:

“The Foegen Effect: A Mechanism by Which Facemasks Contribute to the (Flu/Covid) Fatality Rate,” saying:

Study results show that “mask mandates actually caused about 1.5 times the number of deaths or approximately 50 percent more deaths compared to no mask mandates.”

A separate study, titled “Correlation Between Mask Compliance and (flu/covid) Outcomes in Europe” found a significant relationship between mask usage and death.

And another study last March found evidence of microplastic fibers from face masks lodged in human lungs — at times requiring thoracic surgery.

Last December, epidemiologist Paul Alexander PhD cited over 150 studies and articles on harm to health from masking, saying the following:

“It is not unreasonable to conclude that surgical and cloth masks, used as they currently are being used (without other forms of PPE protection), have no impact on controlling the transmission of” flu/covid.

“Current evidence implies that face masks can be actually harmful.”

“The body of evidence indicates that face masks are largely ineffective.”

Based on science, not politics, evidence shows that “masks do not work to control the virus and they can be harmful…especially to children.”

“Face masks should not be worn by healthy individuals to protect themselves from acquiring respiratory infection because there is no evidence to suggest that face masks worn by healthy individuals are effective in preventing people from becoming ill.”

On Tuesday, Joseph Mercola explained that “masks make you sick instead of protecting you.”

Citing CDC data, no evidence suggests that masking protects against contraction of flu/covid.

Yet they’ve been recommended or mandated in US/Western countries despite no evidence of their efficacy.

More recent research showed not only that masks don’t protect, they “may actually make you sick,” Mercola explained.

“Similarly dismal results from mask mandates were demonstrated in Europe.”

Data from 35 European countries “revealed that widespread use of masks did not reduce (flu/covid) transmission.”

“Worse, a moderate positive correlation was found between mask usage and deaths in Western Europe.”

Mask mandates in schools impede learning and development of communication skills.

Other harm to health and well-being from masks include:

“Increase in headaches and sweating.

Decreased cognitive precision.

Increased medical errors.

Interference with social learning in children.

Obscured nonverbal communication.

Distorted verbal speech.

Removal of visual cues, which is detrimental to people with hearing loss.”

Despite no evidence of health protection from masking, their use continues to be pushed.

On Tuesday, the NYT defied science by falsely claiming that masking reduces flu/covid transmission (sic).

The Pharma-controlled CDC and NYC continue to push their use “whenever indoors in a public setting, as well as in crowded outdoor settings (sic),” the Times reported.

According to CUNY Graduate School of Public Health epidemiologist, David Nash:

“There needs to be a lot more masking (sic), and a lot more higher quality masking (sic).”

“In grocery stores, and other public places, it should be the norm (sic)” — citing no evidence of efficacy because there is none, just the opposite Nash and countless others like him consistently ignore.

The Big Lie about a pandemic persists, what hasn’t existed earlier or now except among jabbed individuals.

They comprise the vast majority of reported flu/covid outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths.

Unjabbed, unmasked individuals are profoundly safer than the other way around.

What should be stressed with protecting and preserving health in mind is suppressed.

What’s recommended or mandated is with irreparably harming health in mind.

Yet New York state’s chief of infectious diseases, Dr. Bruce Farber, at Northwell Health, NY’s largest health system, falsely called waning public interest in jabs, masks and all else flu/covid related “very disappointing (and) foolish (sic).”

Reality is the other way around.

Will the Times and other MSM ever set the record straight on all things flu/covid — what I call the mother of all state-sponsored scams with destruction of public health and elimination of unwanted segments of societies worldwide in mind?

It’s no more likely than balmy weather throughout frigid Chicago winters.

A Final Comment

The Pharma-connected WHO is hostile to public health instead of the other way around.

Last week, its director, Tedros Ghebreyesus, pushed the myth of hazardous — more scariant than variant — omicron subvariants.

At the same time, he expressed support for perpetual mass-jabbing with destroying public health in mind — along with mandated masking and PCR tests that when positive are nearly always false, for the same diabolical aim.

Calling for ruling regimes to mandate kill shots is all about support for depopulation from toxins they contain.

By fall, will the worst of what happened in 2022 be repeated.

Perhaps so if Ghebreyesus and others like him get their way.

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