How to show on Android MAC addresses only (without names) • Aka= The Vaccinated Bluetooth Signal

How to show on Android MAC addresses only (without names) • Aka= The Vaccinated Bluetooth Signal

Dylan Eleven |

The MAC address of the vaccinated is hidden from the normal settings on phones because they do not have a name associated with the address; MAC address only.

The android phone system has this blocking feature turned on by default so you don’t see all the vaccinated around you when you are trying to pair a Bluetooth device.

This video shows you how to put your android phone in developer mode, turn on the feature to see Bluetooth addresses without a name attached to them, MAC adresses only,  aka the vaccinated.

Once enabled you can test this for yourself.

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Vaccinated People Emit a Bluetooth Address
Henry Makow


Author JS yesterday- "Yes I have tested it repeatedly; and my old smartphone apparently hasn't gotten the upgrade which deactivates the bluetooth feature. It doesn't even need an extra app to receive the mac addresses. In my view the bluetooth issue is a fact. La quinta columna did a lot of work to prove it scientifically."

More Evidence the COVID Fake-Vaccine is Embedding MAC Addresses

"The fact that the numbers change with the people passing by only makes sense when these people themselves are the devices."

"This is "their own mark-of-the-beast-number."

Contact tracing using cell towers and graphene oxide patented!

Pfizer Patent APPLICATION FILED in November 2020 and issued August 31, 2021.

System and methods for anonymously selecting subjects for treatment against an infectious disease caused by a pathogen. The system comprises a plurality of electronic devices comprising instructions to generate an ID and, when in the proximity of another such electronic device, one or both electronic devices transmit/receive the ID to/from the other electronic device. Then, a score is generated based on a plurality of such received IDs. Additionally, based on information received from a server, relevant treatment instructions are displayed to the subjects based on the received information and the score. The server comprises instructions for sending to the plurality of electronic devices the information to be displayed with the relevant treatment instructions, additionally, the server and/or the electronic devices comprise instructions to generate a prediction of the likelihood of a subject transmitting the pathogen, based on the score of the subject.

A Patent Issued for The Purpose of Contact Tracing All Vaccinated Humans Worldwide - "Wake up stupid little sheep. You are being led to your slaughter."

Identification of patterns in c0r0n @ v | rus vaccines: nanorouters

Jim Stone writes- Bluetooth and the vax

The story is that many people are noticing that the vaxxed are showing up on bluetooth. I spent some time looking into this recently and it looks like people might be onto something.

There are now numerous posts, well done posts, to social media where people have tested to see if the vaxxed really are showing up on bluetooth, and it seems to be the case. When they do, they show up as an "unidentified device" with a  string of numbers for the device name. Some are showing up with several connections...
High frequency Vaxxed People
In  2016, Klaus Schwab said by 2026 all of humanity will have an implanted microchip/tracking device

Final Technical report on Graphene in vaccines

"Vaccines" Contain a Barcode?
Updated from Oct 31, 2021


Here are a dozen smartphone screenshots I took Monday in front of a supermarket in Germany.

It looks like the inoculated are all having their own individual (kind of) IP address which appears on the screen when bluetooth is being activated and scans the surrounding for reachable bluetooth devices.

As you can see I did that for five minutes and the digits change with the ongoing stream of pedestrians and vehicles. The addresses all have the same format.

Twelve digits separated by colon, a mix of numbers and alphabetic characters.

This is definitely not how a reachable bluetooth device looks like on the screen. Normally you get the name of the device and a symbol that shows what kind of device, e.g. headset, phone, car hifi etc.

The more people are around the more numbers appear and the list changes from second to second.

I'm not a pro but I know a little bit about computers and I have never seen anything like that before.

My web research resulted in absolutely nothing except some others who noticed the same phenomenon. The fact that the numbers change with the people passing by only makes sense when these people themselves are the devices.

If  true, everybody with a smartphone (except iphone) can see with his own eyes now what the whole C-agenda is about. Everybody can check this by himself. Even the inoculated non-believers can go to the woods or elsewhere where they are alone and try it out. The same number they always see on their screen no matter when they look at it is their own mark-of-the-beast-number.

Seems like tptb created this whole C-scenario amongst others to get everybody injected with a jab that contains graphene oxide and that self-assembles (this ability is one of graphene oxides characteristics) in the body to some kind of artificial nervous system which connects the person to the smart grid either directly via 5G or via the persons smartphone.

And I suppose this is only one aspect of the evil potential of the jab.


Bluetooth Vaccine? Does the Injected COVID Non-Vaccine Connect With Devices?
Published on May 25, 2021
By Makia Freeman

"The only problem is that everywhere I go, everywhere I go, everything is trying to connect with me man, like Bluetooth connect to me. I get in the car, my car is trying to connect to me. I go home, my computer's trying to connect. Like, my phone is trying to connect ... the connectivity's still there. I don't know how to turn it off. Everywhere I get the same message."

Those who understand the background to this discovery - including Transhumanism and the Operation Coronavirus-nanotech connection - will perceive that this is another clue that the COVID non-vaccines are injecting some kind of biosensor into people, to begin the process of turning people into nodes on the Smart Grid.
Vaxxed Trifecta: Magnetic, Barcoded, and bioluminescent + Bluetooth Enabled!
French bluetooth phone pick's up who's vaccinated by mobile number! It's in French, but you'll understand by watchin
Dr. Chinda Brandolino refers to the technology that makes it possible for the Bluetooth to read codes in inoculated individuals

VAXxed - Bluetooth 5 finding out RFID2020 on people

Covid Vaccines, The Planned for Mark of the Beast part 3  
Graphene oxide is made of a single layer of carbon atoms...6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons.  That's what is being injected into people.  

ID2020 - Vaccination Identification Patch Technology is now being deployed in Australia from 'Vaxxas'. Also known as the 'Quantum Dot Tattoo' with the capability to affix a QR code with luciferase ink. AKA Mark of the beast.

ID2020 - is an initiative from a consortium of corporations that are seeking to introduce a new global form of Vaccination Identification through the injection of a 'digital tattoo' 'micro-needle array (patch)' with invisible luciferase ink. Producing in the skin a unique 'QR like' scanable code to identify a person and their health record. This has been also called the 'mark of the beast'

Study: Covid vaccines appear to install a "MAC COMPUTER ADDRESS" inside the vaxxed | EU | Before It's News

Of the 137 patients questioned, 112 said they had been vaccinated, and 25 said they hadn't been vaccinated. None of the patients who said they hadn't been vaccinated registered on my cell phone any device available for Bluetooth connection, having ensured the disconnection of their cell phone, if they had one. In 96 patients of the 112 who said they had been vaccinated, 96 of the 112 having switched off their electronic devices if they were carrying them, a MAC code remained on the screen of my cell phone, which I had already noted in my notes next to the patient's medical history.

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