Is It a Conspiracy Theory or Critical Thinking Skills and Common Sense?

Is It a Conspiracy Theory or Critical Thinking Skills and Common Sense?

Caroline Chang | AMP Journal | AMP News

Let’s first examine the term “conspiracy theory”. This term was first created by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the mid-1960s after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. This term was created by the CIA so that no one would question the official narrative of the assassination of JFK.

The term was created to control the narrative and silence the public. If you did not go along with the official narrative of the president’s assassination, you were labeled as a crazy conspiracy nut.

This term was created by criminals because the CIA is a criminal organization, created by criminals for criminals. The CIA is a legalized organized crime Mafia. Thus far, almost every so-called conspiracy theory has been proven to be conspiracy FACT.

Central Intelligence Agency headquarters, Langley, Virginia – United States Library of Congress’s Prints

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

I learned a great history lesson from the documentary film JFK to 9/11 Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick about how the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was created in 1947. Basically, all businesses in America were controlled by organized crime from the 1930s to 1940s; it was the US government that went to mob bosses for help. That is how the CIA was born.

By the end of World War II, Sam Giancana was boasting to his younger brother Chuck, “We own the White House.” He was admitting that every state governor, congressman, and senior judge in the country was on the take to the mob. Giancana maintained that politicians were the easiest people to corrupt. Read more about it in his best-selling book Double Cross.

One of the Mafia’s most spectacular successes, as they sought control over all the big players, was their corruption of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover had an elaborate scheme for accepting Mafia bribes.

At the racetrack, he would have someone place huge bets on races that were fixed by the mob. By keeping Hoover supplied with millions in winnings, and having compromising sex photographs of Hoover, the Mafia had the FBI Director entirely under their control.

With the sinking of the S.S. Normandie at NYC’s Pier 88, is one of history’s great tragedies that the United States government went crawling to the Mafia for help. When she fell to sabotage, it was a colossal blow to the Allied war effort, and in response, a naval intelligence officer decided to enlist the help of the New York Mafia.

Nevertheless, this was the incident in history through which the Mafia began its relationship with American Military Intelligence and the CIA was created. This unholy alliance gave the world its first-ever pirates with planes and a legal government criminal Mafia cabal.

The CIA became the world’s primary importer and export of narcotics and used the profits to fund wars around the world. Thereby enabling their friends and cohorts in the military-industrial complex to sell yet more weapons.

The National Archives released 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy

After the JFK Assassination

After the assassination of JFK, the government’s official narrative of what happened was so flimsy and made no sense that the CIA had to come up with ways to deter the public from looking into what actually happened.

They came up with the idea to label anyone who did not believe the official narrative as crazy by labeling them a conspiracy theorist. The politically correct thing to do was to just believe the government’s account of how JFK was killed as gospel truth. If not people who think you were crazy. This tactic was very successful for the CIA, especially in the 1960s. Therefore, this labeling stuck if anyone attempted to question the official government and mainstream narrative on any event.

The term conspiracy theorist has now been used for so long that most people have no idea the term was created by the CIA. Nowadays anyone with half a brain who attempts to use their own logic, critical thinking skills, and common sense are immediately labeled conspiracy theorists.

Common Sense Went Right Out the Window with 9/11

Anyone who honestly looks into the events of 9/11 will see logically not one word that the public was told is true. All 3 buildings in New York City were controlled demolition. However, there was a different type of demolition done on the Twin Towers than Building 7. Building 7 was a classic controlled demolition, however, there may have been energy weapons that the general population is not aware of that were used on the Twin Towers.

There was no plane that went into the Pentagon. [or the twin towers] This was even reported by a CNN reporter who was right there. He said, “No plane went down anywhere near the Pentagon.” He was reporting live, and these were his exact words. That footage only aired once and never again. It was obviously a missile that went into the Pentagon that day. If it was a plane, what happened to the wings? Where were the people, plane parts, and luggage?


Shows Missile Hit The Pentagon | Not A Plane


No Planes Hit The Twin Towers

The grass in front of the gaping hole in the Pentagon was untouched. That is physically impossible for a plane to go into a building only 5 stories tall and not even touch the ground. A plane in essence is a hollow tube, that even birds can put a dent in the front nose of a plane. Yet, this hollow tube went through so many layers of reinforced steel and concrete walls.

