As This Chart Clearly Shows; Humans have nothing to do with climate change

As This Chart Clearly Shows; Humans have nothing to do with climate change

The climate change premise debunked.
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The whole premise of climate change is that humans, and animals are outputting too much CO2 into the atmosphere.  It is what the film by Al Gore was making assumptions about.  According to the documentary “The Inconvenient Truth”, by 2020, Florida was going to be under water.   They used a graph showing the levels of parts per million increase of C02 in our atmosphere, and based all his claims on this back in the early 90’s.

Me being a young adult, I believed the hysteria and thought OMG, by the time I am the age I am right now, the world will be a disaster.  It was a lie.  The whole movie should have been called “The Inconvenient Lie”. It is incovenient, because now 30+ years later we can go back on all the climate predictions of the past and realize that they are batting 0% on their predictions.

It was a mechanism for control, just like Covid 19.  The use our government owned media sources, universities, schools to indoctrinate kids into a false belief system, and then call anyone out that has figure this out as climate deniers.

So, let me clear this up for you.  The people on the other side of this debate, are not climate change deniers.  We acknowledge full heartedly that the climate changes.  However, the science shows that humans, animals, and C02 have nothing to do with it.  The sun has cycles, and the narrative flows to the reality of these cycles.  Thats why some decades they said we are in f0r an ice age.  Then other decades, our planet is burning up.   The truth is, we have no impact on climate change whatsoever.

This graph DECIMATES THE WHOLE C02 argument.

I have pinned this to the top of this category so you understand the biggest lie of climate change and the policies they wish to implement using bogus info.

Recently, 500 climatologists sent a letter to Joe Biden telling him there was no climate emergency.  The house of cards of this big lie will come down, so please help share content from this blog which will be vetted thoroughly to debunk some of the biggest lies on this topic.

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