FOI Reveals Hospital Staff Knew From The Beginning Covid Vaccines Are Dangerous And Put Ambulances On Stand By In Anticipation Of Adverse Reactions

FOI Reveals Hospital Staff Knew From The Beginning Covid Vaccines Are Dangerous And Put Ambulances On Stand By In Anticipation Of Adverse Reactions | Richard Willett

“Put Ambulance Vaccine Detail on Standby”: Shocking New FOI Reveals New York Vaccine Clinics Giving Heads Up to Emergency Services

Dr Pierre Kory |

Right before the recent Christmas holiday, I received a call from a friend and colleague named Louis Conte regarding a ‘contact’ of his with knowledge of the inner workings of Emergency Medical Services in Westchester County, New York.

Louis’s contact had been monitoring EMS dispatches in Westchester County and saw, subsequent to the jab rollout in early 2021, what he felt was a frightening number of calls from vaccine clinics or homes where general or specific ‘vaccine reactions’ were cited as the cause of the need for an ambulance.

Last year, the contact decided to submit a FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) request — similar to a FOIA — to the Westchester County EMS (and the adjoining Dutchess County EMS) asking for a record of all calls whose transcripts mentioned either the word ‘vaccine’ or ‘COVID-19 vaccine’ in 2021.

Louis asked me to look at the documents. As difficult as it is at this point to further distress me with data on the toxicity and lethality of the mRNA platform, this dataset still managed to do this.

Before I review the data, let’s review what we know about ambulance calls timed with the rollout of the vaccination campaign, because this issue is not new.

For instance, we already know from ICAN and Aaron Siri’s FOIA request of the CDC’s V-Safe data that 7.9% of all 10.1 million vaccine recipients reported requiring medical care to treat a vaccine adverse effect. Of those requiring medical care, almost 11% (87,700 people) visited the emergency room or hospital. How many travelled for this high level of urgent and emergent care by ambulance is unknown, but historically, about 15% of ER patients arrive by ambulance, so this would come out to about 13,000 patients among a population of 10 million vaccinated.

Further, an article published in the journal Nature reported:

  • There was an increase of more than 25% in the number of ambulance calls in response to cardiac arrests (CA) and acute coronary syndromes (ACS or ‘heart attacks’) for young people in the 16-39 age group during the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in Israel (January-May, 2021) compared with the same period of time in prior years (2019 and 2020).
  • They also found a robust and statistically significant association between the weekly CA and ACS call counts and the rates of 1st and 2nd vaccine doses administered to this age group. Note they found no observed statistically significant association between COVID-19 infection rates and the CA and ACS call counts.
  • They report that their findings aligned with previous studies showing that increases in overall CA incidence were not always associated with higher COVID-19 infection rates at a population level, and that the stability of hospitalisation rates related to myocardial infarction throughout the initial COVID-19 wave compared to pre-pandemic baselines in Israel.
  • Their findings above also mirrored reports of increased emergency department visits with cardiovascular complaints during the vaccination rollout in Germany as well as increased EMS calls for cardiac incidents in Scotland.

In line with the above, anecdotal data from social media described the following:

The import of the above data and anecdotes was further supported by new, massive demands for ambulances across the world, evidenced by this compilation of TV news and print reports of shortages, compiled in another favourite Substack of mine by Marc Crispin Miller. Note that although some reports blame the issue on shortages of staff and ambulance parts, the vast majority also mention increases in the number of calls for ambulances.

And then there’s even more anecdotal data by someone who has earned my deep trust in regards to accuracy of events on the ‘inside of the system’ (recall she is a nurse colleague of mine that works at a major academic medical centre whom I referred to as “My Spy On The Inside” [MSOTI] in my prior multi-part series of posts called ‘Nursing Reports From the Front Lines of The Vaccine Catastrophe‘).

During one of her shifts referring to the ambulance/emergency services issue:

So, with the above publications and observations in mind, let’s review this new ‘data dump’. Maybe what it reveals is not as statistically damning as what the New Zealand whistleblower exposed but you will see that it is equally, if not even more alarming. To me, the most shocking discovery I made when reviewing the documents is that I found evidence of five different occasions where calls were made to Westchester County EMS dispatch to have ambulances “on standby”:


Are you kidding me? Employees at vaccine clinics in Westchester County, as early as February 21st 2021, were calling EMS to be “on standby”? For “vaccine detail”? One caller informed EMS dispatch that they “will be administering vaccines to 220 people today?” Note they did that as early as February 21, 2021. That is how fast some front-line workers knew how dangerous the vaccines were.

Also note how, on May 20th 2021, two calls from the Mamaroneck High School clinic asked for ambulances to be on standby, the first call was made at 9:07am and a later one was made at 2:09pm. For a “safe and effective” vaccine?

Again, calls with requests of this nature were being made from clinics in New Rochelle, Sleepy Hollow and two different ones in Mamaroneck? If I was living in Westchester County at the time, I damn well would have wanted to know these calls were being made (as an aside, I lived in that county from 2008-2015 and still have lots of friends with children there).

