Jan 6 Was A Set Up • Free All January 6 Political Prisoners NOW

Jan 6 Was A Set Up • Free All January 6 Political Prisoners NOW

"Non-Uniformed Guys Have Any Identifiers” Capitol Police Video Uncovered from Jan 6 Shows Undercover and Armed DOJ Onsite – IT WAS A SETUP

The Gateway Pundit

Joe Hoft

It was all one big setup!

Videos released hours ago on Twitter show multiple examples of undercover federal agents at the Capitol on Jan 6.

Now, there is even more evidence showing the extent of the presence of undercover federal agents at the US Capitol on Jan 6.

In the first video, released by FreeStateWill on Twitter hours ago, two officers are shown following Ashli Babbitt into the Capitol. Officer 2 reiterates his belief that someone was going to get shot. Then they join in chanting, “Whose house? Our house!”

In the second tweet in the thread, public video shows government agents, yet the US government continues to hide videos of these officers.

In the third tweet, DOJ/DOE agents are identified walking towards the Capitol while President Trump was still talking near the Washington Monument. The US government still won’t release all the videos from that day.

In the fourth tweet, a Capitol policeman says, “Let them take this motherf*cker.”

In the fifth tweet, an officer is caught waving people onto the Capitol.

In the sixth tweet, Metro Police stop armed individuals near the Capitol and show their IDs revealing them as either DOJ or DOE agents. They were all police.

In the final tweet, a Capitol police officer discusses their non-uniformed guys and how they can be identified.

With every passing day, it is becoming more clear who the real villains and criminals were on January 6, 2021. And it was not the Trump supporters. It was a set-up against American patriots. What a horrible day in American history.

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