In Defense of Genocide and War on ‘Antisemitism’, There Go Our Constitutional Liberties

In Defense of Genocide and War on ‘Antisemitism’, There Go Our Constitutional Liberties

Joachim Hagopian

Israel’s flagrant genocide against Palestinian Arabs in Gaza has caused protests all over the world. The latest headline grabbers are protester encampments at a number of college campuses spreading across America, the latest at Columbia, New York University, Yale, Harvard, Brown, MIT, University of Michigan, University of Texas at Austin, USC and California Polytechnic University Pomona.

Apparently, on Monday April 22nd, the Yale students were arrested for urging the university to divest from defense manufacturers arming Israel to kill Palestinians. But as always, the Zionist controlled press is once again conflating opposition against the slaughter of innocent Palestinian civilians with antisemitism, the go-to weapon that has allowed Zionists to literally get away with murder for over three-quarters of a century during the Jewish State’s entire existence.

On Monday, Braindead Biden further fanned the sensationalized flames, polarizing the volatile situation by calling for Americans to speak out against this “alarming surge of antisemitism.” Just like the Braindead regime has called the greatest threat to America “white supremacist extremism,” this latest fabrication is being used to further divide and rule America. This favorite totalitarian M.O. is used to justify launching neo-Nazi campaigns to lock up targeted innocent law-abiding citizens as dissenters opposing the genocide and treasonous destruction of America’s liberty. It’s all too obvious to not see what’s really unfolding.

Though I support these protests against Israel’s genocide of Palestinians, I also see that this anti-Israel movement has been co-opted, not unlike the Occupy Wall Street movement a dozen years ago. It too started out somewhat promising, an organic grassroots effort illuminating the ever-widening wealth disparity gap between the 1%-ers and the rest of us. But it was neutralized to fizzle out with over-the-top police state mobilization into another war at home against dissent.

Heavy-handed police state tactics of aggression are once again arresting hundreds of these anti-Israel genocide protesters, aimed at quashing this latest well-meaning grassroots movement. The same oppressive tactics are being rolled out to quell this latest college campus rebellion. This current protest wave will also peter out as virtually all previous antiwar movements come and go, meeting the same fate.

Overt elements of bread and circus, wag-the-dog, diversionary tactics are currently deployed to divert public focus away from World War III-in-the-making, and the globalists’ agenda for their larger genocide against the human race as bottom-line reality. But also, this growing unrest on college campuses is just a prelude of what’s to come during the long hot summer months ahead. In increasing numbers, thousands more Americans will be in revolt against the mounting oppression of America’s militarized police state amidst this nation’s total financial and economic house of cards collapse.

Police begin arresting Yale University students occupying the campus with a ‘Gaza Plaza Liberation Zone’ tent encampment.

As a detained activist is taken into police custody, students chant:

“Down, down with occupation.”

— Oli London (@OliLondonTV) April 22, 2024

On Wednesday April 24th, House Majority Leader and AIPAC-owned traitor Mike Johnson stood in front of the Columbia University library, flanked by a few Congress members to deliver the official federal response. Amidst the booing, heckling crowd of protesters, Johnson threatened to fire Columbia’s president for her alleged laxity in dealing with what Johnson refers to as the “lawlessness” displayed on  campuses by anti-Israel activists.

Johnson repeatedly emphasized alleged violence and threats of violence toward Jewish students afraid of attending class. This is the propaganda of today’s oppressive federal tyranny exercising its agenda to destroy America’s constitutional right to peaceful assembly for protest. The Zionist controlled Mockingbird press and Zionist controlled US government are opportunistically using a few isolated incidents as their excuse to eliminate America’s First Amendment free speech right to protest.  

Police violently detaining US protesters this week are sending the loud and clear message to all American citizensthat protest in the land of not so free is now against the law. After all, all the US municipal police departments received their mob dispersal training combating “civil unrest” from who else? The apartheid genocidal expert itself – Israel, owner of the world’s largest open-air bombed out genocidal prison in Gaza. There’s an obvious  thread in everything America and Israel are and are fast becoming pariah nations of the world.

