March Madness Begins As Rockefeller/Biden Horror Show Implodes • Updated

March Madness Begins As Rockefeller/Biden Horror Show Implodes • Updated

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Benjamin Fulford

Don’t be fooled by the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) sideshow, what is really happening is the Rockefeller/Biden horror show is imploding. Let’s be clear, so-called President Joe Biden, Janet Yellen, the Rockefellers etc. are all criminals who are about to face justice. To see what a joke this regime is, watch the so-called “leader of the free world” say “they had to take the top of my head off a couple of times to see if I had a brain…”.


No wonder Russian dementia care facilities are using Biden on their posters.

Do you think these guys are going to stay in control by bailing themselves out with their own money? No, they are all going to be bankrupted and sent to jail. Just watch and see.

What happened with the $209 billion SVB is insiders withdrew all their money from the bank only to have Janet Yellen step in to replenish their funds. Canadian Intelligence sources say it was just a massive bribery operation that will not fool anybody. Ponder this: The CFO of SVB bank is none other than the former CFO of Lehman Brothers.

This whole sideshow was meant to divert attention from much bigger news of the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION and with it the entire Khazarian mafia control grid.


That is why the head of the Nazi EU Ursula von der Leyen met on March 10th with the fake “President” Joe Biden to “start talks on establishing a global critical raw materials club.” In other words, they are “starting talks,” after already being cut off from stealing raw materials from the rest of the world.

In a clear sign of this, Australia’s government-owned Perth Mint was caught last week selling 100 tons of impure gold bars in Shanghai in a desperate attempt to get funding for the FRB.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The BIS and the Swiss central bank gold vaults are empty and no explanation has been given as to where the gold went. At the highest level of the world financial system, only real stuff like gold is accepted, so if they have no gold, they have no mojo.

They are cut off not just from gold but from oil too. That is what was behind the announcement by Iran and Saudi Arabia that they were going to start a military alliance in cooperation with China.


Iranian sources tell us that a secret clause to this agreement is that Iran has been recognized as a nuclear power and that Saudi Arabia will also have a nuclear deterrent to stave off KM nuclear blackmail. The Iranian Monitor News agency says “Today arrogance knows it has no other option than diplomacy and they have accepted Iran as a nuclear country.”

After this announcement, the head of the Iran/China Chamber of Commerce tweeted “Comrades pour whatever dollars you have saved into the market.”

This means the Rockefeller petro-dollar has been consigned to the dustbin of history.

The US dollar is now officially the UN dollar and is no longer controlled by the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. The UN dollar is backed by gold and commodities but not controlled any longer by the Khazarian Mafia.

In other words, all those “dollars” Janet Yellen is doling out to her co-criminals are not backed by reality. This is going to be obvious to everybody sooner rather than later. The KM financial system is going to implode, that is a mathematical certainty.

The SVB bankruptcy is just a distraction from the now-confirmed much bigger collapse of Credit Suisse which, according to the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC), will be shutting down accounts as of March 24th.

Credit Suisse will just be the first big domino. “The banking collapse in the US has already begun. There is no turning back. The KM can’t stop what’s coming. I was advised to watch Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank,” a Mossad source says.

In a sign the whole house of cards is about to collapse, Hal Turner reports

Word from money giant VANGUARD is that people with 401-k’s who have been trying to make “Hardship withdrawals” for the past two months have been stymied by VANGUARD.

Something big is going to give, likely in the short term. And likely it’s going to get combined with some sort of show, (geo) politically. Think China. Cyber attacks, something like that. Could well turn out to be the end of the Biden Admin. We’ll have to wait and see, but things are going to get crazy,” says Anthony Migchels

“All central banks around the world are bankrupted now — it is just not revealed to the public yet, and maybe it’s a good thing. This is the WH Military Alliance’s ‘Softest Landing’ approach to avoid maximum tragedies, suffering & casualties for all citizens,” a Canadian intelligence source says.

“The bankruptcy reveal will be done publicly in phases to ensure not creating a full meltdown of citizens all over the world, all at once,” he says.

