Mainstream vs Independent Journalism

Mainstream vs Independent Journalism

Dylan Eleven |

True journalism reports the truth.  Today the only way to report the truth is to work independently from mainstream media.  

There is a large push by the cabal to silence the truth.  They claim mainstream journalism to be the truth when it is obviously far from it.  And call any independent journalist that is not paid off by the mainstream, a conspiracy theorist peddling disinformation.

Independent journalists find the truth through hours of research. Mainstream journalists read from a script handed to them 5 minutes before, and are paid to report word for word what they are told.  Without any questioning if it is true or not.

Independent journalists work without a regular paycheque, motivated by finding and reporting the  truth for the benefit of us all.

Some personalities may be providing hopium.  These are not the independent journalists speak of.

True journalism focuses on the truth.   Our fact checking system is in place by doing research and applying critical thinking to analyze propaganda, actions and events.

We are also a community that picks up really quickly if one of us is on the right or wrong track and we allow the truth to keep guiding us.

While working as a stockbroker by day, I was also a DJ in the RAVE at scene back in 2000 .  DJs have a very attuned ear and can pick up on another DJs mixes within the first beat that is off.   The crowd would not notice but a DJ does.

The same is true for the truth movement.  We keep each other in check by cross referencing and verifying each other’s finding as well as our own.

This system is how journalism used to be.  Independent journalists hunting for the truth.

This concept was replaced when independent news outlets were all bought up by a few corporations.  Now mainstream media all parrot the company line.

You may have seen videos of hundreds of news outlets chanting the same exact words in unison.   This is not journalism, this is not a system that is designed to bring you the truth.

So independent journalists such as myself choose to work outside of the mainstream media.  We chose to revive the true journalistic movement again.

We are the real media.  Independent of coercion to spew lies.  Motivated by the truth.

Who would you rather hear news from; a independent journalist with a desire to find and report the truth, motivated by the true meaning of journalism working largely without pay showing their true intentions, or a mainstream journalist who is compensated very well to tow the company line literally.  To speak only what lines they are given.

Independent Media is an important movement and we are getting the truth to millions of people.

This is why they are ramping up censorship
and are attacking the concept of independent media.

This movement needs support and to be elevated to at least an equal footing with the mainstream, let the people all hear both sides of the media and let them decide.

They do not want to attack disinformation, if they did, the mainstream media would be shut down; They want to attack real truthful information, from real investigative journalists.

This is an attack on everyone.

We are at war.  Independent journalists bring you the truth in this war and that is why puppets like Obama are preaching from the snake pit about silencing independent media.

The viewership for mainstream media is at all time lows and independent media is breaking through with the truth.

We need to keep this direction going.  Independent media as an industry is working on morals only.  We need resources and infrastructure to grow this industry.

It is important to support the independent media journalists and outlets that you get your information from.

You are helping the independent media industry by reading and sharing articles.   Thank you truth warriors!

Donations and subscriptions are also very helpful to independent journalists, we are largely working for free.  We also have to pay bills.

Support your independent media journalists if you can.   Our industry is massively underfunded because we only report the truth.   And for that they would rather silence us than pay us.

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