Mark Steele on 5G, Nanotech Weapons in C19 Shots, Use of Heavy Metals as Weapons Systems

Mark Steele on 5G, Nanotech Weapons in C19 Shots, Use of Heavy Metals as Weapons Systems

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We have lately been taking an interest in all those ‘truther’ doctors who resolutely refuse to deal with the problem of graphene oxide and other metals found by, according to Dr. Jane Ruby, around 150 researchers worldwide. One of those research teams finding graphene is La Quinta Columna from Spain, whose work we highly recommend.

There is certainly a cover-up of this aspect of the kill shots by Messrs. Malone, Cole, McCullough, etc. as they bang on about ‘mRNA’ and spike proteins. And focus on Big Pharma treatments, while they point fingers at ‘China’ instead of Fauci and crew. They carry many others in their wake, unfortunately.

Shutting down Dr. Astrid Stuckleberger recently at a Swedish conference organized by no less than Malone and Cole was all part of this. According to Jane Ruby, Cole ‘got his ass handed to him’ by Stuckleberger, whose main presentation took to task the dreadful agenda the WHO has had for us. Kudos.

Here we attempt to understand what ignoring this valid aspect of the toxic vaccines means.

Which means resurrecting some old territory.

While we can’t vouch for this, we have heard on the grapevine that 5G technology, at least as it was originally designed and planned, has largely been shut down because it is indeed a kill technology. Mark Steele notes that below. See his comments on South Korea and Wuhan. (So if the bad guys are still in charge, then who’s done this?) We notice that three years later, following the initial scare campaign about ‘Covid’ and the first lockdown in the spring of 2020, the promised 5G towers every 100 metres along our streets, with trees duly chopped down, haven’t materialized. Thankfully. Neither have the smart meters. In France, these were all being publicized three years ago.

Here’s what these so-called truther doctors are wilfully turning their backs on. Dr. Ryan Cole did that recently in a terrible interview with Del Bigtree. “There is no graphene oxide in vaccines” was his claim and best bud Bigtree just nodded.

Thanks to Dr. Ana Mihalcea for bringing this Mark Steele video to our attention, containing as it does some linkage between South Korea, Wuhan, northern Italy, 5G and vaccines loaded with metals.


This explanation links years of chemtrailing (geoengineering), which has been dousing our air, water and land with aluminium nanoparticulates with recent vaccines and 5G technology. In warfare, this type of metals contamination permits one side to see where its enemy is through radar. In a sense, it’s logical for this purpose. But not for regular life.

The difference between 4G and 5G is this: 4G is like a lightbulb with the lamp shade off. As you move further away from it, there is less power. 5G, however, is like a torch that scans the area around it. It’s a signal, a direct energy weapon, that can be beamed directly at someone. Pointed at someone’s head, it could cause a stroke. Such signals can cut through stainless steel. They are ionizing, despite what we’ve been told. So focused 5G energy can be used to activate metals inside the human body. The flu vaccines over the years have had metals contaminants in them. Tungsten is one of these. The mRNA vaccines are loaded up with them – aluminium, zinc, tungsten, etc. It means that with current technology, a person can be located but only as a type of ghost. If you’re loaded up with tungsten and aluminium, etc., however, you can be located clearly, with the beam directly aimed at you. It’s much more easily done when a person is loaded up with metal contaminants. There’s no pharmacological reason for these medical products being loaded up with these metals.

People loaded up with metals become a type of RFI – a dormant radio frequency emitter. So when radiation from external 5G sources hit you, this causes a person with metals in them to radiate those around them. Someone next to a vaccinated person can be seen to be unvaccinated. And they will be susceptible to the radiation that the vaxxed person is giving off. Both vaxxed and unvaxxed can get sick, but the unvaccinated can get sick from this vaccinated in this way. Cities are especially toxic for this because this is where 5G is mostly located.

The WEF didn’t plan for 6G because, by 2025, they expected a lot of dead people, whose wealth they could appropriate. (He talks about the utter toxicity of masks here.) So there has been a chemtrailing program to load people up with metals, in conjunction with vaccine technology. But the proviso is that people MUST TACITLY AGREE TO IT.

