Klaus Schwab’s ’15-Minute Cities’ Plan Moves Forward Around The World

Klaus Schwab’s ’15-Minute Cities’ Plan Moves Forward Around The World

Prepare For Change | Edward Morgan

Protests are popping up around the world against something called 15 minute cities. We’ve covered 15 minute cities here on the show and we warned you about them and now that warning is starting to catch on. So what are 15 minute cities?

It is a globalist dream for urban planning. Think The Hunger Games where you stay in your district or else..

To break it down, these “15 minute cities” are the so-called “perfect design for humanity” where everything you need is within a 15 minute walk from your home. Now to most this would sound ideal, who wouldn’t want everything on their doorstep but this rabbit hole goes a lot deeper.

Thousands have taken to the streets in England to express their hostility towards this concept of the 15 minute cities as this design has already been rolled out in a number of cities across the globe like Barcelona, Melbourne and Paris to name a few.

This is now a reality and they are continuing to push this agenda in more World Economic Forum controlled countries and these protests in England are capturing this sentiment.

15 minuet city in China

15 Minuet City In China

Source: https://principia-scientific.com

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