How the fall of human civilization was pulled off through the deliberate destruction of the PHYSICAL infrastructure that keeps humanity alive

How the fall of human civilization was pulled off through the deliberate destruction of the PHYSICAL infrastructure that keeps humanity alive  /  Mike Adams

(Natural News) Today’s Citizens’ Logpodcast – formerly known as Situation Update – reveals how globalists achieved the fall of human civilization by dismantling the physical infrastructure that once kept humanity alive.

Citizens’ Log is recorded and preserved for future historians in the hopes they might study the mistakes that lead to the fall of human civilization. Each episode reports on present-day events that are leading to the cultural collapse, food collapse, economic collapse, cognitive collapse and infrastructure collapse… all headed toward the grand finale civilization collapse which will end this era of madness and lead to a “global reset” / mass die-off.

We anticipate that, at minimum, 2-4 billion people will be killed over the next decade due to vaccine damage, vaccine-induced cancer deaths, starvation, economic collapse, lawless violence and World War III events (which will likely include EMP weapons or nuclear weapons). If the USA continues to push Russia into nuclear escalations, that number could easily rise to 4+ billion human casualties.

Globalists are trying to exterminate 7.5 billion.

The “Climate Change” excuse to dismantle the infrastructure that feeds the world

What’s clear is that the criminal cabal currently running the world is meticulously working to exterminate the human race — a kind of planetary-scale “ethnic cleansing.” The excuse they’ve come up with is “climate change” – a delusional fairy tale that claims carbon dioxide kills plants (it actually does exactly the opposite) and that a colder planet Earth would be “greener” (again, it’s exactly the opposite of reality).

Under the camouflage of “climate change,” the world’s Western nations have dismantled their energy infrastructure, shutting down pipelines, halting drilling, punishing coal miners and waging economic warfare on the entire energy infrastructure. As the collapse accelerates, the globalists order people to, “Go green!” but offer no practical way to actually transition from oil to anything else.

The “Go green” cheer is really just a virtue signaling way to say, “Go F off and die.”

It was never about “going green,” you see. It was always about extermination of the human race. And without the energy infrastructure that provides fertilizer, farming and food transportation, at minimum half the world’s population would starve to death. This was, of course, precisely the plan.

Now the world faces engineered mass starvation and economic collapse

The deliberate dismantling of the infrastructure that keeps civilization functioning is now leading directly into mass starvation and economic collapse. This will only be exacerbated by the currency collapse that’s about to be sprung on the world, leading to a rapid, global collapse of the world’s dominant fiat currencies.

In our estimation, the Euro will likely collapse in the next year, and the Yen won’t be far behind. The US dollar is on its way out and is facing a global repudiation scenario where 100+ countries simultaneously denounce and abandon the dollar, leading to a near-instant wipeout of dollar-denominated assets, followed by the collapse of the US government empire.

The collapse of the dollar will lead to widespread civil unrest and violence across America. The inability to print new money that has any value will see the entire criminal cabal in Washington D.C. implode, unable to keep their fraudulent printing presses running (such as the now-$40 billion “support” package designated for Ukraine, most of which will end up in the pockets of corrupt US officials and their family members).

On one hand, an observer might see the downfall of the criminal cabal in D.C. as a good thing, but as that happens, the American people will be facing chaos, starvation and violence in their own cities and towns. Order will slowly be restored as states secede from the union and declare their own local currencies, reestablishing trade and transactional infrastructure for commerce.

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The CEO of Scottish Power warns 10 million UK households won’t be able to afford to heat their homes this winter

Due to the deliberate shutdown of Western Europe’s fossil fuels infrastructure, 10 million UK homes won’t be able to afford to heat their homes this winter, according to Scottish Power CEO Keith Anderson. The BBC reported:

Keith Anderson, chief executive of Scottish Power, told the BBC that another expected rise in energy bills in October to between £2,500 and £3,000 a year could see huge losses for suppliers and many customers unable to pay their bills.

“We need to be realistic about the gravity of the situation – around 40% of UK households, potentially 10 million homes, could be in fuel poverty this winter,” Mr Anderson explained.

Mr Anderson also said more energy companies could collapse if their customers were unable to pay their bills. (Russia Today) also covered the issue, attributing the following quote to Anderson:

“If nothing else happens by October, I think we will see a huge increase in pre-payment customers in effect self disconnecting – not reloading their pre-payment meter because they can’t afford to do it.”

“We will also see a massive increase in debt levels for direct debit customers, and a massive increase in people being pushed from direct debits to prepayment meters so that companies can recover the debt,” he continued. “We are heading to a really horrible place where none of us want to be.”

Since that reporting, Kiev has reportedly shut off one-third of all Russian natural gas headed for Western Europe, citing a force majeure emergency and claiming gas can no longer flow.

This means one-third of the natural gas to Europe was just cut off in one day. The ramifications of this have not yet hit the financial markets. Once they do, Europe will be in an outright panic.

Today’s Citizens’ Log covers all this in more detail, and expands to additional news items such as the accelerating collapse of financial markets and the implosion of crypto values. Catch it here:

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