Joe Rogan • CIA Asset

Joe Rogan • CIA Asset

Dylan Eleven •

Knowing the truth about one subject can shed light on other subjects.

When someone takes a stand against a truth known by critical thinkers such as yourself, one that has been widely documented by alternative media, it helps us see what side they are really on.

A perfect example of this is Joe Rogan.   Personally I have never watched an episode of his show.    Some say he is a CIA asset.  Some say he is on our side.  The following video shows him trying to prove chemtrails are not real.

Anyone who claims chemtrails are not real and that the government is not harming people by spraying chemicals is a fraud.

We can all see chemtrails, we have all seen images of the inside of chemtrail planes, people have tested the air, soil and water and whistleblowers have come forward explaining chemtrail activity they participate in.

To declare them to be a hoax, clearly shows allegiance to the cabal.

I am very glad I have never wasted a second watching his show.

Chemtrails • Genocide From Above
Dylan Eleven • We have covered this subject in great detail over the years. In North America we have been experiencing chemtrails for decades. It seems that many people are finally looking up and questioning the lines in the sky. Chemtrails are a part of the depopulation agenda and