Homeschooling as a Safe Haven

Homeschooling as a Safe Haven

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Teachers are being caught molesting students, working in pornography in their free time, and even allowing young girls to pose topless in sexual positions for art projects. These incidents are growing. Child sex changes are being normalized, and sexuality is being pushed onto children even in preschool.

No longer can parents brush these incidents off as isolated. Children are being sexualized more and more at younger and younger agesand it’s gotten to the point that parents who wish to protect their children’s innocence must stand up and take control. While politicians and the media fearmongers about the 1 in 10 million children who will face school shootings (those are the same odds as being struck by lightning), 1 in 10 public school students are sexually abused by a teachers or other school staff members.

This is the epidemic communities need to be fighting. Yet the sexualization of minors has become so commonplace that Ghislaine Maxwell was charged and sentenced for sex trafficking minor girls and not a single man who sexually abused those involved has been arrested or brought to justice.

While masses of people tuned in to watch the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial, very few school officials and lawmakers have done anything to prevent child sex abuse in schools. If anything they’ve perpetuated it by pushing gender theory and identity politics.Pornographic books have been allowed to remain in school libraries because, although the display graphic sexual images, they’re inclusive to the LGTBQ+ community. What’s more, bans of sexual education for young children -- who are too young to understand concepts like transgenderism -- are beingvillified by teachers and activists who believe it’s perfectly healthy and normal for educators to teach young children about sexuality, and even support educators who post pornography online in their free time.

More teachers are getting caught with graphic Only Fans accounts, and plenty of men support them. When reporting on thelatest incident (where the teacher in question used her classroom nickname as her porn handle) I was told off by men who obviously enjoyed seeing a teacher naked. They argued that she didn’t take off her clothes in the classroom so it’s none of parent’s business. Oddly enough, as much as women are told that working in porn is “empowering,” not one single female defended this teacher’s actions in my debates.

In truth, it’s not against the law for a teacher to work in porn or have an Only fans account, but educators are supposed to lead by example. I don’t know many parents who want their kids working in porn. There may be movements to normalize sex work, but the fact is that it requires no skill sets. That’s why OnlyFans is so popular.

Teachers were once held to a higher standard than the rest of society because children emulate their educators. They do as others do, not as they’re told, and as sexuality and a sexually obsessed culture followed the “sexual revolution” -- which was less of a revolution and more of a display of sexual perversion -- children have become victims of sexual abuse at increasing rates.

This is not a coincidence. Just last week yet another teacher was charged for 11 different counts of sexually assaulting a student under 16 years of age. Not only did he sodomize the victim but also recorded the incidents. This is another common trend.

Last month a “woke” teacher in Hawaiirepeatedly molested a 13-year-old boy and recorded hundreds of pictures and videos of the incidents so he could share them with another teacher across the country. This is the state of education. Sexual abuse is common.

Unfortunately sexual molestation causes long-term trauma. Young children who are abused by child predators suffer internal injuries that may never fully heal in addition to the mental issues that follow, while older minors who may even allow their abuse (although they are not old enough to understand the impact, and therefore unable to lawfully give consent) suffer from more severe psychological damage. This has to stop, and if the school system won’t do anything about it, parents must.

As school boards ignore parental rights, and teachers unions continue to draw lines over curriculum transparency, many families are forced to seek out alternative options. Some can afford private school, and others trust in charter schools. But tuition for private institutions is nearly as high as college fees, and charter schools are publicly funded, and thus beholden to Department of Education standards.

For most of us, homeschooling is the only true option. It is not only a way to properly prepare our children for the future, but a safe haven from sexual exploitation and grooming techniques that normalize underage sex and hook-up culture -- and unfortunately lead to sexual abuse.

Homeschooling has protected my children from harmful outside influences that are damaging the innocence of masses of kids. While my husband and I do not aim to shelter our children, we do discuss other behaviors as the children mature. Over time, I know that new influences will become more common. Young adults must explore on their own, but it is parents’ job first and foremost to instill a good set of values and lessons upon their kids in order to provide them with a proper moral compass to navigate all the chaos they will face as they journey further from home.

Homeschooling is no longer a niche education alternative. It’s a sanctuary where children can learn math, science, English, and history without being sexualized. Families who educate their children at home are quickly learning how easy it is to impart knowledge while also finding peace knowing that their children are safe from sexually obsessed teachers and school staff.

It may seem like a big change for families accustomed to the education system, but there are more resources available to parents than ever. From websites like Khan Academy and to School Zone workbooks and the Kidz Labs science kits, taking control of our children’s education ensures that they are no longer indoctrinated into a world of sexualized learning.

Public schools are openly encouraging children to explore their sexuality and even seek sex changes before they are mature enough to make these life-altering decisions. Teachers are openly hailing lessons on sexuality while working in pornography. Grooming and child molestation is the true epidemic which needs to be eradicated from the public school system. Unfortunately teachers unions, school boards, and the Department of Education refuse to address parents’ concerns and the growing number of sexual abuse cases against teachers.

Families have the right to walk away and embark on a homeschooling journey. This fall they can safeguard children from the dangers that child predators pose within classrooms by taking a stand and stepping up. Homeschooling accommodates any schedule and sets a much better example.

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