When the Saints come marching in…

When the Saints come marching in…

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Sylvia Shawcross

Well that is a relief right? Here we all were…. okay… some of us… okay… maybe ‘those people’ were worrying with all that is going on that the Apocalypse was on the way, but we’ve been given a very good sign indeed. There is hope people!

Apparently, the Vatican wants all its money brought home and this can only mean that the Pope is far more focussed on finances than the Second Coming. So it’s good people.

God is in His/Her Heaven and all is right with the world. (But don’t get me started on pronouns—I’m saving that for another article.)

Our concerns must remain with the material world as usual and not any kind of spiritual or moral transformation or anything. All that peace, love thy neighbour, do unto others stuff—that’s all so old-fashioned anyway given our Woke generation operating on smartphones with its instant self-gratification. That’s all too much work and best we stick with what we now know.

Of course, some of the cynical amongst us say the Vatican is doing this just to pay off all the scandalous legal cases but why would the Pope have that as a priority if the Rapture was nigh?

Anyway, the important thing to remember is that we can turn this all to our advantage. Yes, that involves bringing back all of the most draconian covid laws we have available consolidated from around the world—like those from China and Quebec, Canada (where I endure).

We have no other choice.

But not for us people. We need to bring them back for our political leaders. And only our leaders.

Think of the lives and the money and jobs we’ll save!

If only we’d known this before this all started we’d have avoided a great deal of grief.

It’s entirely for their own good. We need to protect them from themselves and each other. And most importantly to save the planet of course.

They seem to have gone off the deep end. Right now, e.g. it appears they’ve taken the notion of “you are what we want you to eat”to heart and think of us all as insects. We seem to be in the way, annoying and expendable. They’re even building smart city gulag hives for us. They’re not even hiding it anymore.

I’m sure that’s all because of the masks, they’ve lost track of our human faces and they all appear to have very short attention spans. I mean, how can we trust them? They do and say outrageous things and then deny they ever said them. “Walk the talk back” is the newest game in town.

And leading politicians in words and actions are saying it doesn’t matter what voters think. It is all rather disconcerting.

The problem is mostly when they get together.

On so many levels.

You can almost see climate change wafting up into the sky over their meetings there are so many yachts and private jets in use as transportation. I’m fairly sure they don’t have crickets on their gold-trimmed bone china plates with matching silk napkins.

Whenever they get together to alleviate any given situation and realize their lofty goals they seem to make it worse.

Somehow sustainable development has warped into fear over nuclear stand offs. Elimination of starvation has morphed into a mass media frenzy of daily reports of famines or flooding causing famines or food factories burning down.

The peace train has gone off the rails and the military-industrial complex has taken over control of the station and all we see are long trains of tanks and missile launchers to keep us frightened. Diplomacy has turned into comedy.

Lofty ideals of clean energy has turned into panicked fears of freezing to death in the dark. Alleviating poverty and providing jobs has ended up as tent cities, living in cars and four part-time jobs if you’re lucky just to buy a can of chicken.

Tolerance is turning into totalitarianism and the only national pride we’re allowed to feel these days is for the Ukrainians. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that but I’m just saying….

You’d almost think it was deliberate. But that would be a conspiracy theory so let’s just ignore that. What’s that saying: Never attribute to malice what can be chalked down to foolishness?

So that’s not even covering what’s happening privately when our esteemed political leaders can be caught in dirty-dancing parties or having sex in hallways with their not-spouses. If only Boris Johnson had chosen to have his wild hair tamed during lockdown instead of wildly partying it up maskless he might still be in power.

If they weren’t feasting publicly with friends during lockdown, they were doing cocaine and heaven knows what else while making all sorts of dubious backroom deals, insider trading and bathing in nepotism. It doesn’t give us a lot of faith in their choices for Cabinet.

Whether on a personal level or professional level these political leaders are exhibiting some very questionable and hypocritical behaviour. I think they need to understand, that once as leaders they own nothing they’ll be much happier. When all their yachts and jets disappear and they are eating bugs, the environment will be happy and cows of New Zealand will flatulate methane in a peaceful world, and we’ll all be happy and that will be the end of the story.

It is entirely for their own good.

It will however be hard to tell them that once global ID interconnectedness is working we won’t need politicians, elected or not. We’ll just all vote for each and every issue and true democracy will arrive. Then we can all be mesmerized watching the results on our cellphones.

Yep. We won’t need them at all.

It’s just a suggestion. I could very well be wrong. It just seemed logical at the time of writing. Maybe tomorrow it will be different. If there is a tomorrow.

P.S. There are some of us out there in the world who do not care if it is the Ukraine or Russia that is mucking about with that nuclear plant. This is because IT IS A NUCLEAR PLANT for heavens sakes! Can you all just for one little moment consider that fact? Stop squabbling and stop mucking about! The bunch of you! Just stop it right this instant!

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