My sense is that these calls were made by employees who were secretly, or at least, somewhat anonymously, trying to alert authorities as to how dangerous the vaccines were but without doing so in a way that would make them a target as an ‘anti-vaxxer’ or cause them to lose their job. They were clearly smart enough to know the consequences of a more public callout of vaccine toxicity.

So instead, they called EMS to have them “on standby”. Although the attempt was well-intentioned, should they be absolved of responsibility for any subsequent injuries which occurred on their watch at that clinic? They were actively injecting people with an experimental vaccine – after calling EMS to have them “on standby”?

After I shared this article with ‘A Midwestern Doctor‘, he sent me this commentary:

One of the biggest challenges people have had throughout the vaccine rollout has been coming to terms with the fact that so many people could have been complicit in letting a bad vaccine be pushed on the world (which hence leads many of them to believe the only possible explanation is that the vaccine was not in fact dangerous).

Sadly, I’ve seen numerous tragic cases of the same thing that has happened in the past.  Much of this is explained by an effect in psychology known as the bystander effect:The bystander effect occurs when the presence of others discourages an individual from intervening in an emergency situation, against a bully or during an assault or other crime. The greater the number of bystanders, the less likely it is for any one of them to provide help to a person in distress. People are more likely to take action in a crisis when there are few or no other witnesses present. [emphasis added]

In turn, throughout my life, I’ve found that if something is happening I know is wrong and no one is speaking out about it (e.g. because its not politically correct to do so), I can reliably predict that if I don’t speak out against it, no one will. So for this reason, I often ‘break’ the bystander effect (once one person speaks out, others will often feel safe to do so as well) as I know otherwise it won’t happen. Likewise, I’ve seen this same thing occur again and again within organisations, especially when people’s financial livelihoods are on the line for speaking out.

One of the best illustrations of the point Kory is making here can be found within the data of vaccination deaths leaked by the brave New Zealand whistleblower Barry Young (who now faces a seven-year prison sentence for his leaking). Within those data, Young noticed that there were about a dozen vaccinating doctors and a dozen vaccination sites which had a very high rate of deaths in those they vaccinated.
Barry, in turn, raised a very simple question — how could something like this happen?

Sadly, as this summary of EMS calls shows, the bystander effect can be a very real thing, especially when everyone else in a large institution going along with something makes those who want to challenge it feel even more powerless to speak out.

I believe the vaccine clinic employees who called EMS in Westchester should get some credit for, in my interpretation, trying to blow a whistle, but they did so too ‘softly’. Instead, as per the bystander effect, they simply hoped that ‘someone else’, i.e., EMS personnel or leadership would take note of these calls, and ‘do something’ about them.

Remember, May 2021 (the day of the two calls from Mamaroneck High School) was nearing the height of the global ‘psy-ops’ propaganda campaign where the unvaccinated and the vaccine hesitant were demonised and attacked widely across all mainstream media and social media. Even those who already got the vaccine and were trying to share the horrible stuff happening to them were being attacked. Never, ever forget that occurred, and more importantly, never forget just how successful that propaganda was. So, while I get the clinic employee’s hesitation, I cannot forgive their ultimate behaviour.

Walking off the job would have been another option, but if there is anything I have learned in Covid and the immense, multi-faceted fraud that has occurred and keeps occurring, is that there were and are far too few real whistleblowers. The desire to remain employed is paramount to the concern for the welfare of others. Period.

Anyway, these data points above are beyond shocking, even to me at this point in my research journey. If anyone has a different or more benign interpretation of these five EMS transcripts above than I do, I am all ears. If I find such an interpretation more compelling or corrective, I will do a follow-up post.

Now, let’s review the rest of the transcripts from EMS dispatch. One set of data is from Westchester County EMS. First, know that Westchester County has a population of about one million, but these EMS calls do not include the City of Yonkers which has a population of about 200,000. So, for 800,000 people, the total EMS calls which specifically mentioned the vaccine as a cause of distress in 2021 was 165 calls. For Dutchess County, population of 295,000, the number of calls was an almost equally proportionate 55 calls.

However, these 220 calls across these two counties likely represent a small subset of the severe, ambulance requiring vaccine reactions because sudden death was likely never reported as a vaccine reaction and many people calling ambulances may not have initially related their medical issue with the vaccine or, even if suspected, may not have mentioned it to dispatch – thus, this dataset represents only the most tightly “temporally associated” events, ones where it was more than 100% obvious the vaccine was causative, like when it happened within minutes or hours or one to two days of the vaccine being administered.

What was the nature of these ‘reactions’ which triggered calls for an ambulance? Well, from the transcript log posted at the end of this post, most simply say “reaction to COVID-19 vaccine” or “vaccine reaction” but there are also many disturbingly detailed reactions such as seizures, inability to ambulate, unresponsiveness, altered mental status etc.

