How The West Was Won and Lost: A Cartel History

How The West Was Won and Lost: A Cartel History

Helena Glass |  The Nationalist Voice

Bloomberg and McKinsey are calling for a ‘reimagined’ globalization.   After imposing sanctions upon sanctions across the board on countries – the Top tier Cartel members realize they cut their own throat.   Greed and Power have a way of leaving a mark.   Given the need for foreign resources, Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum has decided to abandon China and set their sites on India and Africa. ~ December 2022.

As a result, Africa is embroiled in multiple wars.

The latest insurgency has fallen upon Niger.   The western backed president that was recently elected has been overthrown by a military inspired coup.   The military junta is not pro-west, and evacuations are underway by France, Italy and Spain.   Other African nations under military rule have joined Niger.   And it becomes clear, colonizing Africa is no longer on the table.   The People have declared, “ENOUGH”.

The Biggest Coup would appear to be happening globally.   The Coup that decouples not from China, but from the Cartel. The mismanaged, overly aggressive, corrupt, pathological liars – Cartel.  Their Power is waning!

Russia’s Putin has developed a detente with a number of African leaders. His fundamental discourse entails assuring sovereignty and embracing trade.   By contrast, the Western Cartel has been about taking control of a country and divesting it of its resources for self.

The means vs the might.   The Greedy Python.

Where does India stand?   Conflict.   Ethnic conflicts have recently risen to the surface and the western media is quick to blame Modi.   Just in time for, “Indian Opposition is United to Unseat Modi” ~ Western Media.   India’s next general election is May 2024.   A proposed coup is already formulating their means.

The Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance, (INDIA), has emerged to unseat India’s Prime Minister, Modi.   Why?   Because Russia is an ally and Modi refused to condemn Russia publicly according to Cartel Demands.    When a country does not bow to the ‘demands’ either the leader is destroyed or the country.

INDIA was founded July 18, 2023 by the merging of 26 different parties into a joined united effort. The Indian National Congress is leading the Modi coup attempt. Rahul Ghandi is head of the National Congress – he was educated at “Harvard & Cambridge” before taking employment in London for Monitor Deloitte. Monitor is a management consulting firm teaching strategies and techniques for Cartel expansion.   Notables that have also been employed there include: Mitt Romney’s son, CFO of Facebook, Ebay alumni, Harvard alumni, UK parliamentary members, British Secret Service and the Global Business Network.

The Global Business Network was co-founded by Peter Schwartz, a Jewish man who early in life joined the Socialist/Communist “Students For A Democratic Society”.   Monitor Deloitte bought out The Network.  Schwartz writes regularly for The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

Monitor, McKinsey and Bloomberg are central to recruiting new Cartel members.   Trained, financed, and organized, their job is to situate themselves into leadership positions within governments and quietly establish the makings for a coup . The means?   1.   Use western media to create a demonic profile of the to-be-ousted PM or President.   2.   Create dissension among the people with riots, protests, and anarchy.   3.   Portray the new leader as a saint come to save them from themselves.   4.   Rig the election and call it a “Landslide”.

The most recent attempt was in Turkey. Erdogan was slated to lose.   He didn’t and was thusly punished via a climate disaster.   But he came to his knees when the Cartel simply threatened further destruction.   Turkey was absorbed – not as an ally, but through threats and extortion.

This is the pattern.   The Cartel has been utilizing these means for centuries.   Countries have disappeared as a direct result.   It appears African military juntas are forming an alliance against the Cartel which won’t come without blood.   India is next.

This is the only game in town. It is all the Cartel knows to accomplish their task.   Make enemies.   A constant game of barbarism that has been utilized since the Fall of Rome, the destruction of the Biblical cities; Galatia, Thessalonia, and Corinthia – all ravaged by the Dark idols.  A constant rearrangement of land borders defined by The Cartel.

Although the Cartel is being quashed across the globe today, they will not give up easily.   Their weapon is to use people against people.   To incite hatred.   To create a discord that has had many different identities over history.

It is calculated that should a nuclear war between Russia and the US be initiated, the catastrophic devastation would ultimately destroy humanity and all wildlife.   A scenario highly unlikely to occur unless the Cartel can preserve a sphere free of the atmospheric devastation that would occur.

This view is upheld by CSIS which is now concentrating efforts on water security, mineral resource scarcity, and – Latin America.   Yet another market that has collapsed against US detrimental policies.   ALL while announcing a prolonged conflict in Ukraine that could last 10 years, aka another Afghanistan that rips ever more money from Taxpayers …

Of course the nuclear distraction is the evolution of AI.   While the West warred – China honed even greater AI advancement leaving the US in a dustbowl.   This reality, coupled with a ‘decoupling’ with China, has raised alarms amongst the Tech Power Industry which foresees a world dominated and ruled by AI.

The US committee to regulate AI is a laughable assembly of old men who can barely understand how to work an iphone much less robotics that can emote and smell, and make decisions – think Star Wars C-3PO.   The largess challenge in this equation is the ‘programmer’. Will the ultimate outcome be a Cartel Robotic war?

Source: Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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