It is Time to Prosecute C19 Shot Crimes • Bypass Corrupt Federal Government; Local Prosecution, Under Authority Of the Tenth Amendment, Prosecute In State Court

It is Time to Prosecute C19 Shot Crimes • Bypass Corrupt Federal Government; Local Prosecution, Under Authority Of the Tenth Amendment, Prosecute In State Court


Joseph Sansone, PhD

Dear Attorney General Moody,

Since early 2020 we have seen literal crimes against humanity as we have witnessed murder and conspiracy to commit murder on a global scale. We have seen coerced masks, lockdowns, and Covid 19 shots. Specifically, let’s focus on Covid 19 and the Covid 19 shots.

Dr. Frances Boyle is the Harvard educated law professor that wrote the 1989 Bioweapons and Antiterrorism Act, is both a criminal law and international law expert, and has asserted that crimes have been committed, and that there is a remedy. These are outlined in his book Resisting Medical Tyranny: Why Covid 19 Mandates are criminal.

Dr. Boyle references a scientific paper published in 2015 entitled, A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence. According to Dr. Boyle this paper is evidence that Covid 19 is an offensive biological weapon. The National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases as well as The National Institute of Health funded this research. Among others, he asserts that Anthony Fauci is incriminated.

Dr. Boyle asserts that this research is in violation of the Biological Weapons and Antiterrorism Act of 1989, which he authored. It is therefore unlawful. He also asserts that based on the Anglo-American common-law definition of murder; it meets that criterion as well.

Regarding Covid 19 shots, Dr. Boyle, who is an expert in international law, asserts that these experimental shots are a violation of the Nuremberg Code and points out that the United States was a signatory to the Nuremberg Tribunal. Doctors were in fact executed for crimes against humanity during the Nuremberg trials. As we all know, following orders is not a legal defense. Dr. Boyle points out that unlawful killing with malice aforethought has occurred and are clear cut violations of the Nuremberg Code. These constitute Nuremberg Crimes under international law. Murder, inhuman acts against civilian populations, extermination, are all at issue. Dr. Boyle cites the Nuremberg Charter of 1945, Nuremberg Judgement of 1946, and the Nuremberg Principles of 1950, which he states are all customary and basic international criminal law across the world.

There has not only been no informed consent as required in the Nuremberg Code, there appears outright fraud claiming that Covid shots are safe and effective when the clinical data demonstrated that these shots were not safe and effective. The recent hearings held by Senator Ron Johnson demonstrate the deadly side effects, and build on prior evidence presented at Senator Ron Johnson’s prior hearing in January 2022. VAERS data and VSAFE data demonstrate that C19 shots are deadly and pose a severe health risk. My previous open letter to the governor and surgeon general summarizes the dangers of these shots and the need for immediate action to protect the public.

Dr. Boyle doesn’t just highlight the problem. This esteemed law professor offers a solution. Bypassing the corrupt federal government and under the authority of the Tenth Amendment, Dr. Boyle urges that local prosecutors take up the case, in state, not federal court. Dr. Boyle asserts that Fauci and the pharmaceutical executives from Pfizer, BioNtech, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, can be charged and indicted for murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Increasingly the evidence demonstrates that Covid shots are not safe and are causing death and injury. Dr. Boyle argues that friends and family of those that have been injured or have died need to swarm their state attorney generals, state attorneys, county prosecutors, and demand a grand jury and seek indictments for murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Dr. Boyle believes that after the first indictment, the house of cards will fall.

Increasingly, evidence is emerging that C19 and the C19 shots are biological and technological weapons and that unrestricted warfare is being unleased on the human population. All cause mortality is increasing. Conditions such as cancer, heart conditions, autoimmune conditions, neurological conditions, blood clots, strokes, and so on, are resulting from the C19 shots. Never seen before biosynthetic blood clots are being pulled out of corpses. Our blood supply may no longer be safe.

It appears that Florida statutes informed consent laws have been violated and this has caused death and permanent disability. I pointed out in my previous letter to the governor and surgeon general that birth rates are dropping as all cause mortality increases and that there is evidence that C19 shots alter human DNA and that this apparent gene editing program potentially poses a risk to the future survival of the human race.

How many young people have to drop dead on the soccer field? How many people must get cancer? How many people must suffer from heart attacks or strokes? How many people must suffer from neurological diseases and suffer permanent disability? How much more evidence need manifest before there is action?

An attorney general has the authority to seize biological weapons. The C19 injections must be seized immediately to protect the public. Furthermore, a forensic evaluation of the contents of each batch for each manufacturer’s C19 shot must be conducted to assess the full damage these apparent biologicals weapons have caused.

There is a large body of public evidence that these shots cause harm and they do appear to be a biological and technological weapon. It is time to call a grand jury and seek indictments and charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder must be directed toward government officials, pharmaceutical executives, and those involved in fraudulently imposing a biological weapon on the American people, including executives at media and social media companies that censored medical information about the risks associated with C19 shots. This must be done in STATE, not federal court.

Even if you do not agree that the C19 shots are a biological weapon, their distribution demonstrated a callous disregard of human life and are unlawful experimentation on human beings without informed consent and therefore constitute crimes against humanity.

We have reached the point where elected officials looking the other way, will no longer be tolerated. You have a fiduciary responsibility to act on all of the available information.

Respectfully, I urge you act immediately.


Joseph Sansone, PhD

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