Mark Sexton Informs MI5 Covid Hoax A Clear Act Of Terrorism

Mark Sexton Informs MI5 Covid Hoax A Clear Act Of Terrorism

The Exposé | | Patricia Harrity

In a phone call with an MI5 officer, former police officer Mark Sexton told an officer “There is evidence to prove terrorism against the British public.” Mark made a criminal complaint and was issued a crime number 01/62447/24 at Acton police station, London on Friday 8th of March 2024 for allegations against Sir Graham Brady MP, Dame June Raine, The MHRA, Pfizer and the U.K Government, for misconduct in public office, misfeasance in public office, gross negligent manslaughter, corporate manslaughter and fraud by false representation. Our report here.

On Tuesday Mark emailed the MI5 office regarding “serious concerns and that we were being subjected to terrorism.” He received a call back from an officer on Wednesday and Mark read him an excerpt of the Terrorism Act – “if something is designed to intimidate the public for political enhancement or ideological cause and that includes endangering a person’s life, or creating a serious risk to the health or safety of the public, or sections of the public and obviously this includes involvement of planning systems, collecting information and funding.”

Listing and explaining the reasons for his conclusion. He tells the officer: (not verbatim)

There was no pandemic – There were no more cremations in 2020 and in fact less in 2020 than in 2015 and in 2019 and in many boroughs there were less cremations and burials in 2020 than in the previous five years. “How is that possible in a pandemic?”

Hospital admissions were low, the hospitals were empty and the nightingale hospital was never used.”

The PCR Tests being used are, and were, fraudulent. – Forty to forty five cycles of amplification were being used. It has been proven that they are useless and only pick up dead nucleotide with anything over thirty five, which means nobody is infected.

Lots of freedom of information requests (FOIs) replies and videos prove that they were a total waste of time and there was also a court case in Lisbon in Portugal on the 11th of November 2020 where the judge agreed that anything over thirty five cycles is useless.

The UK NHS were using forty to forty five cycles, which means the whole PCR testing was fraud and they knew.

Midazolam – We now have a massive amount of evidence and proof that the elderly were murdered in the care homes using Midazolam and Morphine, do not resuscitate orders, and nil by mouth.

Psychological Warfare – The 24/7 campaign of psychological warfare by the government, the NHS, television, social media, and advertising campaigns and using high profile, world renowned celebrities to make sure we did as we were told to do.

Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine – deliberately withdrawn to make way for emergency use authorisation of the vaccines. Trials were deliberately compromised giving 10 to 12 dosage killing dozens.

Vaccine Switch – The approved vaccine that was rolled out via the MHRA was no the same vaccine that we’ve been given.

Vaccines are causing Harm Injury and Death on a catastrophic scale and is a national emergency. The evidence has been seen by government ministers and they knew in 2021, they did nothing to stop it.

Excess deaths are in the hundreds of thousands in the UK and the injuries from the vaccines are in the millions.

Safe and Effective was a complete lie, we have proof with contracts between governments and Pfizer. They all signed that the person acknowledges that the long term effects and efficacy are not currently known. Where did “safe and effective come from?”

Pfizer hid and altered trial data.

Ingredients in vaccines cancer causing SV40 – possible foul play.

Long Covid does not exist.

Profits and favours – put before the people’s safety. MPs demanded

Informed consent – must be given, regarding benefits, harms or risks and alternative must be discussed. If the public knew of safe alternative treatments, they would had that option:

  • Were the public told that they were taking part in a three year medical trial and experiment? No they weren’t.
  • Were they told the long term safety effects were not known? No they weren’t.
  • The side effects of which there are many? No they weren’t.
  • There are over 1,000 listed adverse events in their own trial data, they were told that?
  • Were they told that serious harm may occur,? No.
  • Were they told that death may occur, which is listed in the trial data documents?, No they weren’t.
  • Were they told that the mRNA vaccines had never been used on humans before and many of the animals in the trial died? No they weren’t.

“All evidence clearly points to a preplanned, well funded attack, not just in the UK but around the world against the people. This is with the knowledge, and forethought of governments, civil servants, regulators and the media and we can prove that.”

Mark asks: “How does the anti terrorism organisation and MI5 plan to deal with this information because it is a clear act of terrorism?

These criminals need to be arrested..…’

As Mark Sexton says this is vitally important that this is followed up and not ignored. By sharing this complaint and the recording of the phone call with MI5 officer, and more eyes on it, we hope to make it more difficult for them to ignore! Please show Mark support by sharing.

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