You would have to be using absolutely no critical thinking skills or logic to believe something like that. The same goes for the so-called plane crash in Shanksville, PA. There was absolutely no plane that went down in PA that day. Where in the world have you ever seen a plane crash and there is utterly nothing left? Did the plane just disintegrate into the ground?

After all this time and all this undeniable evidence that there was no foreign attack on America on 9/11; other than the United States government attacking its own citizens. People don’t want to talk about this elephant in the room. It disturbs me so much when I hear anyone speak of 9/11 as if it was a real attack on Americans by a handful of radical Muslims. Like I heard this past week on the Jimmy Dore show.

Alex Jones on Tucker Carlson & Joe Rogan

Recently the infamous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was on with Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan. And even Elon Musk reinstated Alex back on Twitter (I will never call it X). Many are calling Alex Jones the “Father of Conspiracy Theories”. However, not in my book, I would give that title to David Icke before I give that title to Alex Jones.

And these programs, Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan with millions of millions of viewers would never have David Icke on their show. I wonder why? Yes, Alex has been correct about many things and has done a lot to wake people up to the truth that is right in front of their faces. Yet, so has David Icke. Personally, I would love to see all truth tellers on these programs, most definitely David Icke, because he was the person who started opening my eyes in 2010.

Both David Icke and Alex Jones have been mocked and made fun of for decades. They have both been banned and censored much longer than anyone else. David Icke is not allowed to travel to over 26 countries just because he was on his way to speak at a Peace Rally in the Netherlands. How crazy is that?

All of this banning and censorship has been to try to shut them up. Thankfully nothing has shut them up and they have been sharing the truth all these many decades. Now at last, finally, after the COVID Plandemic, Scamdemic, Shamdemic, people are finally waking up to what has been right in front of their eyes the entire time.

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Nothing Has Ever Been Hidden

People think that the truth has been hidden from them when in reality it never has been. It has always been right there in the open for all to see. For example, Bill Gates has been saying for eons the biggest problem in the world is overpopulation. This is an obvious lie that anyone with eyes to see can see that the world is nowhere near overpopulated.

Yet a man whose stated goal is to depopulate the earth is allowed into Africa and India to inject children with God knows what. Think about what I am saying rationally and logically. If a man is saying his goal is to depopulate the earth, that is what he has been saying publicly since the late 1990s. Would you allow this man to inject your child with anything?

Then when you look into Bill Gates’s family history his father was very active in the Eugenics movement and Planned Parenthood. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. My point here is that none of this was hidden information. This information was right out in the open.

The information cannot be hidden from the public, that is Universal Law! The only way the Globalists can get away with their scheme is with our permission because we are Sovereign beings. They know this truth, we do not. They can only do what we give them permission to do to us.

Therefore, they have to trick us with false perceptions, yet at the same time, they cannot completely hide the truth from us. We must say “Yes” to their plan. If we do not say “Yes”, they are powerless to do anything. They have no power over us, except for the power we give them.

Let’s STOP Giving Them Our Permission

Let’s all stop giving the Globalist permission to enslave us all. Only we can do this, no one else can do it for us. One easy way is to never vote again! Yes, you heard me right! The United States government is not even a government at all. It is a bankrupt corporation owned and controlled by Big Pharma and the Globalist Elites.

The entire so-called government is completely corrupt inside and out, left, right, and center. And this bankrupt corporation is run by the worst criminals you can imagine. Every time you vote you are saying to them, “Oh, we trust who we are voting for to fix this mess.” Never going to happen!

If you truly care for the future of this country and the future of Humanity, you would never vote in a corrupt election ever again and they are all set up that way. Look at what happened in 2020 and 2022.

The entire world knows that the presidential election was stolen from the sitting president Trump. I did not vote in 2020 and I am no Trump fan. I am not a fan of any politician because I know that this government cannot be fixed. The same people who voted for Trump in 2020 and are aware that the election was stolen, are the same people who think that he can be re-elected in 2024.

That is insanity in my mind. What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results. Anyone planning on voting for Trump again, that is exactly what they are doing. And it’s not just Trump, the entire system is corrupt, and it cannot be fixed.

The best way to fix a completely broken and corrupt system is to make it totally obsolete. My hope for this country is that there is No Election in 2024! That would be the best thing for this country, the best thing for the world, and the future of Humanity. It would be so amazing if no one showed up at the polls in November 2024.

If you have not seen the documentary film JFK to 9/11 Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick you can see it for FREE on YouTube.


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