“As more & more people figure out what is truly going on inside the matrix financial systems & government, it is not going to be fun. It will be more intense than the last 3 years of dealing with the CONvid agenda,” he adds.

For the rest of the world, this is long overdue. China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang explains developing countries account for more than 80 percent of the global population and more than 70 percent of global economic growth and are “entitled to…a louder voice in international affairs.” He adds the world wants peaceful development that “is not pursued through war, colonization or plunder,”

Russia agrees saying “it requires African, Asian and Latin American developing countries being more involved” in the UN Security Council.

If you recall UN vetoes by the United States on behalf of Israel over the past many decades you can see KM-controlled Israel is the elephant in the living room here.

That country is now headed for revolution. Contacts in Israel say within the next 2 weeks, the country most likely will be in total chaos. “Every day more real Judaic people are demonstrating against the non-legitimate Netanyahu government. Even top commanders in the military and Mossad are not with Netanyahu’s agenda. The people have had enough. Something big is about to take place there,” a Mossad source says.

Here is some of what Netanyahu, who is allied with KM arch criminals like Elliot Abrams and Victoria Nuland, is trying to impose on Israel:

-Allow openly racist parties to run for office

-Remove basic secular subjects like math and English from schools

-Put control of food stamp distribution in the hands of fascists

-Eliminate the standard of reasonableness for judicial decisions;

-State that for religious reasons, the United States and Israel should not be subject to any international law.

No wonder as many as 500,000 pro-democracy protestors took to the streets nationwide on Saturday, in what the Israeli Haaretz daily dubbed “the largest demonstration in the country’s history”.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid told crowds the country was facing “the greatest crisis in its history…but the only thing this government cares about is crushing Israeli democracy.”

Netanyahu is now openly saying he is a Satanist and not a Jew. Here you can watch him tell former US President Barack Obama “you are the great Satan and we are the little Satan.”—-You-are-the-Great-Satan-and-we-are-the-little-Satan-

The KM colony of the United States is also in open revolt. For example, Arizona Governor Kari Lake had a meeting with Mel Gibson to discuss the new American Revolution.

Mel Gibson tells her he is currently working on a movie about the Rothschilds and a sequel to The Passion of The Christ.

Speaking of Kari Lake and the rigged election against her:

A $38 million payout was made from the CDC to Maricopa County for super important “workforce and foundational capabilities” three weeks after they rigged it against Kari Lake in the midterm election.


This is just a part of an avalanche of revelations. We also found out nine more boxes of incriminating Biden documents were found in Boston.


There is a lot of other infighting going on as the KM tries to cover its tracks or the White Hats try to get justice.

For example, Dana Hyde, a prominent official in the Clinton and Obama administrations, who served on the 911 Commission died suddenly due to “severe turbulence.”

Then Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was hospitalized ‘for a Few Days’ after falling during a private dinner event on Wednesday.

“McTurtle’s wife is connected to TRIADs in China so I think his ‘fall’ was to give him a warning. Her family is in the global shipping business and one of their ships was caught with many tons of cocaine-in the news and then nothing more was said,” according to a Canadian intelligence source.

Now California Avatar Governor Gavin Newson has been arrested by the WH military alliance. The official story is he “tested positive for COVID-19” and “will work remotely.”

There are signs other fake leaders are trying to flee. In Canada, this means Justin Castrudeau and fake opposition leader Pierre Poilievre. Check out their positions. They are the same.

We are getting reports Castrudeau has already bolted as a man who looked exactly like him was seen in Costa Rica last week. Castrudeau wants to avoid arrest and trial for his vaccine crimes and fake pandemic show.

Now the entire January 6th “insurrection” show is falling apart too. “The KM-controlled Dems are furious and going crazy. Zionist Chabad member Chuck Schumer pleads with Fox to stop releasing footage proving the January 6 commission is a giant Orwellian psyops,” a CIA source says.

“The Unselect Committee of political Hacks & Thugs has been totally discredited. They knowingly refused to show the Videos that mattered. They should be tried for Fraud and Treason, and those imprisoned and being persecuted should be exonerated and released, NOW,” he says.