I list the more specific and disturbing ones below (or you can also just read through the actual EMS transcripts that are at the end of this post):

  • 2-16-21 92 YO F abnormal breathing from second COVID-19 vaccine
  • 2-17-21 69 YO M unable to ambulate secondary to Covid vaccine
  • 2-21-21 73 YO unable to ambulate, reaction to COVID-19 vaccine
  • 2-17-21 female reaction to vaccine – altered mental status (AMS)
  • 2-22-21 88 YO F low oxygen saturation, possible reaction to Covid vaccine
  • 3-10-21 unresponsive, reaction to vaccine
  • 3-19-21 fever and confusion post covid vaccine
  • 3-27-21 56 YO M cancer patient possible reaction to vaccine, altered mental status (AMS)
  • 3-27-21 second vaccine, sudden hypertension (HTN), back and abdominal pain
  • 4-2-21 46 YO M disoriented, recent Covid vaccine
  • 3-24-21 56 YO F abnormal breathing from second Covid vaccine
  • 6-18-21 12 YO F experiencing chest pain after second vaccine
  • 7-11-21 13 YO F feeling weak, reaction to vaccine
  • 4-7-21 27 YO M possible seizure
  • 4-2-21 passed out/reaction to Covid vaccine
  • 4-22-21 38 YO female not breathing secondary to recent vaccination
  • 4-32-21 50 YO F passing out/Covid vaccine
  • 5-13-21 49 YO M laboured breathing/reaction to recent vaccination
  • 5-19-21 89 YO M weak/speech problems
  • 5/24/21 27 YO F fell by pharmacy
  • 6-17-21 39 YO F difficulty breathing from second vaccine
  • 8-31-21 31 YO difficulty breathing
  • 11-19-21 18 YO M anxiety attack, difficulty breathing from a Covid vaccination
  • 46 YO F chest pain/laboured breathing, body numbness/COVID-19 vaccine booster yesterday
  • 11-19-21 18 YO F leg numbness
  • 12-21-21 46 YO F chest pain, labored breathing, body numbness – COVID-19 booster
  • 86 YO F low 02, chest pain radiating to the left arm post second covid vaccine shot
  • 4-11-21 50 YO M syncope (passing out)
  • 4-18-21 57 YO F severe edema (i.e., swelling, water retention) possible reaction to vaccine
  • 5-22-21 16 YO reaction to vaccine shot, semi-responsive
  • 5-31-21 48 YO M reaction to the second vaccine, difficulty breathing, right-sided numbness
  • 6-2-21 passed out after receiving Covid vaccine
  • 6-2-21 29 YO F reaction to vaccine, unconscious
  • 6-18-21 12 YO F experiencing chest pain after second vaccine
  • 9-24-21 44 YO M seizures after vaccine
  • 9-25-21 Male unconscious after getting covid vaccine
  • 11-6-21 5 YO M difficulty breathing post vaccine
  • 11-13-21 58 YO M reaction to covid vaccine, syncope and difficulty breathing
  • 11-3-21 81 YO M unable to ambulate post vaccine
  • 12-8-21 syncope (passing out) post Covid shot
  • 2-11-21 73 YO M, reaction to Covid vaccine, unable to ambulate
  • 4-21-21 reaction to vaccine AMS (altered mental status)

Again, these were just a subset of the 220 calls in 2021 amongst a population of approximately 900,000. I am reasonably certain that there are no data to accurately estimate what a ‘safe’ ambulance call rate per number of vaccines administered should be but that is also because I have never even heard of a threshold being established for a ‘safe’ ambulance call rate per number of vaccines administered.

I would instead simply argue that the ambulance call rate per vaccination should be no more than one in a million or if I were generous in estimating its ability to protect people from severe disease, maybe even one per 100,000, but in reality should be zero.

I say this because vaccines are not a treatment for someone suffering from an active disease, it is an intervention given to generally healthy, functional people to theoretically protect them from becoming ill (i.e., I don’t think the dying need vaccines). An intervention which causes a generally healthy, functional person to need an ambulance directly contradicts any belief of utility or safety in this regard.

These data, to me, are simply another outrageous Covid-era example of the deplorable failure of a public health agency to protect the population whose literal mission it is to protect. Obtaining the data by FOIA means that no one in Westchester EMS or Dutchess County EMS leadership acted in response to paramedics or EMTs reporting repeated calls for urgent medical attention to those recently vaccinated.

Don’t you think that you, the average citizen, would have wanted to be informed if this was happening in your community? That vaccine clinics were asking for ambulances to be “on standby”? What other kinds of events request ambulances “on standby” or to be present? I have heard of having them on-site for judo tournaments, Evil Knievel stunts, American football games (which require two on site), but never for an alleged preventative health measure.

From the webpage of a company that provides ambulance coverage for sports events:

So, apparently, vaccine clinic employees in Westchester quickly came to the perception that vaccinating people was more dangerous than a charity walk or fun run.

Here is the thing though: to many of us who are deeply studied on the data showing immense toxicity and lethality of the mRNA vaccine platform, this changes nothing about what we already know. To those still in the ‘safe and effective’ camp, I ask how you can explain away the above in a way that can somehow still support that position.

Finally, before we get to the EMS transcripts, for any of you who are as troubled by these data as I am, I suggest you FOIA the same from your local EMS service. I promise you that my colleagues and I are interested in studying this further.


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