Leaked Documents Blamed on Airman Teixeira Likely Released By The National Intelligence Council As A Narrative Control Operation

Leaked Documents Blamed on Airman Teixeira Likely Released By The National Intelligence Council As A Narrative Control Operation

Dylan Eleven • Truth11.com

We decided not to publish the recent leaked documents as it seemed to us it was a fed trap.   A way for Biden to further impose internet censorship in the name of national security.

Although the documents may or may not be real, the release seemed contrived and controlled.  Also as the information did not provided any benefit for the truth movement we did not publish them.

After further investigation we feel we made the right decision.  

Other true journalists and analysts have come to a similar conclusion as the articles and video below discuss.

Paul Craig Roberts

Leaked Documents Blamed on Airman Teixeira Likely released by the National Intelligence Council as a Narrative control operation

Former CIA operative Larry Johnson and Judge Napolitano describe the latest leaked documents attributed to Airman Jack Teixeira as a high level intelligence operation to prepare the public for a crash in US power.  Teixeira is just a scapegoat. The documents were likely released by the National Intelligence Council.

What Larry Johnson says fits with what James Jesus Angleton, Chief of CIA Counterintelligence, told me was the way the CIA conducted operations designed to control narratives.  Listen closely to Larry Johnson.

Original Article: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2023/04/16/leaked-documents-blamed-on-airman-teixeira-likely-released-by-the-national-intelligence-council-as-a-narrative-control-operation/

Tap News.com | Tapestry

Biden Looking at Expanding Internet Surveillance After Discord Leaks – of course….more surveillance and another patsy to convince Americans we need more surveillance. I do not believe for one minute the story they are laying out before us on the leaks from a low ranking government employee passes the smell test. How did such a low ranking government employee get access to these highly classified documents?? Perhaps he didn’t; perhaps he is just their cover for another lie; perhaps our own government made sure he saw these documents?? Another patsy. Another lie.

Original Article: https://tapnewswire.com/2023/04/500-vaccines-per-human-is-whos-goal-how-the-who-is-planning-to-kill-us-all/


Dave DeCamp

The Biden administration appears poised to increase internet surveillance in response to the leaked Pentagon documents that appear to have been posted on the messaging platform Discord.

NBC News reported on Wednesday that the administration was looking at expanding how it monitors social media sites and chat rooms.

The report cited an unnamed senior administration official and a congressional official who said the administration wants to “expand the universe” of social media sites that US law enforcement and intelligence agencies monitor.

According to the congressional source, the report said the “intelligence community is now grappling with how it can scrub platforms like Discord in search of relevant material to avoid a similar leak in the future.”

According to The Washington Post, the top-secret documents were posted on a private Discord server that a member later posted on public servers in March. The documents have been circulating on the internet since then and were discovered by The New York Times last week.

Expanding internet surveillance is just one way the Biden administration is considering responding to the Discord leak. Internally, the Pentagon has reportedly tightened control of classified material and is looking at other steps to take.

On Thursday, the FBI arrested a 21-year-old Air National Guardsman in Massachusetts who is suspected of being the leaker.

Source: Antiwar

Original Article: https://www.activistpost.com/2023/04/biden-looking-at-expanding-internet-surveillance-after-discord-leaks.html?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email