Instead, the entire KM leadership is going to jail. Pascal Najadi of Switzerland -working with the WH Military Alliance- issued a warrant to the police authorities in all 194 member states of Interpol calling for the arrest for vaccine and bio-weapon war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity for the following people and organizations:

Bill and Melinda Gates individually and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. World Health Organization (WHO) and Officers, Directors, Employees, and Agents Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus WHO Director General, Anthony Stephen Fauci.

World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab and Officers, Directors, Employees, and Agents. Michael Bloomberg, David Rockefeller Jr, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Rockefeller Foundation, Global Business Network (GBN), Peter Schwartz, Chairman GBN, Xi JinPing, General Secretary of the Communist Party. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of the Russian Federation. Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America. Joseph R. Biden 46th President of the United States of America. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK. Matt Hancock, UK Secretary of State for Health. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia. Jacinda Arden, Prime Minister of New Zealand etc.

As evidence the vaccine crimes go back a long way, a Danish study that looked at thirty years of records found recipients of Bill Gates’ favorite vaccine die 10 times more often than unvaccinated children, Polish intelligence sources note. The recent vaccines are even worse. Here is a dramatic example of what is being called a vaccident. These are happening all over the US as well on a daily basis.


Vaccines are the least of the medical crimes committed by these monsters. Polish intelligence sources say miners discovered “at least half a thousand” bodies of men in Ukranian military uniforms in the Bogdanka mine located about 40 kilometers from the Ukranian border. Locals say the bodies found have been disemboweled, and they are sure that they are wounded Ukrainian soldiers who, under the guise of treatment, were brought to Poland by “black transplantologists.”

This is just a part of the Satanic Nazi horror unfolding there. Colonel Douglas McGregor, points out the staggering losses of the Kiev regime forces, is “now approaching 200,000”. Satanic President Volodymyr Zelensky is essentially admitting defeat and taunting the political West, specifically the US, to “come here and win the war for us,” otherwise, “it’s over”.

In another sign it’s over, last week a salvo of unstoppable Russian hypersonic missiles destroyed control and planning centers, air defenses and radars. Insiders reported heavy losses among the officers, including American ones. “It seems that the ‘shadow General Staff’ of the proxy-NATO got a lot,” Polish intelligence reports. They add that it turns out that the inhabitants of Bahamut do not want to be evacuated to Ukraine because… they are waiting for liberation by Russian soldiers.

The desperate KM are not planning to go quietly into the night. In a stunning denial of reality combined with a veiled threat Pfizer CEO Albert Burla says “I really believe that better days are ahead because Covid was a rehearsal for us.”


Remember former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston says products of the US pharmaceutical company “by definition, are biological weapons.”

These threats will not save the KM. “Nuremberg 2.0 is scheduled to begin in June. The military tribunals will proceed against those who were involved in crimes against humanity,” a senior WH Pentagon source says.

The source says this is possible because of an alliance made between China, Russia and the Secret Space force.

In a sign the Chinese are looking to the heavens, General Li Shangfu, a Chinese aerospace engineer was confirmed as the new Defense Minister. This signals to the world that, against the backdrop of increasingly intensified China-US technological competition, China will continue to prioritize aerospace in its defense modernization

With that mention of space, let us turn to the latest on project blue beam. On this front, the head of the Pentagon’s UFO investigative unit, the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), and a Harvard astrophysicist claim in a new research paper that alien “motherships” could be flying through our solar system.

Finally, here are the SSP/Blue Beam visuals for this week.

1. A cloaked mother ship


2. Cloaked UFO over Cincinnati, Ohio 11-01-22


3. UFO over Itaipava, Brazil


4. UFO with flashing lights over Brazil


5. UFO hovering over Brazil


Let us see if that “mothership” finally reveals itself to us all. In the meantime, we recommend you buy gold, silver, preserved food and other here/now real things in preparation for the ongoing turbulence on the planet’s visible “surface.”

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