Maui • Satanists Pour Salt in Our Wound

Maui • Satanists Pour Salt in Our Wound


  • Fire hydrants were dry.
  • Fire Marshalls were out of town that night.
  • The Mayor and the Governor were out of town.
  • People who were trying to evacuate were told it was not time to evacuate and to turn around back into the fire.
  • No cops on bullhorns. No firefighters in the streets.
  • Must robust emergency siren system in the world did not sound.
  • No warnings whatsoever.
  • Anomalies with reported wind directions that don't scientifically add up.
  • Tourists evacuated by bus, locals locked in and told they can't get back in if they leave.
  • School was canceled. Children were home while parents worked.
  • Hundreds of children burned alive. Can't be identified.
  • A perfect circle of fire around Lähainä.
  • Molten metal next to intact trees.
  • Media reporting FRACTIONS of real numbers.
  • NEW insurance policies taken out on Lahaina before the fires.
    property? The government.
  • Wild how all this new uninhabitable land that only big developers can
    afford to clean up opened up for the plans of turning Maui into a smart
    island with billionaire funding.
  • How many do you need?
  • It goes on and on and on.

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Mike Stone |

“If the general populace is happy being spit on, laughed at, lied to, poisoned, and murdered, then there’s really very little that I or anyone else can do for them.”

I’ve been asked to comment on the Maui “wildfires.” Yes, they are the result of Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs), just like the California wildfires.


Yes, they targeted specific homes, while carefully avoiding others. Yes, they resulted in the deliberate death of an untold number of people, primarily children. Yes, schools were purposely closed, forcing children to remain at home where they were burned alive. Yes, the perpetrators have immediately swooped in to try and acquire burned-out land and property for pennies on the dollar.

To explain in detail all of the above in a way that the average person who has never heard of a DEW can understand would require over 100 hours. If I thought such an endeavor would help educate a significant number of people, I’d do it.  However, I did just that with the recent virus hoax, spending countless hours compiling facts, evidence, and proof that the entire thing was a fraud and a hoax what happened? Almost everyone alive still believes it was a real thing.

Many of them actually collaborated with the enemy by continuing to support the very people, institutions, and corporations that were pushing the hoax the hardest.
In my neighborhood, brain-dead morons are still wearing masks. I did the same thing, to a lesser extent, with 9/11, naming names and showing not only who did it, but how and why. And what happened? Today, almost everyone still believes in the fairy tale of Osama bin Laden.

Not only that, but in the world of research and investigative journalism, I’m the tiniest of blips on the radar screen. There are others doing much more significant research and work than I am, yet very few people listen to them either.

If the general populace is happy being spit on, laughed at, lied to, poisoned, and murdered, then there’s really very little that I or anyone else can do for them.


It was only a few weeks ago that we spoke about the collapse of the American empire.


The entire situation in Maui is just another sign that we are witnessing that collapse.

When the perpetrators can get away with this type of mass killing – and the herd of human sheep goes along with it . . . When they can dupe the entire world into believing that a non-existent virus is out to kill them – and the mush-brained masses go along with it, even to the point of their own poisoning and death – then the country is finished. Kaput. Done for.

Sure, we have [self proclaimed father of the killer vaccine] Trump in 2024, but how much can he actually accomplish when the vast majority of Americans are so utterly stupid they can be brainwashed into believing anything? They call for Trump to save them, castigating him at every opportunity for not doing enough, while they themselves refuse to lift a finger and fight. “Us, boycott the airlines? Stop watching pornography? Cancel our cable television? Surely, you must be joking!” And who’s to say the perpetrators of the stolen 2020 election won’t launch their DEWs at all of us if they think they’re going down?

They steal elections and murder innocent people with no fear of arrest or prosecution. Their hubris is such that they probably believe they actually could wipe out the entire population and get away with it. And based on the intelligence level of the average person, they probably could.

Remember, these are the actual physical and spiritual descendants of those who firebombed Dresden, who firebombed Tokyo, who fire or atom-bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki (which occurred on August 9th, the same day as the Maui attack), who burned children alive at Waco, Texas, who bombed Iraq into the Stone Age.

They’re obsessed with burnt offerings and fiery holocausts.



At this point, it’s every man for himself. Other than a dictator-like Trump coming into power in 2024 and turning the nation around, things are going to get much worse before they ever get better.

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