5G towers near homes are basically ways to spy on those homes and to record what products (which would all be electronically radiative with scannable tags on them) were used. People would be scanned 24/7. Local councils spend a lot in waste management, so they’ve been enticed by the idea that citizens will be fined for what they throw away. But this is a distraction because the equipment is basically planned for mass genocide. People who take away our trash, fix our electricity cables, etc. have no idea about this.

The vaccines can increase the effect of the radiation sprayed on you in your area. Initially, a lot of placebos were rolled out because they can’t kill everyone. (ER: This is a different explanation to why more people haven’t been killed by the shots than the one Ryan Cole gave publicly, to do with ‘degraded mRNA’.) But this is where the boosters come in. A new ‘variant’ can be created by the weapons system picking out an area with a lot of vaccinated people in it. These people can be identified through radar, and where they are (a building) can be pulsed with EMFs. Thus you get an ‘outbreak’ of sick and dead people. Which supports the ‘pathogen’ narrative. So it is the vaxxed that are set to be sick and hospitalized. The data backs this up.

In South Korea in 2019, the 5G system was turned on and five cities were set on fire. If you turn up the 5G system, the electrical grids go down and equipment burns. Injecting people with a vaccine works better because the system doesn’t have to be turned up so much. People who died in northern Italy in 2020 had been primed with the flu jab. Then 5G was turned on, making the vaccinated more toxically susceptible to the 5G frequencies. The kill grid with 5G can only work if people are injected.

Wuhan was a test: they vaccinated people in Wuhan in November 2019. Then they were put in the 5G grid. Steele has seen pictures of people projectile vomiting up blood as a result of this experiment. (So that may mean that the pictures we saw of people in Wuhan dying weren’t necessarily false.) But for that to happen, people had to be vaccinated so their vaccinated bodies could be destroyed with less frequency emission. Sorbitol has been added to these vaccinations, which opens up the blood/brain barrier. Hence nanoparticles such as those of Tungsten go directly into the brain.

(The last 5 minutes are more positive, about what people can do to fight back.)

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

I believe that corroborating information amongst many disciplines is important to gain deeper understanding of this war. In this excellent interview Mark Steele, weapons expert, explains how the metals and nanotechnology in the C19 shots are used as a weapon in conjunction with 5G.

He explains that the more metals a person has in them, they become radio traceable from space for directed energy weapons kill missions. He explains that he has intelligence documents that speak of the plan of killing 200 Million Americans by 2025. He advises to get out of the cities which are 5 G radiation hotspots. 5G is used to target areas to create “ viral outbreak centers”.

If you do not believe that, remember the retracted paper that 5G can create the Coronavirus in skin cells:

He explains how this weapons deployment was tested in South Korea in 2019. The vaccines are to be able to kill people with less 5 G radiation due to the metals that people have in them. He speaks about Tungsten, which is a particular metals used in weapons systems and mentions that the only reason to use Tungsten is to kill you.

He also discusses Aluminum and other metals that we know are in the shots as well as sprayed on us via geoengineering. People ask me a lot why I recommend so adamantly the EDTA Intravenous Chelation. That is because there is no other way that is more effective to get these metals out of the body fast. See below a metals test after one intravenous chelation with 1500mg EDTA. Look at what came out of that person who lives cleanly, eats only organic foods and lives in the country. How much radioactive Uranium and Cesium to contribute the the radiation. How much toxic Aluminum and Barium. Look at the Tungsten that Mark Steele mentions. This person is NOT vaccinated. My personal view is, if you want to be amongst the 1/3 of Americans who survive this war by 2025, find a Chelation practitioner. You can search for them online. Other forms of EDTA (Oral, transdermal, rectal) are not able to pull this massive amount of metals out fast enough because the dosing is too small. Everyone has this in them. It is the metals that will increase vulnerability to 5G radiation and be killed when 5 G is turned on. You can use other metal detox, but if you have metals in your organ system at this high level, how long will this take to pull out?

EDTA has been used to treat radiation poisoning and its neurotoxicity as well.

I agree with Mark Steele 100%. I highly recommend this video. Please share and help save a life. This is the real warfare we are facing and this weapon has a kill switch.


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