Human Rights Violations In AUSTRALIA: Enormous Fines & Obscene Jail Time Threatened: Western Australia ‘Emergency Management Amendment’ Draconian Bill + Existing EVIL Laws

Human Rights Violations In AUSTRALIA: Enormous Fines & Obscene Jail Time Threatened: Western Australia ‘Emergency Management Amendment’ Draconian Bill + Existing EVIL Laws

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Tim Truth

Summary Of The Disgusting Tyranny

Western Australia government is pushing forward with even more tyrannical laws. The latest assault on civil rights: a bill for future C19 variants is working its way through the WA parliament. Between this bill, the Emergency Management Act & the Public Health Act, the threat to the public is immense:

  • Government can force people to submit to Covid tests or experimental “vaccines” (in clear violation of Nuremberg Code) even if they have negative efficacy
  • Government can forcefully quarantine people (house arrest or concentration camps)
  • Government can enslave people and force them to obey orders & tasks
  • Government can destroy people’s houses, buildings, vehicles, crops & animals
  • Government can steal people’s property or vehicles
  • Government can break into houses or vehicles
  • Government can prohibit or force movement
  • Government can shut off any service including but not limited to, electricity, gas, fuel supply
  • Government can take and use people’s fuel, food, electricity & water
  • Covid officers can issue $1,000 fines for noncompliant individuals, $5,000 fines for corporations. The fines increase to $50,000 if you excercise your right to defend yourself in court. What are the rules? Anything the unelected “Emergency Coordinator” dictates as long as they pretend it will “keep people safe.” Other huge threats like $20,000 fines for disobeying orders
  • Government can bring in military forces and give them extensive powers over Australians

You can read the full bill on WA gov’t website (warning: they are tracking people with Google Analytics): Emergency Management Amendment (Temporary COVID-19 Provisions) Bill 2022

This is an excerpt from the ‘overview’ section of the bill:

Excerpts From The Terrible New Bill

Excerpts from the Emergency Management Amendment:

So we can already see the socialists are building up a public health dictatorial war machine against their own people. And it’s all being done under the terrible excuse that the government will likely need to keep people locked down when new variants pop up. The German Nazis used the same excuse: “it’s for your safety!” (“Für ihre sicherheit”)

They have such an itchy trigger finger to use these new powers, they make sure to even include a section explicitly permitting MULTIPLE concurrent Covid19 Declarations:

Emergency Management Act 2005

This latest insane amendment piles on to what has already been passed in the Emergency Management Act:

Public Health Act of 2016

Another terrible law that the tyrants of Western Australia love is the Public Health Act:

The Perth Concentration Camps

It seems ANOTHER concentration camp is being built near Perth WA. From the Australian government website:

“The Centre for National Resilience Perth will be located on Defence-owned land at Bullsbrook, approximately 4.5 kilometres west of the township of Bullsbrook.”

Just like in Darwin, where they have locked people up for being “close contacts.”

Gassing Of Camp Inmates

A human rights crisis is underway in Australia. A tradie whistleblower has exposed that the new jail cells are being equipped with gas lines, seemingly to dose people against their will, perhaps with a lethal gas.

Watch the video report for more info on the potential gassing of inmates:

We have a very concerning clip where a man who was filming in his camp cell overheard a concentration camp guard threatening to “f%^&ing gas” another distressed inmate:

Authorizations To Poison

Let’s not forget the role of the Western Australian government in knowingly POISONING their people. They have even tried to scrub these authorizations once they were exposed by the public.

When you try to visit this page now it says “You are not authorized to access this page.” What are they hiding? More on this in my full report on the WA poison orders.

Communism – Soviet Similarities

Wake up and smell the communism! Censorship and political arrests were common in the Soviet Union.  Much was encapsulated by the Stalin era criminal code in Article 58, which covered “crimes” against the communist state, including:

  • Section 1: Any action (or lack of action) whose purpose is to weaken the State’s power is deemed counterrevolutionary
  • Section 3: No assisting a foreign state at war with the USSR
  • Section 4: No aiding the international bourgeoisie
  • Section 6: Outlawed espionage against the U.S.S.R.
  • Section 7: Outlawed subversion of industry and trade and forbade the circulation of money.
  • Section 8: Outlined illegal “Terrorism” offenses
  • Section 10: Propaganda or agitation, containing an appeal for the overthrow, subverting or weakening of the Soviet power.
  • Section 11: Additional offense that served as an aggravating factor for any of the other sections if such actions were undertaken as a organization, which could just involve two people exchanging correspondence
  • Section 12: Forced citizens to denounce all actions that violated the other sections
  • Section 14: Outlawed sabotage : a “conscious failure to carry out defined duties or intentionally careless execution of the same.”

So it looks clear that the Sept 20th 2022 press release from Mark McGowan, the Western Australian Premier, about this bill bringing an end to the Emergency is totally misleading:

I think I see where this is going… and it includes a lot of forced masking child abuse. We have to stop them.

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