How They Are Trying To Hide Vaccine Genocide | The List of Reasons for Increased Sudden Deaths and Strokes, According to the Mainstream Media

How They Are Trying To Hide Vaccine Genocide | The List of Reasons for Increased Sudden Deaths and Strokes, According to the Mainstream Media

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There has been an escalating war on freedom of speech and the freedom of free press and an intolerance of any criticism of any media coverage of the government agenda, particularly concerning all things convid the adverse events of the covid jab. According to Filipe Rafaeli “Since everyone is seeing many people suddenly dying and others with cardiovascular diseases, the mainstream media needed to talk about heart attacks and sudden deaths. It made headlines. They needed to explain” but they have used the most “curious explanations” since 2021, in their attempt to normalise it.

We have observed prosecutions of media sources, journalists and publishers which have been endorsed by politicians on both sides of the political spectrum, which began a decade ago with the prosecution of whistleblowers. “The U.S. campaign to tamp down leaks has spread to the criminalisation of standard investigative journalism […] “now Journalists and media sources are at severe risk of increased criminal investigation and prosecution due to draconian laws. according to journalists atthe Salon, who add “The U.S. “still presents itself as the global standard-bearer for free speech and freedom of the press, recent fissures expose a looming calamity.”

Some journalists are protecting themselves from this “calamity” and are shamelessly reporting on issues pushing a narrative to suit the government no matter how ridiculous it may sound. For example, yesterday the Expose reported on a “get-tough-on-speech” approach advocated by the mainstream publications the Globe and Mail who would like us to believe that a rigid regulation of speech will “protect democracy and safeguard our most basic freedoms.”

Instead, it will protect government agendas from being exposed and opposed, it will also protect, those shameless journalists who have sold their souls aiding and abetting the idiocracy, those pushing narratives in the mainstream media which are ultimately to the detriment of themselves as well as all of humanity. These are the journalists that we will be left with if the globalists have their way. In the article below Filipe Rafaeli has compiled a list of ridiculous headlines and reports written by some of these journalists who give reasons for the increased sudden deaths and strokes which is an example of the intelligence insulting, unopposed “news” that we will be force fed.

The List of Reasons for Increased Sudden Deaths and Strokes, According to the Mainstream Media.

Filipe Rafaeli |

A compilation of headlines in the national and international mainstream media with the most curious explanations.

In the initial study of the Pfizer vaccine, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, with around 44 thousand people, with 22 thousand in the placebo group and about 22 thousand in the vaccine group, more people died from all causes in the vaccine arm than in the placebo arm. Initially, it was 15 to 14. Shortly after, when updating this number at the FDA, the US regulatory agency, the number changed to 21 to 17. Now, without any surprise, in the most recent update, it’s already 22 to 16.

“Most importantly, we found evidence of  an over 3.7-fold increase in number of  deaths due to cardiac events in the BNT162b2 vaccinated individuals compared to those who received only the placebo.” wrote the scientists in the latest update.

After the mass application of the product, an excess of population mortality was recorded. In The Lancet, the world’s most impactful scientific journal, they analyzed UK data: a 7.2% excess in 2022 and an 8.6% excess in 2023. The highlight? Cardiovascular diseases. The comparison is with the 5 previous years.

And do you know what is the most interesting thing in this Lancet analysis? It’s the increase in deaths at home, that is, sudden deaths. There wasn’t even time to go to the hospital. There’s an impressive 22% increase.

US life insurance companies, the ones paying the bills, also found the same thing: more deaths in younger people since 2021.

Well, since everyone is seeing many people suddenly dying and others with cardiovascular diseases, the mainstream media needed to talk about heart attacks and sudden deaths. It made headlines. They needed to explain.


Here, the collection of headlines in the national and international mainstream media with the most curious explanations since 2021.

According to Wales Online, from Wales, what is causing heart attacks is the increase in electricity bills:Energy bill price rise may cause heart attacks and strokes, says TV GP – Wales Online

On the other hand, the Express from the UK claims that the cause of heart attacks is heavy metal and techno music:
Atrial fibrillation: Two music genres linked to ‘potentially dangerous’ heart arrhythmias

In Revista Veja, from Brazil, the cause of heart attacks is attributed to global warming:
With a warmer world, the impact of climate change on health increases

However, according to CNN Brasil, the real culprit isn’t heat but cold:
Cardiovascular diseases can increase by up to 30% in winter; see precautions

For the Daily Mail, from the UK, it is indeed the cold, but the issue arises only if you remove the snow:
Expert warns that shoveling snow can be a deadly way to discover underlying heart conditions

In The Times of India, the blame isn’t on the cold, but on the heat, along with humidity:
Heart attacks more frequent when heat, humidity high: Study | Ahmedabad News

In The Guardian, from the UK, the blame is actually on rain:
Floods linked to increased deaths from heart and lung disease, Australian-led research shows

In the Express, from the UK, it has nothing to do with the weather. The culprit for heart attacks is dirty dishes:
Washing up helps wipe out heart risk

In the UK’s Express, the mystery is solved. Skipping breakfast is blamed for heart attacks:
Heart attack: Does skipping breakfast increase your risk?

