Jet Fuel Hoax • Free Energy High Bypass Turbofan Engines

Jet Fuel Hoax • Free Energy High Bypass Turbofan Engines

Dylan Eleven •

Certain subjects never cross your mind.  Until you realize, wait a minuet, it is so obvious how did i not see it before.

Behold, one of those subjects.  Jet fuel.

It took a meme to alert me to this subject and below I have posted a video of how this works.

But once you see this truth, it can't be unseen.

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Aircraft that use high bypass turbofan engines (most commercial passenger airplanes) don't use fuel to keep those engines running.

Come to find out, we've all been taken advantage of once again.  A large percentage of your airline ticket is supposedly based on the large amount of fuel used during the flight.  If only a small amount of fuel is used to start the engine, and then the engine runs on its' own during the whole flight, what are you being charged for?  the cheap peanuts?  The airplanes themselves have been paid for a hundred times over by now, so where is all that money going? research "high bypass turbofan engines".  

The only fuel being used during an airplane flight is the diesel or gasoline that runs the on-board generator which creates electricity to run the electrical systems.  The massive amounts of fuel we are told is pumped into these aircraft is a lie.  The wings are empty.  They don't hold fuel.

This concept is astonishing and infuriating, simultaneously.  it's just another lie among the many we are sold throughout our lifetimes.  Research everything... because most of what you think is "truth" is not.  It never has been and never will be, no matter how tightly you cling to it.

If the theory holds that the aircraft is impelling itself through the aether (which is more than just the "air"), then, in reality, there is no thrust.  the whole concept of propulsion goes right out the proverbial window.  It may cause one to consider the strange craft (tic tacs, "ufos", etc.) that can turn on a dime and head in entirely different directions as utilizing "impelsion" ("impulsion"?) via the aether as a means of controlling movement and accelerating and decelerating.  It means we have no need for engines that push, when we can create engines that pull us through the air.  Fascinating.

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