Ultimately, the plan in the US is to create so much destabilization and upheaval that martial law is conveniently declared so that the useful idiot uni-party puppet traitors in DC funding three war fronts retain their token tyrannical power by canceling the November election.

This week, law enforcement nationwide has been ordered at all these university campuses to arrest hundreds, if not thousands of protesters, the vast majority simply American citizens exercising their First Amendment constitutional rights to peaceful assembly, protesting against Israel’s in-our-face brutality. Though there may be a small minority of bigots or more apt agent provocateurs among the protests (as in the unindicted J6 inciters) appearing to prejudicially target Jewish students, with a few idiots that may actually be antisemitic, like clockwork always the Zionist controlled media seizes upon this perfect “wag the dog” misdirection moment as another opportunity to draw much needed attention away from the senseless slaughter of more than 20,000 women and children thus far mass murdered in Palestine.

And now it’s become the classic misdirection from all sides, slamming dissent with police state tactics to quell the student uprising from spreading further into mainstream America. This is a psyops fed by the weak excuse of a few Jewish students reportedly harassed and threatened, with rabbis instructing them to leave their prestigious Ivy League colleges in response to the media-hyped “antisemitism” claim.

It’s all too obvious that this unbridled sensationalism instantly removes all focus from Gaza’s bloodbath, Israel’s bloodthirsty madness of its failed EMP attack against Iran, the still unfunded open border policy intended to overload and destroy the West, driving up skyrocketing crime, rising domestic warfare exploiting the class, racial, gender, religious and cultural divide, imminent World War III at three US-funded theaters of combat operations, the crumbling, crashing national and global economies and spreading worldwide impoverishment, famine, homelessness and destitution, not to mention the next bioweapon terror attack usurping all our national and individual sovereignty rights vis-a-vis the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty up for UN vote within a few weeks. See what the controllers are desperately blocking out of view with all their sinister sleight of hand, over-the-top coverage of US college campus protests?

With the diabolical elites deliberately engineering all these deadly crises and multiple disasters boiling over into worldwide chaos, brutal mass death and destruction, the globalists prefer Americans be preoccupied with so-called “antisemitic” student protests, while Rome, or in this case, the world burns, as the global masses get blindsided into ignorant oblivion to never see what’s coming – a genocidal tsunami of global upheaval, devastation and drastic depopulation.

This overtly oppressive pattern unfolds with growing criminal charges of hate speech crime now usurping our constitutional rights and silencing dissent in order to deliver punitive retribution against peaceful protesters and truthtellers brave enough to exercise their free speech rights. 

Essentially, what we are witnessing in the face of this current crackdown on Americans’ right to freely assemble and protest is today’s USA brand of authoritarian tyranny. In case you hadn’t noticed in all the media circus theatrics, treasonous Congress’ recent renewal of FISA allowing the federal government without warrant to continue spying on Americans or, as Tucker Carlson points out, the CIA threatens to put kiddie porn on Congress members’ computers. And now the latest assault on our constitutional rights, in one fell swoop, our Fourth Amendment search and seizure and Fifth Amendment self-incrimination protection are eroded by last week’s 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision. It ruled that law enforcement can force suspects to unlock their cellphone encryption data where nothing is safe from snooping Big Brother surveillance. From an April 19th article:

Even cursory access to someone’s phone can turn up travel history, banking information, and call and text logs—a treasure trove of potentially incriminating information, all of which would otherwise require a warrant.

In a single week, piece by piece our Constitutional freedoms are being undermined and systematically dismantled as our historic rule of law. Those exercising their First Amendment rights on college campuses need the rest of us Americans who still believe in the sanctity of our Constitution, and who know that genocide is evil whether it’s committed by Israel or not, to step up in support of the rights to protest against this blight. Bottom line, we have elites waging genocide against the entire human race, cloaked under their open banner of depopulation.

Will Americans and humans wake up in time before we’re either all dead or rotting away under digital enslavement in our 15-minute smart city prison cells? It’s a tossup.

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