According to The Sun, from the UK, the reason for the excess of heart attacks is because you poop too much:
RISK FACTOR How often you go to the toilet every day can ‘predict your risk of heart attack’

In The Times, from the UK, the cause of heart attacks is being single:
Lonely older women at greater risk of heart attack, study shows

However, according to Wales Online, from Wales, the reason people die suddenly is the opposite. It’s because people are dating:
Average age of sudden death during sex is 38 – why it happens – Wales Online

On the other hand, The Independent, from the UK, explains that the real cause is troubled relationships:
A happy relationship enhances heart health, claims new study | The Independent

According to News19, from the US, the cause of increased heart attacks is breaking up:
Doctors say ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ is real, and it can be deadly |

In Isto é, from Brazil, the cause of cardiovascular problems is not exercising and watching too much TV:
Watching TV can increase the risk of blood clots, study suggests

However, The Irish Times, from Ireland, says the opposite, that the culprit is exercising:
Physical activity may increase heart attack risk, study suggests – The Irish Times

According to the British Heart Foundation, the cause is improper sleep. It’s because people sleep too little or too much:
Does sleeping too little or too much raise your risk of heart disease? – BHF

In The Sun, from the UK, the cause is indeed related to sleep, but because of daylight saving time:
Moving clocks forward an hour could be dangerous for millions of Brits with serious heart problems – The Sun

Meanwhile, for Canaltech, from Brazil, the culprit of heart attacks isn’t daylight saving time, but rather illuminated light:
Sleeping with lights on increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes; understand

For the Express, from the UK, the cause of heart attacks is “low-fat” processed foods:
Heart attack: The ‘healthy’ food which may ‘put you at risk for heart disease’ – avoid

According to The Standard, from the UK, what’s causing heart attacks is stress:
Thousands facing heart problems due to ‘post-pandemic stress disorder’ | Evening Standard

In the North Wales Chronicle, from Australia, the culprit of heart attacks is artificial sweeteners:
Artificial sweeteners found in diet drinks could increase risk of heart attack – research | North Wales Chronicle

In The Sun, from the UK, scientists have recently discovered the culprit. It’s the common cold:
Common cold can trigger a killer blood clot disorder, scientists discover for the first time | The Sun

The Express, from the UK, blames obsessive-compulsive disorder for strokes:
Stroke: People with a common disorder could be ‘three times’ more likely to have a stroke

In the UK’s Express, the culprit is the gluten-free diet:
Heart attack: A gluten-free diet could increase the risk |

According to The Scientist, from the US, the culprit of heart attacks and strokes is noise from cars, airplanes, and trains:
How Environmental Noise Harms the Cardiovascular System | The Scientist Magazine®

According to UOL, from Brazil, the culprit for the increase in heart attacks and strokes is elections:
How elections increased cases of heart attack and stroke in the US: is there the same risk in Brazil?

In the New York Post, from the US, sudden infant deaths are caused by video games:
Video games could trigger deadly heart problems in children: study

According to Today, from the US, sudden infant deaths are actually common occurrences:
All kids should be screened for possibility of sudden cardiac arrest, group says

According to Today, from the US, the cause is that people are angry or emotionally disturbed:
Stroke may be triggered by anger, upset or intense exercise in the hour before

In the UK’s Daily Mail, the cause of heart attacks is said to be sun exposure for just one day:
Sunbathing for just ONE DAY may increase your risk of heart disease – and stop the body fighting infections, study suggests

However, according to The Times, all of the above are wrong. It’s only known that it’s happening, but the reason is a mystery:
Mystery rise in heart attacks from blocked arteries

The US-based New Scientist confirms it is indeed a mystery. Nobody knows the reason:
There are thousands more UK deaths than usual and we don’t know why | New Scientist

And even though it’s a mystery, and therefore could be anything, absolutely anything, the Brazilian Government has already assured me that one thing, at least, is not the cause:
It’s false that Covid-19 vaccines cause sudden illness

Although nobody should worry too much, because according to the US-based health and science website Revyuh News, it’s actually beneficial to have a heart attack:
New Study Reveals Shocking Benefit of “Heart Attack”

If the globalists and their government lackeys get their way and it would be journalists, and reports like these that would be the only permitted source of unopposed, uncritiqued “news” available and again, to quote George Washington

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.


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